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“M” represents Spirituality. The M shows Patience, industriousness, courage, and domesticated. Intelligent, creative, and intuitive powers, fun-loving and sensitive.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With M

Maaz Wooden
Macarthur Son of Arthur
Mace Weapon
Mace TBD
Mach TBD
Machakw Horny Toad
Machk Resembling a Bear
Macho TBD
Maciek TBD
Mack The Son, Taken from Mackenzie
MacKenzie Fair one or handsome
Mackenzie Pretty, Good-looking
Mackie Son of Kenneth
Macky TBD
Madden Puppy, Small, Little Dog
Maddie Son of Maud
Maddox Son of Maddock; Benefactor’s Son; …
Madison Mighty in battle
Madison Matthew’s Child; Son of Maud; Son …
Maelwine Strong Friend, Gift of God
Maggie Pearl, Flower Name, Child of Light
Magic TBD
Magnum TBD
Mahkah Earth (Sioux)
Mahlon Sickness
Maia Brave Warrior
Maico TBD
Maicon TBD
Majik TBD
Major Greater, Senior
Makai Who is like God
Makell One who is like God
Makya Eagle Hunter, One who Hunts Eagles
Mal Messenger of God, Lord Krishna
Malachi Messenger of God
Malachi Messenger of God, My Angel
Malakai Messenger of God, Angel
Malaki My Messenger, My Angel
Malan Most Power Full
Malcolm Servant
Malcolm TBD
Malcom Saint Columb’s Disciple; Servant; …
Mali Ruler, First Born
Malik Master or sovereign
Malik King, Master or Sovereign, Master
Malin Little warrior
Malin Little Strong Warrior, Of Magdala
Malorie Unhappy, Unlucky
Malvern The Bare Hill
Malvin Armored chief or ruler
Malvin Armoured Chief, Ruler
Malvyn Armored chief or ruler
Malvyn Armoured Chief, Ruler
Malyn Little warrior
Mamani Falcon
Mancel From the Manse
Mandawuy TBD
Mandi One who is Much Loved
Mando Keeper
Manfred Man of peace or peaceful
Manfred Man of Peace; Hero’s Peace; …
Manfrid Man of peace or peaceful
Manfrid Man of Peace; Hero’s Peace; …
Manie Bravery – Honesty
Manipi Amazing
Manley From the Hero’s Meadow; Manly; …
Manly From the Hero’s Meadow; Manly
Mann Mind, Vassal, Heart, Saul
Mann Hero
Manning Son of a hero
Manning Powerful, Valiant, Son of the Hero
Manrico Powerful Leader
Mansfield From the field by the small river
Mansfield Coming from a Hilly Pasture
Mantan Man’s Town
Manton From the Hero’s Town; From Mann’s …
Manuel God is with us
Manuel God with us, Powerful, Strong
Maquilla Unclear
Maquinna Unclear
Marat Mirror, The Wind
Marc Warlike, From the God Mars
Marcanthony Marc Plus Anthony
Marcel Mars, The Roman God of War
Marcelino Mars, Roman God of War, War Like
Marcelis TBD
Marcello Pledged to Mars, Little Warrior
Marcellous TBD
Marcellus Pledged to Mars, Mars
Marcelo Pledged to Mars, Warlike, Mars
Marck War-like, Dedicated to Mars
Marco Warlike
Marco Warlike, Mars, From the God Mars
Marcos Warlike
Marcos Warlike, From the God Mars
Marcus Warlike
Marcus War-like, Mars
Marcy TBD
Mardel Surname used as a given name
Marden From the valley with the pool
Mardon From the valley with the pool
Marek Warlike
Marek Warlike, Of Mars, The God of War
Maren Of the Sea, From the Shore
Margaret TBD
Margarito Pearl
Mariah Star of the Sea, God is My Teacher
Marianna TBD
Mariano Manly, Warrior God, Bitter
Marilyn Star of the Sea
Mario Of the sea or sailor
Marion Bitter
Marios Virile, Sea, Mars, Manly
Mark War-like, Mars, From the God Mars
Mark Warlike
Markas Dedicated to Mars, Gleaming
Markee Gleaming, War-like
Markel Rendered to Mars, Warlike
Markell A Modern Invented Name
Markelle TBD
Markez A Form of Marquis, Noble Man
Marki Gleaming, Dedicated to Mars
Markie War-like, Gleaming
Markus Mars, Roman God of War, Of Mars
Marky War-like, Dedicated to Mars
Marl Pleasant Wood
Marlan Falcon, A Form of Merle
Marlan Falcon
Marland Lake Land, Famous Land
Marland Lake land
Marley From the lake meadow
Marley lake meadow
Marlin TBD
