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“H” represents Creativity and Power. The H shows Successful, self-Contained, and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with the earth and is a nature lover.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With H

Haas A Good Man
Hadden From the heather covered hill
Haddon From the heather covered hill
Haden From the Heather Covered Hill
Hadley heather-covered meadow
Hadley From the Heather Covered Meadow
Hadon From the Heather Covered Hill
Hadrian Someone Adria / Hadria
Hadrian Dark
Hadwin Strong / War Friend
Hadwin War friend
Hadwyn War Friend
Haefen Safety
Haele Lives in the hall
Hahnee Beggar
Haiden Hedged Valley
Haig From the Hedged Enclosure
Haik TBD
Haile Hay Meadow
Haim Life
Hakaa Strong
Hakan Fire, One who Rules
Hakeem Wise, All-knowing
Hakim Almighty, Judge, Wise
Hal Rules his household
Halbart Brilliant Hero
Halbert One who Carries the Halberd
Halbert Brilliant hero
Halburt Brilliant Hero
Haldane Half Dane
Halden Half Dane, Half-danish
Halden Half Dane
Hale Valley, Ingenious, From the Hall
Hale Ingenious
Halford Valley Ford
Hall From the Manor
Hallam Lives at the Hall’s Slopes
Halley Holy
Halley Meadow near the hall
Hallie From the Hall in the Grove
Halliwell Lives by the Holy Spring
Hallwell Lives by the Holy Spring
Halo Hawk
Halsey From Hal’s Island; Neck of Land
Halstead An Animal Shed
Halstead From the manor house
Halton estate on the hill
Halton From the Hill-slope Estate
Halton From the hillslope estate
Hamer Hammer
Hamilton Beautiful Mountain
Hammet village
Hampton Homestead Within a Settlement
Hampton Place name
Hamza Lion, Strong, Sour Leaves, Smart
Handy Skillful with One’s Hands; Works …
Hanford From the High Ford
Hania Spirit Warrior
Haniah A Spirit Warrior
Hanish Ambition, God, God of Weather
Haniya A Spirit Warrior
Hank God is Merciful
Hanley From the High Meadow, Champion
Hanley From the high meadow
Hanly From the High Meadow
Hans Swan, God is Gracious / Merciful
Hanya A Spirit Warrior
Happi Filled with Joy
Happy Joy, Pleasure, Happiness
Harac From the Ancient Oak Tree
Haraford From the Hare’s Ford
Haralambos TBD
Harald Leader of the Army, Army Ruler
Harald Ruler of the army
Hardee Hardy, Brave
Harden From the Hare’s Valley
Hardin From the Hare’s Valley
Harding Rom the Hare’s Valley; Son of the …
Hardwin Brave Friend
Hardwyn Brave Friend
Hardy Strong, Bold, Brave, Daring
Hardyn From the Hare’s Valley
Hare Charles, Manly, Full Grown, Rabbit
Hare Rabbit
Hareem Respectable
Harford From the Hare’s Ford
Hargrove From the Hare’s Grove
Hargrove grove of the hares
Hari Almighty
Haris Protector, Farmer, Watchman
Hark TBD
Harlak Lives at the Hare’s Lake
Harlake Lives at the Hare’s Lake
Harlan From the Hare’s Land; From the …
Harland From the Hare’s Land; Meadow of …
Harleigh From the Hare’s Meadow; From the …
Harley From the Hare’s Meadow; Meadow of …
Harlon From the Hare’s Land; Meadow of …
Harlow From the Hare’s Hill; Meadow of …
Harlowe From the Hare’s Hill
Harlynn From the Hare’s Land; Army Land
Harmon Man of the Army, Army Man, Noble
Harmony Agreement, A Beautiful Blending
Harold Army-power, Army Ruler
Harold Ruler of the army
Harout TBD
Harp Player
Harper Harpist, Minstrel, Harp Player
Harper Harpist or minstrel
Harrel God’s Mountain
Harrell Mountain of God
Harris Son of Harry, God or Lord Vishnu
Harris Son of Harry
Harrison Son of Harry
Harrold TBD
Harry Ruler of an Enclosure
Harryson Son of Harry
Hart From the dear meadow
Hart Fast Runner, From the Dear Meadow
Harte From the dear meadow
Harte From the Dear Meadow, Stag
Hartford From the Stag’s Ford
Hartley From the dear meadow
Hartley Hart Clearing
Hartman Strong
Hartman Fast Runner, Strong, Stag, Hard
Hartun From the gray estate
Hartun From the Grey Estate
Hartwell Water Hole for Stags
Hartwood From the Stag’s Forest
Hartwood deer forest
Harve Battle Worthy
Harvey Army Warrior, Battle Worthy
Harvy Battle Worthy
Hasan Laughter, Good, Beautiful
Hasheem Crusher of Evil
Hasil Acquirer, Producer, Farmer
Haskell The Cauldron of God, Intellect
Haslet From the hazel tree land
Haslett From the hazel tree land
Hassan Good, Handsome, Beautiful
Hassane Desire, One who Beautifies
Hassun Stone, Handsome, Good-looking
Hastings Home council
Hastings Violent, Home Council
Haven A refuge or shelter
Haven A Refuge, Shelter
Havoc TBD
Havyn A refuge or shelter
Hawiovi Going Down the Ladder
Hawk Bird of Prey, A Falcon
Hawley From the hedged meadow
Hawly From the hedged meadow
Hayati Presence
Hayden From the hedged valley
