Medieval names are old names that come from past times and that continue to be a trend in some parts of the world due to their great meaning and transcendence. The medieval era is characterized as a time of knights in shining armor and royal courts with elegant dresses and powdered wigs, dedicated to idleness and wars. The common names of the time are the ones that we will present to you on this occasion. This is a selection of names from the Middle Ages that we have selected for you and choose among them which one you like the most. How many medieval names do you know?

The names of the Late Middle Ages and the High Middle Ages use certain structures that differentiate them from other names. This means that many names were associated with the trade to which people were dedicated, some others were related to positions or titles, as well as other names have to do with the place of origin, provenance and also with the relationship of their relatives. For some people, medieval names are the basis for many modern names, but we have to believe that this influence lies in the historical periodicity in which the events took place. Choose the best baby names for girls.

It may be that you are motivated by this topic of onomastics and the etymology of these names, either because of general culture, because you have a medieval name that you did not know it was and you are about to discover it, or perhaps you are also looking for options to call a newborn The important thing is that you are already here and we want to show you those with the best meaning. We also have posts about Guanche names, Nordic names or Chinese names that might catch your attention. Without further ado, let’s go as promised.

Medieval names for girls and their meaning


Of Germanic origin, this name means ” the outstanding one “.


Greek name whose meaning is ” the pure “.


Name of Germanic origin that means ” the kind “.


Name that comes from German and its meaning is “consecrated to God “.


It comes from Latin, the meaning of this name is ” the one that radiates purity “.


Of Irish origin, this name means ” worthy of faith “.


Name of Aquitaine whose meaning is ” the outstanding one “.


Of Gaelic origin, this name means ” the one that comes from the seashore “.


It comes from the Greek and the meaning of this name is ” the one who helps others “.


Name of Latin origin that means ” wealth of the earth “.

Medieval names for boys and their meaning


Name of Latin origin that means ” the one who loves God “.


Coming from Latin, this name means ” the poet “.


This name of German origin means ” the one who shines with the sword “.


Name of German origin that means ” the leader “.


Spanish name meaning ” the rigid one “.


This name means “ the favored one ”.


Name of Spanish origin that means ” golden arrow “.


Name of Greek origin whose meaning is ” the wise “.


Coming from German, this name means ” the one who does justice ” or ” the one who acts for the poor “.


Old French name meaning ” anxious one “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aldara Haughty, dedicated and with a sweet and assertive personality. They take the time to listen to others, they are sensitive, kind and have a gift for interacting with animals with impressive nobility.
Katherine Determined, of great temperament and nobility. They stand out among the others for their courage and capacity for action. They like to direct and they know how to do it.
Elvira They show bravery and tend to delve into their fanciful imaginations. Sometimes they bring grudges and it is difficult for them to forgive quickly, however it is an attitude that they will learn to handle over the years.
Emerencian Bold, insightful and always willing to help others. Suspicious and sometimes seem egotistical. Clean and impeccable in everything they do.
Emerald Impulsive, hasty and vehement in each of the decisions they make. They like to live life to the fullest and knows no limits. Risky, cheerful and maintain a positive vitality.
fidelma Eloquent, conscientious and, in short, foolishness is not one of their characteristics. They often have arguments to debate and are quick to think. They do not like frequent arbitrariness.
Eleanor Their personality is charming, they like environments that inspire harmony and are very rational in their decisions. They like to take the time to dedicate themselves to what they are most passionate about and they usually succeed in this type of activity.
Morgana They are passionate in their actions, however, they do not stand out for the sweetness of their hearts. They tend to be rigid, domineering and despotic, close to dictatorial behavior. They like to have everything under control.
Ophelia They are full of emotional balance and usually give very good advice to all people who need it. They are conciliatory and like to sow peace everywhere. They don’t like controversies.
violating Their behavior is usually imperious, bold and autocratic. They worry excessively about pleasing others and sometimes lose their temper when they are relegated to activities that they do not consider worthy of their person.
Amadeo Courageous, daring and with good intentions. They like to travel and jump into the first adventure that comes their way. They are pleasant, helpful and affectionate, although they tend to think more of themselves.
Boniface Their temperament is scrupulous and they consider it important in their lives to fulfill the social obligations that the world has in store for them. Sometimes they can be fanciful, romantic and with a chimerical personality.
Braulio They tend to stand out for their creative talents and strategies. They like to stand out from the rest and are filled with pride every time they are honored for their skills. Calm and very bold.
Enrique They do not need to go to great lengths to find followers among the masses. With their vital energy and their great charisma they tend to impress everywhere they go. They don’t like feelings of guilt.
Euric They are closed-minded, focused on their interests and are not people with whom you can have a rational conversation. They do not like to take sides, nor the commitments from which they flee whenever they can.
Splendor Affectionate, benevolent and with a magnetic personality. They act with great enthusiasm and offer a charming smile, this makes it easy for them to find friends and people who are willing to progress.
Gilbert Strong and act according to their principles. They tend to have an ironic humor and do not like mediocrity. They tend to challenge others, not just to be better, but to hone their talents.
Plutarch They are people with great communication skills and usually stand out or get jobs where they can develop them even more. They are also lonely, self-centered and do not stop their drive for anyone.
Robin Simple, honest, attentive and with a high sense of altruism. They are passionate about charity and humanitarian work. Grateful and do not like to be lied to.
Herve They are people who tend to worry excessively about every tiny detail. They are perfectionists, thorough and have a low tolerance for frustration. They usually dedicate themselves to a single activity in particular and do not abandon it until they finish it.