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“S” represents Beginnings. The S shows strong feelings, is Attractive, and with an accessible attraction towards money and finances. It has a significant influence on love. S may be a little sensitive and calm. S brings new beginnings.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With S

Saad Light, Good Luck, Lucky
Saam A Character in Shahnameh
Saar Storm
Sab Beautiful, Lion
Saba Born During the Morning Hours
Sabastian From Sebaste, Revered
Sabra Enduring, Patient
Sady TBD
Saeed Priestly, Happy, Fortunate
Saeger Seaman
Saelig From the happy meadow
Saewald Sea powerful
Safford From the Willow Ford
Sagar Sea, Ocean
Sagar Wise one
Sage Wise One, Healthy, Profound Wisdom
Sage Wise
Sagi TBD
Sago A Storyteller
Sahir Magician, Lord Shiva, Wakeful
Said Happy, Rivulet, Lucky, Happiness
Saim Fasting
Saint Kind, Patient, A Very Virtuous,
Sako Brave, Hunter
Sala Righteousness
Salton Lives near the willow farm
Salvador One who Saves, Saviour
Salvador Savior
Salvatore Saviour
Sam Heard by God
Saman Equal, Calming Song of Praise
Samantha Bordering, Heard the Call of God
Samie Sublime, Exalted, High, Praised
Samir Wind, Pleasant Companion
Sammi His Name is God
Sammuel Asked of God, God has Heard
Sammy Asked of God, Told by God
Samuel Heard by God
Samuell Asked of God, God has Heard
Samy God, Lama Rose, Cave, Intelligent
San Sun, Lord Shiva
Sanaa Work / Piece of Art
Sanborn Sandy Stream or River
Sanborn From the sandy brook
Sanbourne From the Sandy Brook
Sande Defender of Men
Sander Defender of mankind
Sanderson Alexander’s Son; Defender of …
Sandon From the sandy hill
Sandy Defender of Mankind
Sanel Satisfied
Sanersone Alexander’s Son
Sanford From the Sandy Ford, A Crossing
Sanford From the sandy ford
Santana A Blend of Santa and Anna
Santiago Saint James, Supplanter
Santiago Supplanter
Santino Little Saint, Holy, City in Texas
Santo Holy, Sacred, A Saint
Santon From the sandy town
Sany The Sandpiper Bird, A Flower Name
Saquan prefix Sa + Quan
Sarah Royal Child, The Arrow
Saro Good One
Sasha Defending Men; Man’s Defender; …
Satch Truthful
Satchel Maker of Sacks
Sato TBD
Saturday Born on Saturday
Saul Prayed for, Desired, Borrowed
Saul Asked of God
Saunders Alexander’s Son; Man’s Defender
Savva TBD
Sawyer Wood cutter
Sawyere Wood Cutter, Saws Wood
Sawyere Wood cutter
Sawyers Son of Sawyer
Sax From Saxonny, Swordsman
Saxan Swordsman, Germanic Tribe
Saxan Sword
Saxon Settlement of Saxons, Sword
Saxon Sword
Saxton Saxon town
Sayat TBD
Saye A Talkative Man
Sayed Leader
Scandy Boisterous
Sceley From the happy meadow
Schultz The Town’s Magistrate
Schuyler Scholar, Shelter, Shield
Scoop TBD
Scoot One who Discovers
Scooter One who Moves Quickly
Scot From Scotland, Form of Scott
Scot From Scotland
Scott Speaking, From Scotland
Scott From Scotland
Scottas From Scotland
Scottie From Scotland, A Gael
Scottie From Scotland
Scotty From Scotland
Scout One who Discovers
Sea Bright
Seabert Glory at Sea, Sea Bright
Seabert Glory at sea
Seaburt Glory at Sea
Seadon From the hill by the sea
Seager Seaman
Seal Sea Creature
Sean God is gracious
Sean Lord / God is Gracious / Merciful
Seann The Lord is Gracious
Seaton From the town by the sea
Seaward Sea Guardian
Sebastain Man from Sebasta
Sebastian Venerable, revered
Sebastian Man from Sebaste
Sebastijan TBD
Sebastion Man from Sebasta, Venerable
Sebert Glory at sea
Sedge Swordsman
Sedrick Chief
Seely Blessed
Seely Blessed, Fortunate
Seeton From the town by the sea
Sefton Village of rushes
Segar Sea Warrior, Seaman, Sea Fighter
Seger Sea warrior
Seger Sea Warrior, Seaman, Sea Fighter