Marlin Falcon
Marlo Hill by the Lake
Marlon Little Falcon, Warrior
Marlon Falcon
Marlow From the Hill by the Lake
Marlowe From the Hill Near the Lake
Marlowe From the hill by the lake
Marly From the Lake Meadow
Marlyn Little Falcon, Hawk
Maron Little Master, Sea
Marque Of Mars, The God of War
Marquel Marquis
Marques Warlike, Of Mars, God of War
Marquez Noble Rank, Son of Marcus
Marquis Nobleman
Marquise Lord, Nobleman
Marqus Martial, Warlike
Marschall Steward
Marsden From the Swampy Valley
Marsden From the marsh valley
Marsh From the Marsh or Swamp, Steward
Marsh From the marsh
Marshal Steward
Marshall Steward
Marshall Steward, Horse-keeper
Marshawn Mark Plus Shawn
Marshel Horse, Servant
Marson TBD
Marsten Town Near the Marsh
Marston From a Marsh Settlement
Martel Warrior of Mars, War Like
Martell Warrior of Mars, Roman War God
Martez From the God Mars, Martial
Martin From the God Mars, War-like
Martin Warlike
Martine Dedicated to Mars, War-like
Marty Warlike, Of Mars
Marty War like
Martyn War Like, Warrior of Mars
Martyn War like
Marv Form of Marvin, Friend of the Sea
Marven Lover of the Sea, Sea Lover
Marven Lover of the sea
Marvi Friend of the Sea
Marvic TBD
Marvin Sea Lover, Friend of the Sea
Marvin Lover of the sea
Marvyn Lives by the Sea, A Famous Friend
Marvyn Lover of the sea
Marwin Lover of the Sea, Form of Marvin
Marwin Lover of the sea
Marwood From the Lake Forest
Mary Rebellion, Bitter
Marz Manly, Virile
Masen Stone Worker, Mason
Masichuvio Grey Deer
Maska Strong
Mason Architect, Stone Worker
Mateo Gift of the Lord; God’s Gift; …
Mateo Gift of God
Mather Powerful / Strong Army
Mather Powerful army
Matherson Son of Mather
Mathew Gift of the Lord, A Legend Person
Mathew Gift of God
Mathia Gift of Yahweh
Mathias Variant of Matthias
Matiss God’s Present
Mato Brave
Matt Gift of God
Matt Gift from God
Matteen Well Disciplined
Matteo God’s Present; Gift of the Lord
Mattew Gift of Yahweh / God
Matthaeus Gift of Yahweh
Matthaios Gift of Yahweh
Matthew God’s Present; Gift of the Lord; …
Matthew gift of God
Matthew Gift from God
Matthias Gift of the Lord
Matthias Gift from God
Mattia Gift of Yahweh
Matunaaga Fights
Maui A Legendary Hero
Maurice A Dark Skinned Person, Moorish
Maurice Dark skinned
Mauricio Dark skinned
Maurico TBD
Maurie Dark-skinned, Variant of Moorish
Mauro Moorish, Dark-skinned, A Moor
Maury Dark-skinned Man, Marshland
Maverick independent
Maverick Unbranded
Mavrick Unbranded
Max By the Great Stream
Maxfield Field Belonging to Mack
Maxie TBD
Maxim The Greatest, Form of Maximilian
Maximilian The greatest
Maximilian Greatest, The Greatest Rival
Maximillian The greatest
Maximillian Greatest, The Greatest Rival
Maximo The Greatest
Maximus The Greatest
Maxton TBD
Maxwel Maccus’ Pool
Maxwell Dweller by the Spring
Maxx Greatest, By the Great Stream
Mayen TBD
Mayer Headman, Mayor, Farmer
Mayer Headman or mayor
Maynard Brave, Mighty
Mays Field
Mazin Cloud that Carries Rain
Mcarthur Son of Arthur
Mcgregor Son of Gregor
McHenry Son of Henry
Mckenna Son of Cionaodh, Fire Born
Mckinley Son of the Learned King
McLean The Son of John’s Servant
Mead From the Meadow, Meadow
Mead From the meadow
Meade From the Meadow, Honey Wine
Meade From the meadow
Meagan Strong and Mighty One
Mecca One who is like Yahweh / God
Medhat Lauding, Praise
Medwin Faithful Friend, Strong Friend
Medwin Faithful friend
Medwine Faithful Friend, Strong Friend
Medwine Faithful friend
Medwyn Faithful Friend, Strong Friend
Medwyn Faithful friend
Meek TBD
Megan Strong – Capable
Meindert TBD
Mekael Blessed, Operating in Excellence
Mekhi One who is like God
Mel Person of Gloom, Sword Friend
Mel Friend
Melanie Black, Dark Skinned
Melborn From the Mill Stream
Melbourne From the Mill Stream
