Japanese names have beautiful meanings and it is likely that you will be amazed by some of them. A Japanese name can be an excellent option to call your baby since these names usually have a lot to do with nature, some feelings and values ​​of family traditions.

The meaning of these names vary according to the letters of the name and there are notable differences if they are for boys or girls. In general, in Japanese onomastics, kanji is used to write names, less frequently in hiragana, and this influences their meaning. For example, boys’ names often have the suffix -ro. On the other hand, the options for girls usually carry the suffixes –ko (which means girl), -mi (which means beauty) or –na (which means plant or vegetable). Choose the best baby names for girls.

If you are looking for name ideas to call your baby, we present a selection of Japanese names and their meaning so you can choose the ideal one. Choosing a certain name always influences personality, so it is better that you read carefully and select your favorite from the list. Which one do you like the most?

Japanese names for girls and their meaning


It means ” love song” or it can also mean ” delicious aroma “.


It means “ a bright sparkle ”, “ autumn shine ” or “ autumn girl ”.


Its meaning is ” wise girl “.


Name that means “ who was blessed with beauty ” or “ beautiful smile ”.


It means “ spring beauty ” or “ as beautiful as dawn ”.


Its meaning is “ pupil of the eye ” or “ beauty and wisdom in one ”.


Name that means ” a blessing in the family “.


It means ” cherry blossom “.


Its meaning is ” small lily flower “.


Her name means “ abundance has arrived ” or “ wealth girl ”.

Japanese names for boys and their meaning


It means “ great vision ” or “ walking towards dreams ”.


Its meaning is “beyond” or “delight”.


It means ” one who is calm “.


His name means ” the exceptional one ” or ” a brilliant being “.


It means “fragrant” or “pleasant scent.”


This name means ” the one who has come to defend ” or ” the protector “.


Its meaning is ” beginning of everything “, ” the base that supports the world ” or ” the foundation “.


Its meaning is ” the one who transmits calm “, ” serene as water ” or ” well-groomed “.


It means ” the prosperous and noble son ” or ” the filial stone “.


Name that means “ evening sun ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aika They tend to have an attractive personality and make hasty decisions. They are somewhat impulsive and like challenges. They are very intelligent and see in every difficulty an opportunity to be better.
Akikon They love discovering new ways of doing things. They usually solve problems with great imagination and inventiveness. They are fearless and insightful. Kind and sincere with others.
chieko With a balanced mentality, they usually make decisions calmly, seeing the positive and negative of each situation. They manage a large lexicon and have good communication skills. They act with empathy and have a great sense of responsibility.
emi Jovial and cheerful personality. They tend to like easily and have many friends. They are dedicated and independent, they also have a great intellect and a good cultural background that makes them stand out.
Harumi Enthusiastic and their personality is usually captivating. They are disciplined and can sometimes be perfectionists. They like to please others and are very good at creating lasting friendships.
Hitomi Charismatic and very intelligent. They have the ability to focus and excel at one or more skills when they want to. Their thinking is focused and they often go to them for advice.
megumi Nice and cooperative. They may seem spoiled at times, but they are always willing to help when needed most. Cautious and make intelligent reflections on what they see.
sakura sensible and diligent. Their mentality is dreamy and they are always thinking of a more effective way of doing things. Courageous and resourceful. He has faculties for art and improvisation. They are characterized by their safety.
Sayuri Sweet and fearless. Very skilled and meticulous with everything they do. They stand out for their honesty and ingenuity. Lovers of nature and animals. They are intelligent and possess an innate tenderness. In Spanish its equivalent is Liliana.
Tomiko Full of life and authenticity that distinguishes them. Their energy flows and is transmitted in what they do, they always have a new project in mind. They like to do things on their own and help others.
Ayumu They are open-minded and very analytical before making any judgments. They do not like banality or the superfluous. They are attentive and know how to listen to others. Luck accompanies them and nothing stops them from achieving their goals.
Etsu They have the power to lead and summon people. Delivered and invite others to give their best at every opportunity. Applied and very consistent. They tend to have a facility for finances and earthly goods.
Hayate Their strength lies in their ability to take things calmly and act rationally. Fearless and loving. Their personality is firm and they get along easily. They have great communication skills.
Hideaki They excel in everything they do and are skilled. With a daring and courageous personality, they have great sweetness in their hearts and often become an example to follow.
Kaoru Sincere and honest with themselves and with others, this leads them to easily impress and be remembered. Sagacious and awake, nothing escapes them. Great intuitive capacity close to clairvoyance.
Mamoru They have critical thinking and great emotional stability. They are always present when needed and are infallible people. They are usually the center of attention and demand care just as they offer.
Motoki They are characterized by perseverance and consideration for others. Great example of courtesy and respect. They are intelligent and exceptional leaders, they always find loyal followers.
Reizo Loving and affectionate, very close to their family. They are strong and command respect with their patience and tenderness. Great intellectuals and have facilities for the sciences.
Takahiro Cultured and do not support dishonest acts. They always want to make a good impression and strive to do so. They do not settle easily and give their best to get the best results. They are very vital.
Yūhi They have great dedication and interest in learning new things. They are easily impressed and often care about the common welfare. They have facilities for the arts and improvisation. Very loquacious and consistent with their principles. Nothing stops them.