Selby Village the manor house
Selden From the willow valley
Seldon From the willow valley
Seleby From the manor house
Selig Blessed
Selig Blessed, From the Happy Meadow
Selvyn Greek god of trees
Selwin Good friend
Selwine Good Friend
Selwyn Good friend
Seng TBD
Senor Lord
Sequoia Tree
Serek Repeated of Births, Lordly
Serg TBD
Serghei TBD
Sergio Attendant
Serj TBD
Seth Appointed
Seth Appointed One, Placed, Dazzle
Seton From the farm by the sea
Seton From the Town Near the Sea
Sev Number Seven
Seva Service, Attendance, Care
Seven The Number 7
Severin Austere / Grim, Severe
Severin Severe
Severn Severe
Severne Severe, Strict, Restrained
Severne Severe
Sewald Sea powerful
Seward Sea guardian
Sewell Sea powerful
Seyi TBD
Seymore From Saint Maur
Seymour Prayer, From the Saint-maur
Seymour Prayer
Shaahin Light, Near to God
Shaan Famous, Pride, Respected
Shabazz Protected by God, Respectful
Shad Short form of the biblical Shadrach
Shad Happy, Battle
Shadd Short form of the biblical Shadrach
Shadd TBD
Shaddoc Shad Fish
Shadwell From the shed spring
Shadwell shed by a well
Shai Present, Courteous, Gift
Shain Variant of Shaun
Shakeel Handsome, Good Looking, Comely
Shaki TBD
Shale A Mountain Rock
Sham Strong Person, Lord Krishna
Shamier Flint-like, The Shamir Stone
Shams Fragrance, With Faith, A Planet
Shamus Supplanter, He who Supplants
Shan Pride, Prestige, Famous
Shandon God is Gracious
Shane God is gracious
Shane The Lord is Gracious
Shanette Loving will to Give All
Shannon Little Old Wise One, Old, Ancient
Shanon Little Old Wise One
Shaq Handsome
Shaquan Truth in Life, Unclear
Shaquile Pretty, Handsome
Shaquille Good Looking, Handsome
Sharif Truthful, Honest, Noble
Shark TBD
Sharon A Fertile Plain, Princess
Shasta Name of a Native American Tribe
Shaun God Gave, The Lord is Gracious
Shaune God is Gracious
Shaven TBD
Shavon Shay + Vaughn
Shaw From the Shady Grove, A Grove
Shaw From the shady grove
Shawn God is gracious
Shawn The Lord is Gracious
Shawnn God is Gracious, Variant of John
Shawnte Place of Stones
Shay Present, Gift, Hawk-like, Eagle
Shay Supplanter
Shayan Intelligent, Worthy, Deserving
Shayden TBD
Shayne Beautiful, God is Gracious
Shaz Beautiful
Shedrick Aku’s Command; Variation of …
Sheffield From the crooked field
Sheik Chief of Islam
Shelby Village on the ledge
Shelby Sheltered, Settlement of Huts
Shelden Steep Valley
Shelden Farm on the ledge
Sheldon From the Hill on the Ledge
Sheldon Farm on the ledge
Shell A Story-teller
Shelley From the Ledge Meadow
Shelly From the Ledge Meadow
Shelton From the Town on a Ledge
Shemar Sharp Thorn
Shenandoah Stream
Shepard Shepherd
Shepherd Shepherd
Shepherd Shepherd, One who Heards Sheep
Shequille The Royal Princes
Sheraan TBD
Sheridan Wild
Sheridan Seeker’s Child; Wild Man; Untamed; …
Sherlock Blond
Sherlock Fair Haired or Blonde
Sherman One who Finishes Cloth, Sheerer
Sherman Shearman
Sherman one who shears sheep
Shermon Shear-man, Variant of Sherman
Shermon Shearman
Sherod Wild Man, Clearer of the Land
Sherri One who Brings Joy to Others
Sherrick One who has Already Left
Sherril Shire on a Hill
Sherrill Bright Hill
Sherrod Clearer of the Land
Sherwin Swift
Sherwood From the bright forest
Sherwyn Swift, Quick as the Wind
Sherwyn Swift
Shevaughn A Humorous Man
Shevon A Humorous Man
Shia Friend
Shikoba Little Feather
Shimar TBD
Shion Kingdom of God, Prayer Hall
Shipley From the Sheep Meadow
Shipton sheep village
Shipton The Dweller at the Sheep Farm
Shipton From the sheep town
Shira TBD
Shirley Sunny / Bright Meadow
Shoaib Prophet of Islam
Shoe Guard, Defend
Shon God is Gracious
Shone Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Shonti TBD