Melburn From the Mill Stream
Melby Border, Mill Stream
Melbyrne From the Mill Stream
Meldon From the Hillside Mill
Meldrick From the Powerful Mill, Mill Ruler
Meldrick From the powerful mill
Meldrik From the powerful mill
Meldryk From the Powerful Mill
Melee One who is Bitter
Melik TBD
Melis King of Happiness
Melson TBD
Melton Town in the Middle of Hamlets
Melville Leader, Hillside
Melvin Council, Protector, Sword Friend
Melvin Council or protector
Melvon Armoured Chief, Friend of Michael
Melvon Armored chief
Melvyn Sword Friend, Form of Melvin
Melvyn Armored chief
Memphis Place of a Good Abode
Menachem Comforter
Mendy Light of the Mind / Sages
Menelaos TBD
Mercer storekeeper
Mercer Merchant
Mercury Merchandise, Messenger of the God
Meredith Ruler of Battle, Great Lord
Merik TBD
Merivale pleasant valley
Merl Little Eagle
Merle Shiny Sea, Blackbird
Merlin The Magical One
Merlo Blackbird
Merlow From the hill by the lake
Merlyn From the Hill over the Sea
Meron Soldiers
Merrick Powerful and Famous
Merril Shining sea
Merril Shining Sea, Famous
Merrill Shining sea
Merrill Famous, Shining Sea, A Bird
Merritt Border Gate, Little Famous One
Merton From the town by the lake
Merton From the Farm / Estate by the Sea
Mervin Lover of the sea
Mervin Sea Lover, Form of Marvin
Mervyn Lover of the sea
Mervyn Sea Lover, Form of Marvin
Merwin Lover of the Sea, Sea Lover
Merwyn Lover of the sea
Merwyn Lover of the Sea, Famous Friend
Messiah The Anointed One
Methew TBD
Mevlut TBD
Mia Mine, Always Smiling
Miah Complete – Legend
Mic Who is like Yahweh
Micah Who is like God
Micah One who is Like God, Poor, Humble
Micahel Who is like God
Michael Who is like God
Michael One who is like God / Lord
Michal One who is Like God / Lord
Michale Like God
Micheal One who is Like God
Michel One who is Like God
Michele Ne who is Like God / Lord
Michelle One who Resembles God
Michi Path, Pathway
Micho Who is like God
Mick Who is like God
Mick One who is Like God
Mickey Who is like God
Mickey One who is Like God
Micki Like the Lord
Mickie Like the Lord, Feminine of Michael
Mickle One who like a God
Micko Nimble, Quick, Like God
Micky Like God, Diminutive of Michael
Midge One who is like God
Mido TBD
Miel TBD
Mighty Brave, Strong
Migue TBD
Miguel Who is like God
Miguel One who is Like God
Mik Who is like God
Mika Intelligent, Beautiful, Increase
Mikal Like the Lord, One who is Like God
Mikasi Coyote
Mike Who is like God
Mike One who is Like God
Mikeal One who is like God
Mikel Like the Lord
Mikey Like the Lord, One who is like God
Mikhael Who is like God
Mikhail Wish, One who is Like God
Mikhel One who is like God
Mikie One who is like God
Mikka Gift from God, Like God, Increase
Mikki Three Trees Together, Quick
Mikky TBD
Mikul Comrade, Victory of the People
Miky Gift from God
Milan Meeting, Get Together, Union
Milap Union, Charitable
Milas Soldier, Favour, Grace
Milburn From the mill stream
Milburn From the Mill Stream, Millstream
Milbyrne From the mill stream
Milcho TBD
Mildred Mild Strength
Miles Merciful
Miles Army Man, Favoured, Merciful
Milford From the mill by the ford
Millard One who grinds grain
Millen One who grinds grain
Miller One who grinds grain
Milo Merciful
Milo Favoured, Merciful, Peaceful
Milton Settlement or town
Milton Settlement, Town
Miltos TBD
Miltz Spleen
Milward Keeper of the mill
Milward Guardian of the Mill
Mink Strong, Powerful
Minko Chief who Took – Killed, Chief
Minor Younger, Junior
Mint One who Collects his Thoughts
Miracle Divine Act
Miranda TBD
Mirz A Humorous Man
Misko One who is like God
Mississippi From the State, Of the Great River
Mista TBD
Mister Mister
Mistery A Man of the Unknown
Misu Ripples in the Water
Mitch Who is like God
Mitch Great Warrior
Mitch who is like God?
