No, my children do not tire me

The days you feel the most tired, are your children to blame? No, it’s not them. Your children don’t tire you, but when they sleep you wouldn’t stare at their angel face nor would you miss them as soon as you walk out the door… counting down the hours to return to hug them again.

Your children don’t tire you

If it were your children who have you exhausted, you would not wake up every morning with your best smile to dedicate it to them. Nor would you have your mobile full of photographs where they are the protagonists… If your children were to blame for the exhaustion, as soon as you had one you would not have had any more… Or if the children really were the cause of the discomfort and fatigue of the mothers, We would have realized it long ago and the human species would begin to become extinct.

But we did not become extinct. People continue to have children and every time you look at the faces of yours, you know that they have been the best decision you have made in your entire life. Because you would do the same thing over and over again just to get to the point where your children are in your life. No matter how complicated your life may have been before becoming a mother or no matter how much you’ve given up to be one.

What tires you out?

It is very difficult to raise children, there are days when you feel tremendously lonely and tired… But no, they are not to blame for your exhaustion. What makes you tired are many other things, things that you may overlook every day because you think it’s normal in motherhood or because you’ve just gotten used to it. Do you know what you get tired of? You get tired of:

  • Feeling alone
  • Lack of support
  • Not having time for yourself
  • Trying to always be there height
  • The expectations of others
  • What everyone expects of you
  • Enduring the machismo and patriarchy that still exists
  • Inequality
  • Not being able to really reconcile parenting and work
  • That your daily effort is not valued
  • Having few resources
  • Having to do numbers every day to see if you make it to the end of the month

tired children

Nothing stops you

A Despite all the points discussed above (points that are general and that surely in your life you will find other points to add to justify your tiredness), nothing stops you. Nothing stops you because you are a mother, and since you became it something changed inside you. It’s not that you have a superpower or anything like that… You simply realized that you are capable of fighting for others, of smiling every morning for your children, that even if you are tired, doing the impossible so that your children are well, so they don’t lack for anything.

Nothing stops you and your children are not the cause of your exhaustion. They are not really them… You are able to laugh at their side and love them above all things. They are your reason for being, for your existence, your children help you to not lack strength to be able to be well every day!

But mom, if you are tired, if you need to disconnect, if you need time for yourself and to take care of yourself… you should also do it. Because to be able to be well with your family, to be able to take good care of your children and give them all your unconditional love, then… You must take care of yourself first. It is important that you delegate tasks to your partner or other people you consider whenever it is necessary to take a break, even if it is a 20-minute break. Mom, you are not aloneā€¦ and your children are not the cause of your tirednessā€¦ They are your strength, your everything.