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“O” represents Patience. The O shows Responsibility, Knowledge, and intellect. The O is a frank, methodical person who respects Law and order in everything.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With O

Oakden From the oak tree valley
Oakes From the oak
Oakes From the Oak, Near the Oak Trees
Oakley From the oak tree meadow
Oakley From the Oak Tree Meadow / Forest
Obama Slightly Bent
Obedience Obedience
Obie The Quality of Being Obedient
Octavio Eighth Child
Octavius Eighth Born
October Born During Autumn
Odakota Friend (Sioux), Friendly
Odale Of the valley
Odell Otter
Odell Otter, Wealthy, Song, Surname
Odie Otter, Song, Rich
Odin Inspiration, Wealthy Defender
Odis Wealth
Ogden From the oak tree valley
Ogdon From the oak tree valley
Ogie High
Ohio Large River
Okes From the oak
Olan Royal Forefather
Olen Holy, Ancestor, Relic
Olesya TBD
Olev Ancestor
Olie TBD
Olin Holly, Ancestor, Hallowed
Oliver Olive tree
Oliver Olive Tree, Elf Army
Olivia Elf Army; Ancestor’s Descendant
Ollie Olive Tree, Form of Oliver
Omar An Era, The Highest
Omari TBD
Omarion Combination of Omar + Ion
Omarr Highest, Follower of the Prophet
Omawnakw Cloud Feather
Omega Last-born Child
Omer Eloquent or Bundle of Grain
Omiros TBD
Oneal Cloud, Passionate, Champion, Crow
Onslow From the Zealous One’s Hill
Onslowe From the Zealous One’s Hill
Opie TBD
Oram From the riverbank enclosure
Oran Little Pale Green One, Green
Orange Fruit, Colour
Oren Ash Tree, Pine Tree
Orest Mountain Dweller
Orford From the cattle ford
Orham From the riverbank enclosure
Orian Limit, Boundary
Orick From the ancient oak tree
Orik From the ancient oak tree
Orin White, Pale Green, Pale-skinned
Orion Son of fire
Orion Border or Extremity, Son of Fire
Orlan From the pointed hill
Orland Renowned in the land
Orlando Renowned in the Land
Orlin Renowned in the Land
Orman Mariner, Spear Man
Ormond Spear defender
Ormond Spear Defender, Spear
Ormund Spear defender
Orpheus Beautiful Voice, Son of Apollo
Orran The name of an English river
Orren The name of an English river
Orrick From the ancient oak tree
Orrik From the ancient oak tree
Orrin The name of an English river
Orrin river
Orsen Bear like
Orsen Bear Like, Form of Orson
Orson Bear like
Orson Bear Like; Ormond’s Son; Like a …
Orton From the shore town
Orton Muddy Farm, From the Shore Farm
Ortun From the shore ftown
Ortun From the Shore Farm
Orval Golden village
Orval Golden Village, Spear Strength
Orvil Golden village
Orvil Golden Village, Spear Strength
Orville Golden City / Town / Village
Orville Golden village
Orvin Brave friend or spear friend
Orvin Brave Friend, Spear Friend
Orvyn Brave friend or spear friend
Orvyn Brave Friend, Spear Friend
Orwald Spear strength
Os Divine
Osbart Divinely brilliant
Osbert Divinely brilliant
Osbert Divinely Brilliant, God Bright
Osborn Divine warrior
Osborn Divine Warrior, Bear of God
Osbourne Divine Warrior, Born from a Bear
Osbourne Divine warrior
Osburn Divine warrior
Osburt Divinely brilliant
Oscar Friend of the Deer; God’s Spear; …
Osei Noble, From Fante
Oshane Son of Shea
Osian TBD
Osie Noble or Honourable
Osman Servant of God
Osman Servant of God, Divine Protector
Osmar Divinely glorious
Osmarr Divinely glorious
Osmin Servant of God
Osmin Godly Protection
Osmond Divine Protection, God Protector
Osmond Divine protection
Osmont Divine Protector
Osmund Divine Protector; God’s Protection
Osmund Servant of God
Osred Divine counselor
Osred Divine Counsellor
Osric Divine ruler
Osric A Divine Ruler
Osrick Divine Ruler
Osrid Divine counselor
Osrid Divine Counsellor
Osrik Divine ruler
Osryd Divine Counsellor
Ostin Majestic, Worthy of Respect
Osvaldo Divine Power, God Power / Rule
Osvaldo Divine power
Oswald Divinely Powerful, Name of a King
Oswald Divine power
Oswaldo God’s / Divine Power
Oswell Divinely Powerful
Oswin Divine friend
Oswin Divine Friend, Friend of God
Otha Wealth
Otho Wealthy
Otis Rich, Son of Otto, Wealthy
Ottis Son of Otto, Son of the Wealthy
Otto Fortune, Born Eighth, Wealthy
Ottorino Fortune, Wealth
Ouray Arrow
Overton town high on a hill
Owen Well born
Owens Yahweh is Gracious, Lamb, Youth
Oxford From the Ox Ford
Oxley From the ox enclosure
Oxton From the ox town
Oxton From the Ox Enclosure
Oz Divine
Ozell Strong