Mitchel One who is Like God
Mitchell Who is like God
Mitchell One who is Like God
Mitsos Follower of Demeter
Mitsunobu Light and Truth
Moan TBD
Moby TBD
Mochni Talking Bird
Moctezuma Unclear
Mohab Of his Father
Mohamed Person with No Fault
Mohammad Highly Praised
Mohammed Praiseworthy
Mohav A Tribal Name
Moises Drawn out of the Water
Moishe Delivered from the Water
Mojo TBD
Moki Deer
Molly The Perfect One
Momo A Warring Man
Mona Gathers Jimson Weed Seed (Miwok)
Mondo Well-advised Protector
Mong TBD
Mongwau Owl
Monk TBD
Monroe Bald, Red, From the Red Swamp
Montana From a Hilly Land, Mountain
Montano Mountain, From a Hilly Land
Monte From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain; …
Montel From a Little Mountain / Hill
Montezuma Unclear
Montgomery From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain; …
Monti Cute, A Stork, Palace
Montie From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain; …
Montrell Mountain
Montrey Show
Monty From the Wealthy Man’s Mountain; …
Mookie TBD
Moon Learned
Mordechai Follower of Marduk, Warrior
Mordred Painful
Mordred Son or Nephew of Arthur, Brave
More From the moors
More From the Moors, Dark Skinned
Moreland Marshland
Moreland Marshland, From the Moor-land
Moreley Meadow by the moor
Moresh TBD
Morey Dark Skinned, Form of Morris
Morgan Sea warrior
Morgan Sea Circle, Bright Sea
Moris Dark-skinned, Moorish
Morland Wet land
Morland Wetland, Marsh, From the Moor-land
Morlee Meadow by the moor
Morlee From the Meadow on the Moor
Morly Meadow by the moor
Morly From the Meadow on the Moor
Morrell Moor
Morrey Dark skinned
Morrey Dark-skinned, Moorish
Morrie Dark skinned
Morrie Dark Skinned, Marshland, A Moor
Morris Son of More
Morris Son of More, Sea-strength, Moor
Morrisey Son of More
Morse Dark skinned
Morse Dark-skinned, Son of Maurice
Morton From the farm near the moor
Morton From the Town Near the Moor
Mose Saviour, Taken from Water, Moses
Moses Drawn out of the water
Moses Drawn out of the Water, Saved
Moshe Drawn out of the Water
Moss Drawn out of the water
Motohiko TBD
Moy Child
Muata Yellow Jackets Inside a Nest
Mugur TBD
Muhammad the praised one
Muhaned Sword
Mukki Our Child, Child ( Algonquin )
Mukky Our Child
Muller Miller
Munda Garden
Muni Sage, Saint, Ascetic
Murad Prowess, Will, Purpose, Wish
Murph Descendant of Murchadh
Murphy Mariner
Murray Sea Warrior, Seaman, Mariner
Murry Lives by the Sea, Lord of the Sea
Muse TBD
Muskowekwan Tough Quill
Mustafa The Chosen One, Elected
Muyiwa TBD
Myan Saver
Myc One who is like God
Mychael One who is like God
Mychal Like the Lord
Myk One who is like God
Myka One who is like Yahweh / God
Myke One who is like God
Mykee One who is like God
Mykelti Like God, One who is like God
Mykolas One who is like God
Mylan Grace, Favour, Fame
Myles Merciful
Myles Army Man, Favoured, Merciful
Mylo Merciful
Mylo Army Man, Favoured, Merciful
Myron Myrrh, An Embalming Spice