stories for kids

Far away from here, there is a place where you sit in the shadow of the highest mountain in the world. That place is called Sikkim and there lived a farmer named Wu who raised little pigs.

One day, after a big windstorm, Wu noticed that all of his piglets had run away. Very sad, he walked without pause up the mountain in search of his precious little animals.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Other men would have given up and gone back to their farms, but not Wu. His dedication to his little animals was so great that he kept walking up the mountain until he reached the sky. In this most beautiful place, Wu found her little pigs. His joy was so great that he begged the people in heaven to let him keep his little pigs. However, they refused and told him:

“You can’t live here, this is not the time. You must return to Sikkim.

Wu started his long way back. Arriving in Sikkim, he told everyone about the wonders he had found in the sky.

“We must know that wonderful place!” they all said. If we build a tower, we will reach the sky much faster.

This is how all the people of Sikkim came together to build the tower, floor upon floor; leaving only one man on earth to protect her.

After a while, when the tower almost reached the sky; people began to lose patience and many of them thought:

—If we had hooks to hang ropes, we could throw them into the clouds and climb to the sky without having to build more floors.

From floor to floor, beginning with the one above, they said to each other:

“We need you to send us hooks!”

But there were so many times that the message was repeated that, upon reaching the first floor, the man from the land heard:

“We need you to hack the tower down!”

Immediately, the man began hacking at the tower until it fell.

It is for this reason that, to this day, there is a huge stain in the middle of Sikkim. This is the place where the tower fell that almost touched the sky.