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“L” represents Actions. The K shows Loyalty, a natural balance, a good manager, and an intellectual mind.

Here on this page, we have compiled 304 American Baby Boy Names Starting With L. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 304 American Baby Boy Names Starting With L. You might be interested in more baby names on our site.

Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With L

Labros TBD
Lach Lives Near Water
Lache Lives Near Water
Lachy A Boy from the Lake
Lacy Place Name of Obscure
Ladbroc Dwells by the Path by the Brook
Ladd Attendant, Young Man
Ladde Attendant
Ladell TBD
Lafayette TBD
Lafe TBD
Laine From the Narrow Road, Serves John
Lait A Fascinating Young Man
Lajuan TBD
Laken From the Lake
Lakin From the Lake
Lakota Friend
Lamar From Near a Pool
Lamark Dedicated to Mars
Lamb Famous Landowner
Lamik Lucky
Lamont Lawyer, Law Man, Man of Law
Lamonte Man of Law, Lawyer
Lana Precious, Valuable
Lancaster Fort on the Lune River
Lance Land, A Lance, A Light Spear
Landan From the Grassy Plain
Landen From the Grassy Plain
Lander From the Grassy Plain
Landi Famous Landowner
Landin From the Grassy Plain
Landon Open Grassy Meadow, Ridge
Lane A Narrow Country Road
Langdon long hill
Langdon Ridge
Langford Lives Near the Long Ford
Langley Long Life, From the Long Meadow
Langston From the Long Enclosure
Lanier One who Works with Wool
Lanny Famous Land
Lanre TBD
Lansa Lance
Lanston From the Long Estate
Lanu TBD
Lapu Cedar Bark (Hopi)
Laquan Spring, Prefix La Plus Quan
Lare A Wealthy Man
Larin Of Laurentum, Fierce
Larnell TBD
Laron Blend of Darron with L
Larry Crowned with Laurels
Lars City of Laurels, Kyle
Lary Variant of Hilary, Joyful
Lashan TBD
Lashawn A Combination of La + Shawna
Laslo Rule with Glory
Late A Fascinating Young Man
Lateef Gentle, Kind, Pleasant
Lathan Rhyming Form of the Hebrew Nathan
Lathin TBD
Lathrop From the Farmstead with the Barn
Latimer Near the Sea, Interprets Latin
Laton TBD
Latrell Invented Name, Noble
Launder From the Grassy Plain
Laura Crowned with Laurels
Laurance From Laurentium
Laureano From the Place of Laurel Trees
Laurel Tree
Lauren Crowned with Laurel
Laurence Crowned with Laurels
Laurian From the Place of Laurel Trees
Lauriano From the Place of Laurel Trees
Laurie From Laurentium, Laurel
Laurin Bay, Laurel
Laval Valley
Lavan One of Obedience
Lavern From the Alder Grove
Laverne Alder Tree
Lavon White-skinned, Light Complexion
Law From the Hill
Lawe From the Hill
Lawford From a Hill Ford
Lawley From the Hill Meadow
Lawly From the Hill Meadow
Lawrance Crowned with Laurel
Lawrence City of Laurels
Lawson Son of Law / Lawrence
Lawton From the Hillside Farm
Layne Path, From the Narrow Road
Layton Herb Garden, A Place Name
Lazaro Help of God, The Lord will Help
Leal Faithful, Loyal
Leander Strong / Brave as a Lion
Leandro Strong Like the Lion
Lear From the River Legra
Leather As Tough as Hide
Lebaron The Baron / Warrior
LeBron Brown Haired, A Freak of Nature
Ledell Spartan Queen
Lee From a Clearing, Glade, Poet
Leeland From the Meadow Land
Leer Clearing
Leeroy The King
Lefty Left-handed
Legacy TBD
Legend Myth, Epic
LeGrand TBD
Leif Successor, Beloved, Descendant
Leigh Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing
Leighton Herb Garden, A Place Name
LeiLani Adorned with Heavenly
Leland From the Meadow Land
Lele Loyal
Leman From the Valley
Lemmy Devoted to God
Lemuel Belonging to God, Devoted to Lord
Len Abbreviation of Leonard
Lena Hardy, Brave, Lion
Lenard Lion-bold, Lion Strength, Brave
Lendall From the Linden Tree Dell
Lendell From the Linden Tree Dell
Leni TBD
Lenn Brave as a Lion
Lennell Brave as a Lion
Lennie Brave as a Lion
Lenno Man
Lennon Cloak, Blackbird, Lover
Lennox From the Field of Elm Trees
Lenny Abbreviation of Leonard
Leno Lion, Brave, Hardy
Lenwood River in the Woods
Leo Brave, Lion-bold, Brave People
Leon Brave as a Lion
Leon lion
Leonardo Strong / Brave as a Lion
Leondre Brave as a Lion
Leonel Young Lion, Lion
Leonidas Bold, Strong Like a Lion, Lion
Leopold Courageous / Brave People, Brave
Leopoldo Prince of the People
Lerone My Song
Leroy The King
