Mexican names are common in all parts of the world and in this post we are going to see several of them that we have chosen for their beautiful and impressive meaning. Choosing a name is not a task that we do every day and much less is it a simple mission to fulfill. These names with meaning that we present to you today will probably give you ideas of the name you want to choose.

For many years, Mexican names are usually names related to the Catholic religion, which is the religious majority in this North American country. For this reason we can see that the majority of names for girls are related to names of the Virgin Mary and her invocations. One of the most famous stories is the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the Cerro del Tepeyac before three little ones and it is perhaps one of the most amazing events that could be mentioned. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Many Mexican names also have their Latin and Spanish variants, just as there are other autochthonous names that remain, through the years, in anthropological onomastics as a cultural legacy. The etymology of these names is commonly based on historical facts and of great cultural importance, it is also common that in the choice of names they are compound names. We have other post about names that may also interest you are Colombian names, Argentine names or Japanese names.

Mexican names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” good hearted ” or ” warm hearted “.


This name means ” the one that comes down from Mount Carmel “.


Its meaning is ” the one who remains firm and loyal “.


Name of Germanic origin that means ” peace of the world “.


Name of Arabic origin, very popular in Mexico, which means ” hidden river “.


Its meaning is ” evening star “.


The meaning of this name is “ the one who remains faithful to God ”.


This name means ” the one that comes down from the river “. It can be a diminutive of Guadalupe.


Its meaning is ” the one chosen by God “.


The meaning of this name is ” the one who brings joy “.

Mexican names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is ” the one who has been chosen as a messenger “.


It means ” the one who faces his adversary ” or ” the flower of courage “.


The meaning of this name is “ one who has been instructed ”.


Its meaning is “ free and bold man ”.


The meaning of this name is “ fervent fire ”.


This name means ” the savior “.


The meaning of this name is “ God forgives ”.


It means “ he who is consecrated to Mars ”.

hot dog

Its meaning is ” firm pen “.


Nahuatl name that means ” tunal on the stone “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Soul They are lovely people, always willing to help when needed. Intelligent, charitable and not at all proud. Sensitive and charismatic.
Carmen Radiant, of great tenacity, who always have an ideal to follow their projects. They do not act by instinct or by deliberation, they usually have a plan up their sleeve that they follow to the letter.
Constance Hardworking, honest and incomparable friends. Nice and have an immense joy that they soon share with others. They are usually more looking for solutions than complaining about problems.
Frida They have an innovative mentality, strong and great capacity for analysis. They are very attentive to small details and that is why nothing escapes them. They can become very sentimental and tender.
Guadeloupe Those who have this name have an incorruptible and very honest personality. As a child they are often mischievous and make little jokes. They are cunning, benevolent people with much to offer.
Itzel His personality is original, daring and uncompromising. They like to attract attention and usually achieve it by commanding admiration and respect. They can be a little selfish at times, but their need for social contact can appease them.
Joan They tend to use sophisticated language in their narrative, not because of a pedantic personality but because they have a very broad cultural background that allows them to have different positions. They are brave and very humble.
Lupita They are characterized by having a very emotional, sensitive and imaginative personality. They usually have many ideas and are very practical that usually get them out of trouble without spending much hardship.
Mary His mentality is flexible and adaptable to the circumstances that arise. Highly versatile they excel in a wide variety of activities. They are intuitive, cunning and have great creative abilities.
Leticia They do not usually feel down easily, they have great strength to cope with losses and a great drive to overcome obstacles. They have many communication and administration facilities.
Angel Altruistic and with a positive training from home that they do not hesitate to pass on to their offspring. For them, family comes first. They like to be surrounded by friendly and calm people like them.
Anthony They are people with an attractive mentality who do not get stuck in the face of adversity. They have great drive to continue their projects and see them become a great success. Bold and very agile.
Diego They have a great capacity to learn and understand everything at first. They are perceptive, intelligent and very cunning. They like to take care of their appearance and usually impress with an incredible charm without equal.
Francisco Astute and versatile mentality. They are loquacious and reasonable people with whom you can have conversations of all kinds and they know how to contribute with their wisdom. His spirit does not understand earthly limitations and is very intuitive.
Ignatius Charismatic, energetic with a lot of will to carry out their projects. They are perceptive, with good ideas and with high communication skills, they must take care of passing as charlatans so that they are taken seriously.
Jesus Confident, calm and with great magnetism. They tend to attract with their gentle and devious personality. Nice, sometimes a little shy, but it does not prevent them from having many friends. Trustworthy and serene.
Juan Cunning, imaginative and very curious. Creative and stand out for their ability to solve problems. Practical, communicative and definitely very sociable in various areas of their daily lives.
Mario They are people who like to attract attention and can sometimes be a bit inconstant in their tasks, this is because they are easily entertained by any novelty. Intelligent, bold and often respond in a slightly angry way.
hot dog Not liars at all, but they tend to exaggerate their versions of reality a bit, they are a very fanciful and imaginative person. They usually dedicate time to their personal training and sometimes they can be seen afflicted by little things.
tenoch They take care of their appearance and the impression they make on others. They work hard to strengthen their skills and learn from their mistakes. Sensitive, they tend to conservatism and constantly seek stability.