stories for kids

On the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Juan lived with his mother. Juan was a good-hearted boy, but he was always in trouble for not following directions.

One day his mom called him and said:

“Juan, I need you to go to your godmother and ask her to borrow the cauldron.” I’m cooking a chicken asopao and it doesn’t fit in the pot. Hurry up I need it urgently!

“Of course, Mom,” answered Juan.

Asopao de pollo was her favorite food, so she ran up the hill to her godmother’s house.

Upon arrival, his godmother greeted him and handed him the cauldron.

“Juan, be very careful with my cauldron, remember that it is ceramic and can break,” he said.

“Don’t worry, godmother,” answered Juan, looking at the huge three-legged pot.

Then he made his way down the hill until sweat began to trickle down his face and his arms began to feel very, very tired from the weight of the cauldron.

His house was not far away, Juan put the cauldron on the ground and stopped to think:

“Dogs have four legs and they walk. Cats have four legs and they walk. Chickens have two legs and they walk, how is it possible that this three-legged cauldron does not walk?

Juan looked at the cauldron and with all seriousness gave the order:

—Walk three-legged cauldron, my mother is waiting for you to make chicken soup.

But the cauldron didn’t move a bit! Very angry, Juan kicked him and sent him rolling down the hill, with such bad luck that the cauldron crashed against a rock and broke into a thousand pieces. No one knew if Juan ate chicken asopao for dinner.

What is known is that after that day, the godmother stopped trusting Juan… and his mother never asked him for favors again.