Is there a new baby in the family? What a great moment! Surely if you have entered this post it is because you are looking for a striking and pleasant name for this little person who has come into your life.

Common names in each era change with fashion and new names appear, sometimes related to famous people. More and more attractive and modern names are appearing that can be a nice alternative to call your newborn. Choose the best baby names for girls.

There are many names that are currently considered old-fashioned and these are usually the last ones considered by modern families. There are many options to choose between them. If you want modern names with meaning, we leave you an extensive list. Don’t miss them.

Modern names for girls and their meaning


It has its origin in Vedism. Its meaning is “fire” or “purity”.


Of Greek origin, a variant of Andrea and means ” brave woman “.


Also Aria. Its origin comes from Sanskrit and means ” great and noble “.


It comes from Hebrew and means ” who bears mercy “.


Its origin is Greek and means ” the one who remains forever young “.


It is an English version but its origin comes from Latin. It means “light” or “ to be bright ”.


Its origin is Hebrew and it means ” the one who is magnificent “.


Of Sanskrit origin although it is also considered to be of Japanese origin. It means “sea wave “.


Also Naomi. Name of Hebrew origin that means “it is a charm “.


Name that comes from Latin and its meaning is “small rose” or “surrounded by flowers”.


Coming from English, this name means “ sunlight ” or “ sunny day”.

Modern names for boys and their meaning


Also Brian. Name of Celtic origin that means ” who the force accompanies him “.


Name of Hebrew origin that means ” beloved son ” or ” beautiful star “.


Its origin comes from the Anglo-Saxon and means ” this is the son of the sea “.


Name of Celtic origin whose meaning is ” full of generosity “.


This name is of Hebrew origin and means ” he who calls salvation ” or ” my savior “.


Also Jeffry. Name of Germanic origin that means ” the peace of God “.


This name is of Irish origin and its meaning is ” endless meadow ” or “immense field”.


Noah variant . This name of Hebrew origin means ” who grants peace ” or ” he who brings calm “.


Name of Hebrew origin that means ” God will provide “.


It comes from Latin and its meaning is ” full of life ” or ” who transmits joy “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Agni Of great impetus and people close to his family and with a big heart. They are friendly and very talkative. Their intelligence allows them to come to rational conclusions easily.
Andreina They are sincere and perfectionist. They do not like to be alone, they are very sociable, so they are always surrounded by many people. You wake up to situations and approach them in a very ingenious way.
arya Honorable and have a lot of strength inside that leads them to carry out great projects. They are also sensitive, as well as bold. They always care about the welfare of others.
janis Their mentality is cheerful and jovial, although they tend to prefer solitary spaces where they can concentrate without being interrupted. They have the ability to multitask without fail.
June They stand out for their generosity and ability to face life. They have an introspective mentality, but at the same time they are adventurous and like changes. His greatest concern is the well-being of family relationships.
Lucy Calm, independent and focused on their goals. They stand out for their creativity and their great intelligence to solve problems. Their talent and determination will always take them far.
Malene Of great spontaneity and are easily interested in artistic subjects. They like nature and are concerned about spiritual issues, they also feel contempt for mediocrity and abuse of authority.
Nami They are energetic, focused and dedicated. They tend to be organized and like autonomy. They do not usually repeat the behavior of others, but rather seek their own way of doing things.
Nohemí They tend to be very down to earth and draw rational conclusions from various situations. Loving and calm, although sometimes they can become reserved and distant.
Rosalia They show self-confidence and are haughty and independent. They like to explore new alternatives and in some cases they are attracted by stability and comfort.
Sunny Strong, with traits of impulsiveness, although they are also characterized by their instinctive nature and great kindness. They are usually original and in some cases can be stubborn.
Brian Restless and concerned about the welfare of others. Sensitive to aesthetics and develop a taste for beauty. Brave, gentle and good friends.
David Reliable and know how to keep secrets. Protective with his family and very bold. Their intelligence and strength come from their ability to care for or accompany others.
Dylan Courageous and not afraid to defend what is theirs. They have great creative capacity and imagination. They impress with their magnetism and people skills, although they also tend to seek moments of solitude and introspection.
Gael Idealists and dreamers, they can pass for reserved or introverted, although in reality it is because they need time to analyze. Calm, kind and very intelligent.
Joshua They have an innate sense of justice and fairness. They tend to stand out from an early age for their ability to analyze and for their way of speaking in public. Charismatic and they fall well in their circles.
jeffrey Passionate and often emotional. Hedonistic in personality, they like to make a profit without trying too hard. It is usually based on sound reasoning and gives convincing arguments.
Logan He usually likes adventures and everything that implies a novelty in his life. They have an eccentric personality and usually have many friends. Bold and clever.
Noah Introspective and restless. Highly intelligent, they tend to keep their composure in complicated situations. Sometimes they tend to stand out for their leadership, but they are usually shy.
Thiago Attractive personality, energetic and enterprising. They can be very nervous at times, but this is because they are so talented in many areas and have a hard time concentrating on just one. Honest, ambitious and with great vigor.
vitus They are not easily suggested and keep a lot of energy inside that they usually share with others. Bold and often the center of attention. They are interested in logical systems and their applications.