Lerry TBD
Les Holly Orchard
Leshan Award, Lord Shiva
LeShon TBD
Lesley From the Grey Castle
Leslie From Leslie, From the Grey Castle
Lester Fortified Place, From Leicester
Lev Lion, Similar to Leo, Brave
Levar Special, Loved
Levi United, Combined, Attached
Levie Associated, Pledged, Attached
Lew Famous Warrior
Lewis Famous, Renowned Warrior
Lex Defender of Mankind, A Word
Lexter TBD
Lexx Defender of Mankind
Leyman From the Valley, Meadow-dweller
Leyton From the Meadow Settlement
Liam Determined Protector
Liberty Freedom
Liev Heart of the Lion
Life Descendant, Heir
Lige My God is Yahweh
Lillo TBD
Lin Voice
Lincoln From a Lake Colony
Lind Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
Linddun Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
Lindel Valley of the Linden Trees
Linden linden hill
Linden From the Linden Tree Hill
Lindley From Near a Lime Forest
Lindly From the Linden Tree Meadow
Lindo One who is Sturdy
Lindsay From the Island of the Lime Tree
Lindsey From the Island of Linden Trees
Lindy From the Linden Tree Mountain
Line From the Bank
Linford From the Linden Tree Ford
Linh Forest, Beautiful, Soul / Spirit
Link Lake Colony, From the Bank
Linley From the Flax Field
Linly From the Flax Field
Linton From the Flax Enclosure, Lyne
Lintun From the Flax Enclosure
Linus Flaxen Coloured, Fair Haired
Linwood River in the Woods
Linzey TBD
Lio Lion, Brave, Hardy
Lion Lion
Lionel Young Lion, Form of Leonard
Lionell Young Lion
Lisa Sun
Lisandro Liberator
Lise TBD
Liston TBD
Little TBD
Litton From the Hillside Town
Livingston A Dear Friend’s Place; From …
Livingston Leif’s town
Llewellyn Like a Lion, Ruling
Lliam Short Form of Liam / William
Lloyd Grey, Sacred, Grey Haired
Llywelyn TBD
Lobo Wolf
Loc Lives by the Stronghold, Luck
Locke Lives by the Stronghold
Loey One who is Adventurous
Logan Dweller in a Little Hollow, Small
Loic Loud, Warrior, Fame, Fighter
Lois Famous in Battle
Lokey TBD
Lomas A Good Man
Lon Fierce, Strong, Warlike
London The Capital of the United Kingdom
Lonell Young Lion
Loney All Struggle
Long Dragon, Tall Man, Grand
Loni All Struggle
Lonnell Young Lion
Lonnie Prepared, Ready for Battle, Noble
Lonny Ready for Battle, Lion-bold, Noble
Lonzo Ready, Eager Noble
Loran Crowned with Laurels
Lorance Crowned with Laurels, Modern Usage
Lorde Noble Title
Loren Laurel Tree, Crowned with Laurels
Lorence Crowned with Laurels, Modern Usage
Lorenza Crowned with Laurels
Lorenzo Laurel-crowned, From Laurentium
Lorien God of Dreams
Lorimar Saddle Maker
Lorimer Harness Maker
Lorin Crowned with Laurels
Lorne Laurel-crowned, From Laurentium
Lorraine Land of the Lothar
Lorren Crowned with Laurels
Lory Sweet Bay Tree
Lott Portion, Share
Lou Renowned Warrior, Form of Louis
Louie Famous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
Louis Famous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
Lourival TBD
Lovel Little Wolf, Young Wolf
Lovell Dearly Loved, Wolf Cub, Young Wolf
Loy Intelligent, Smart, Clever
Loyal Faithful, True
Loyd Grey, Sacred
Lubo TBD
Luc Light, Illumination, Form of Luke
Luca Light, Man from Lucania
Lucas Bringer of Light
Lucian Form of Luke, Light, Illumination
Luciano Light of the Day, Light
Lucien Light, Illumination, From Lucanus
Lucio Light, Illumination, From Lucanus
Lucious Light
Lucius Bringer of Light, Bright
Luckey Fortunate
Lucky Fortunate
Lud Chief’s Hill; Generation
Ludlow From the Prince’s Hill; Mountain …
Ludwig Renowned Warrior, Famous Warrior
Luigi Renowned Warrior, Famous Fighter
Luka Light, Man from Lucania
Lukas Light, A Region of Southern Italy
Luke Light Giving, Light
Lukus Man from Lucania
Lupe Wolf River
Luster Cheerful
Luther Famous Warrior, Famous in Battle
Lydell From the Open Dell
Lyle Islander, From the Island
Lyman Meadow-dweller
Lyn Dwells by the Torrent
Lynd Lives by the Linden Tree
Lyndal valley of the lime trees
Lynden linden hill
Lyndon Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
Lynel Young Lion, Hardy, Brave, Lion
Lynette Lincolns, Beautiful Jade, Forest
Lynn Dwells by the Torrent
Lynne Waterfall, Lake
Lynwood Lake Wood
Lyonel Lion, Brave, Young Lion, Hardy
Lyric Song Like Person