Hayden From the Hedged in Valley
Haydon From the hedged valley
Haydon From the Hedged in Valley
Hayes From the hedged land
Hayes Brushwood or Undergrowth
Hayle Lives in the hall
Hayle Lives in the Hall, From the Hall
Hayward Keeper of the hedged enclosure
Hayward Protector of a Fence
Haywood From the hedged forest
Haywood Enclosed Woods
Haz Fortune, Luck
Hazel TBD
Hazen From the Hedged Enclosure
Heall From the manor
Healum Lives at the Hall’s Slopes
Healy From the slope land
Heath A heath or a moor
Heath TBD
Heathcliff Cliff near the heath
Heathcliff Sloping Wasteland
Heather TBD
Heathley From the heath covered meadow
Hector Steadfast
Hector Steadfast, Anchor, Holds Fast
Heidi Graceful
Helki Touch
Helton From the hillslope estate
Henderson Son of Henry
Henery Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Henric Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Henrikas Home-ruler
Henry Ruler of the enclosure
Henry Ruler of the House
Herald Army Ruler
Herald Army Ruler, One who Proclaims
Heraldo Army Ruler
Heraldo Army Ruler, Army Commander
Herb Bright, Excellent Army, Ruler
Herbert Famed / Illustrious Warrior
Herby Ruler, Bright
Heriberto Shining Warrior, Bright Army
Herm Army Man
Herman Live in Heart
Hermon A Man of the Army
Hernan Adventurous, Brave Yet Peaceful
Herschel Deer
Hershey Joyful, Happiness
Herve Army warrior
Herve Army Warrior, Bitter
Hessel God’s Strengthens
Heston TBD
Heyward The Brave One, The Chief Guardian
Heywood From the hedged forest
Hezekiah God Gives Strength
Hiawatha Maker of Rivers
Hilario Happy, Cheerful, Joyful
Hilary Cheerful, Happy, Joyful
Hillard Courageous in Battle, Hard Warrior
Hilton From the Town on the Hill
Hiram Exaltation of Life, A Destroyer
Hobart High, Bright, Shining Intellect
Hobson son of Robert
Hokuto TBD
Holbrook Brook in the Hollow
Holcomb From the deep valley
Holden From the Hollow Valley, Kindly
Holden From the hollow valley
Holdin From the Hollow in the Valley
Holdin From the hollow valley
Holdyn From the Hollow in the Valley
Holdyn From the hollow valley
Holland A Low Lying Area / Valley
Hollis Hero, Holly-tree Grove
Hollis Near the holly bushes
Holly Holly Grove, Evergreen, Tree
Hollywood One who is Flashy / Cocky
Holman Man from the Valley
Holmes From the River Island
Holt Forest
Holter Son of the Unspoiled Forests
Holwell Lives by the holy spring
Homer Promise, Security, Pledge, Hostage
Homie Hostage
Honani Badger
Honaw Bear
Honovi Strong
Honus Confident, Courageous, Hardworking
Hooper One who Makes Hoops for Barrels
Hoover The Owner of Land
Hope Enclosed Valley
Hopper Son of Hob, Jumper
Horace Time Keeper, Hour, Time, Season
Horacio A Keeper of Time
Horacio keeper of the hours
Horton From the Garden Estate, Muddy Farm
Horton From the garden estate
Horus Lord of the Air, God of Light
Hosa Young Crow
Hosea God Delivers, Salvation
Hototo Warrior Spirit who Sings
Houghton From the estate on the bluff
Houghton TBD
Houshang TBD
Houston Intelligent, Place Name, Surname
Howard Strong Heart, Watchman
Howard Watchman
Howell Distinguished, Alert One, Eminent
Howie From the hilly land
Howland From the hilly land
Howland From the Land with Hills
Hoyt High, Mind, Spirit
Hrach TBD
Hronis TBD
Hsien TBD
Huber Togetherness
Hubert Man with Clever / Bright Mind
Huckleberry Resembling the Fruit, Sweet Berry
Hud Unknown
Hud Hooded, Those who Ask Forgiveness
Hudson Hugh’s Son; Son of the Hooded Man; …
Huey Bright mind
Huey Bright Mind, Form of Hugh
Hugh Bright mind
Hugh Spirited, Bright Mind
Hughie Heart, Spirit, Mind
Hugo Bright mind
Hugo Bright Mind, Mind, Spirit
Huli Strength, Power
Hulk Strong
Humberto Bright Fighter, Intelligent
Humility Humble
Humphrey Peaceful Warrior
Hung Prosperity, Heroism, Strong
Hunt Pursuer
Hunter A Huntsman, Hunter
Hunter A huntsman
Huntingden From the Hunter’s Hill
Huntingdon From the Hunter’s Hill
Huntington From the hunting farm
Huntingtun From the hunting farm
Huntley From the Hunter’s Meadow
Huntly From the Hunter’s Meadow
Huret Good
Hurley Child of the Seas and Tides
Hurst Lives in the forest
Hurste Lives in the Forest
Huston TBD
Hutch TBD
Hutton From the Settlement on the Bluff
Huw Heart, Bright in Mind and Spirit
Huxeford From Hugh’s Ford
Huxford From Hugh’s Ford
Huxley From Hugh’s Meadow
Huxley where Hugh dwells
Huxly From Hugh’s Meadow
Huy Light, Sending Light out
Hyatt From the high gate
Hyatt From the High Gate, Surname
Hyde From the hide
Hyde land equal to 120 acres
Hylton Estate on the Hill, From the Town
Hyman Life, Bridal Song, Wedding Song
Hyrum Most Noble, Exalted, Noblest