If you like to know what you have in your wardrobe and plan your day-to-day clothes in advance, take a look at our outfit proposal for pregnant women.

Do you want to wear a complete outfit for pregnant women this winter? Wearing the right clothes is the key if you want to have a good look.

The word outfit is English and means clothing, set or dress. In fashion, the use of this word is linked to the set of accessories and clothing that are mainly designed for specific social circumstances.

We propose several pieces for a perfect maternity outfit for winter days.


The first thing you should take into account to build your own outfit are the accessories and the clothes that are going to be basic in your wardrobe for each season of the year. Since the outfit is created with the combination of various outfits of a season that are consistent with a time, place and situation, we are going to pay attention to winter. For this reason, we suggest several garments for an ideal pregnant outfit.

1. Scarves

The scarf is the quintessential winter accessory, so it could not be missing from our outfit proposals for pregnant women.

They complement any style, and are also very functional on very cold days. Thus, in addition to going with a different and dynamic look, you will go warm.

Depending on your tastes, you can choose scarves that are more striking in terms of colors, or more discreet, play with the shapes that the different designs offer and also with their textures.

2. Sweaters

A good sweater, warm and stylish, will be essential in your wardrobe in winter. We like them because they are comfortable, functional and have an ideal youthful air.

For example, this  Seraphine nursing jumper is available in navy, gray and cherry. It is very versatile, since you can wear it to go out for coffee with friends or use it for a slightly more formal meeting. Made of quality wool, it will meet your expectations if you want a warm garment. It also has raglan sleeves with fitted cuffs and adjustable drawstrings under the belly.

Another sweater that we include in our maternity outfit is from the Topshop Maternity brand and it has a blue color that we love and that goes perfectly with winter. In this case, it is a variegated knitted sweater with a round neck, which as a detail has more length at the back than at the front. It is comfortable and pleasant to the touch and has an informal and youthful air.

3. Coats

In winter, the basic garment is the coat, therefore it must be in an outfit for pregnant women dedicated to winter. If you are going to have more than one coat in the season, we recommend that they be of different styles so you can alternate depending on the day or the plans you have.

For us, the best are coats with neutral colors because they are much easier to combine. Do not forget that the coat is lined, you will be much warmer!

4. Beanies

Keep your ears and head warm with a good hat. The hats give a wintery touch to the outfit, and they can be of different types and fabrics.

You can also dare with a good hat!

5. Gloves

We cannot forget the gloves, a garment that we sometimes leave aside, but that we want to incorporate into the winter outfit for pregnant women.

The gloves will give you the extra warmth you need on very cold days and also provide an elegant touch. There are different types and fabrics, choose the one that best suits your tastes and make them your essential accessory.

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