Most children love to play their favorite characters, especially when it comes to superheroes or superheroines. They don’t even need much, with a little imagination they are able to recreate the scenery and start the performance. However, to make the game easier for them, you can give them some masks of these characters, not only will it give them a more original touch, but it will help them get into the role. They can also be a great option to add a dose of fun to a themed birthday party or impromptu costume party.

In Stage Children we have compiled some of the funniest children’s masks for the little ones at home. These are packs of different designs and colors, made with resistant and safe materials, which will accompany children for many hours of play and fun.

7 ideal masks for the little ones at home

1. Superhero masks

If you are looking for some masks with which children can embody their favorite superheroes and superheroines, this Yidaxing 35-piece pack is perfect. From Superman, Spiderman, Hulk and Flash masks to Catwoman, Iron Man or Captain America, there are options for all tastes. Made of high-quality ecological felt, they are not only strong and durable, but also contain no toxic products, making them safe for children. Thanks to their adjustable elastic band they adapt to children of practically any age and are also very comfortable to wear. Ideal for weekend family play sessions, they’re also a great addition to a birthday party or themed celebration.

2. Animal masks

Getting into the skin of an animal will be very easy with one of these Cosoro masks. It is a pack of 25 masks with representations of all kinds of animals, from a giraffe, tiger, cat, dog and monkey to a zebra, a wolf and a rabbit. Designed for children from 3 to 10 years old, they have an integrated elastic band to adapt to the head without difficulty. And they are very comfortable to wear! In addition, they are made with ecological EVA material, also known as foamy, which gives them a very flexible, light and soft touch finish. It is worth noting that they do not contain toxic products or paints, so they are safe for the little ones at home.

3. Paw Patrol Masks

If your children are faithful followers of the adventures of the Paw Patrol pups, they will surely be delighted to wear these masks while embodying their favorite characters. The pack includes 10 masks with Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Everest, Chase, Tracker, Skye, Zuma and Apollo designs. Made with ecological felt, they are not only very comfortable and soft but also safe since they do not contain toxic materials or products. In addition, they include a rubber band that not only facilitates their use, but also allows them to be adapted to children of practically any age. They are ideal for any children’s celebration, but they are also perfect for play sessions at home.

4. Dinosaur masks

What child is not attracted to dinosaurs? With this pack of 7 dinosaur masks they can go one step further and play to represent these prehistoric animals. Each mask has a different design so they can choose their favorite animal. Being made of felt , they are very light, soft and flexible, which added to their built-in elastic band allows them to fit very well to the face. As they do not include toxic products, they are safe for children. It is worth noting that they are also a perfect option for a costume party or to add a fun touch to the birthday party of the little one at home.

5. Sonic Skins

Little fans of the antics of Sonic the Hedgehog will be delighted to wear these masks at home, at meetings with their friends or at their next birthday party. The pack includes several designs of Sonic and his adventure companions so that the little ones can choose their favorite characters. Unlike other children’s masks, those of the Wents label are made with high-quality ecological felt , which makes them very resistant and durable, so that they will accompany children for many hours of play. In addition, they are very soft and flexible, so they adapt perfectly to the face while thanks to their elastic band they are very easy to wear.

6. Pokemon skins

If your kids are fond of Pokémon challenges, they’ll love wearing these skins while hunting some. It is a pack of 12 masks with some of the most popular designs of these animated characters, perfect for a costume party, a theme party or for children’s play sessions. Made from quality felt, they are very strong and durable, giving children many hours of fun. In addition, they are very easy to wear since they are very flexible and delicate to the touch, while they include an elastic band that allows them to be adjusted without difficulty. It is worth noting that they have a great finish, with very well done cuts and seams, and that they are odourless.

7. Alternative superhero skins

Ideal for weekend play sessions as well as for a birthday party, this pack of 36 masks is perfect for the little ones at home to embody their favorite superhero. With different designs and colors, they are made with recycled and ecological felt, so in addition to being soft and comfortable, they help reduce your ecological footprint. Containing no toxic materials or products, they are safe for children. In addition, they can be easily adapted to the face! This is because they are very flexible and have an adjustable elastic band. It is worth noting that they are designed for children between 3 and 16 years old.