Shony Gold, Good Looking, Changing
Shooter One who Shoots with a Gun / Camera
Shorn TBD
Shorty A Man who is Small in Stature
Shubhra Radiant, Pure, Pure White
Shuki Quick-witted, Bright
Shuman Shoemaker
Shun Good-natured, Talented
Shunda Mire
Shyaan Intelligent, Wise
Shyan To be Praised
Shyheim TBD
Shyla One who is Brotherly
Sib Lucky, Kind, Also Spelt as Siv
Sicily From the Island
Sid From Saint Denis
Siddell From the Wide Valley
Sidell From the wide valley
Sidi TBD
Sidik Truthful, Powerful
Sidnei TBD
Sidney From St. Denis
Sidney From Saint Denis
Sidwell From the Broad Well
Sifis TBD
Sifu TBD
Sigurjon TBD
Sikki TBD
Sikyahonaw Yellow Bear
Sikyatavo Yellow Rabbit
Sila TBD
Silas From the Forest or Woods, Three
Silvester Forest dweller
Silvester From the Woods, Forest Dweller
Silvian Man of the Woods
Silvio Wood, Silver, Wood Dweller
Simeon God is heard
Simeon Obeys, God has Listen
Simmie God has Heard, One who Hears
Simmons God has Heard, One who Hears
Simon God is heard
Simon Listening Intently
Simos TBD
Sinclair Prayer, Form of Synclair
Sinclair Prayer
Sinclaire Prayer
Sinclaire Prayer, St Clair
Sinhak Endearment Form of Sinh, Lion
Sinjin Holyman
Sinjin Holy-man, St John
Siros TBD
Sirri Beautiful Victory
Sirwan TBD
Sith Earth
Skeat Swift
Skeet Swift
Skeet Swift, Speedy
Skeets Quick – Darting
Ski Projectile
Skip Sea Captain, Form of Skipper
Skipper Ship Captain, Master, Ship-master
Skipper Captain
Skippere Captain
Skippy Ship Master
Skipton From the Sheep Estate
Skot Scotsman
Skye The Isle of Skye, Water Giver, Sky
Skye The isle of Skye
Skylar The isle of Skye
Skylar Scholar, Shield, Protection
Skyler The isle of Skye
Skyler Scholar, Shield, Protection
Skylor The isle of Skye
Skyy Water Giver
Slade Child of the Valley
Slade From the valley
Slam Nature
Slaton From the valley farm
Slav TBD
Slave Person of Fame
Slayton From the Valley Farm
Slick TBD
Smiley Laughing, Happy
Smith Tradesman, Blacksmith, Smile
Smith Tradesman
Smoke Smoke-colored
Smokey Resembling Smoke, a Smoky Haze
Smyth Tradesman, Blacksmith
Smyth Tradesman
Smythe Tradesman
Smythe Tradesman, Blacksmith
Snyder Tailor
Sojin TBD
Sol Peaceful, Prayed for
Soldier Warrior
Solomon Man of Peace, Peaceful
Solomon Peaceful
Somar Born in Summer
Somerset summer settlers
Songaa Strong
Songan Strong
Sonic Gold, Golden
Sonnie Son
Sonnie Son, A Nickname and Given Name
Sonny A Young Boy, Son
Sonny A young boy
Sono Elephant
Sonu Pure Gold, Morning, God Gift
Sorab Famous Persian Prince, Illustrious
Soren Austere, Severe, Grim, Stern
Soren Stern or strict
Southern From the South
Southwell south well
Sowingwa Black-tailed Deer
Spanky One who is Outspoken or Stubborn
Spark Gallant
Sparke Gallant
Sparke Gallant, The Lively One
Sparky Giving off Sparks
Spear Spear-man
Sped Success
Speed Success
Speedy Rapid, Quick, Successful
Spelding From the Split Meadow
Spelman TBD
Spence Dispenser
Spence Dispenser, Form of Spencer
Spencer Dispenser of Provisions
Spenser Dispenser, Provisioner
Spenser Dispenser
Spere Spear
Spider Resembling the Arachnid
Sproul Energetic
Sproul Energetic, Active
Sproule Energetic, Active
Sproule Energetic
Sprowle Energetic
Spyder Resembling the Arachnid
Squier Shieldbearer
Squier Shield Bearer
Squire Shieldbearer
Squire Shield Bearer; Knight’s Companion
Stacey Productive, Fertile, Resurrection
Stacey Productive
Stacy Productive
Stafford From the Landing Place Ford
Stafford From the landing ford
Stamford From the Stony Ford
Stan Lives by the Stony Meadow
Stancil beam
Standish From the Stony Park
Stanfeld From the Stony Field
Stanfield From the Stony Field
Stanford Stony Meadow, From the Stony Ford
Stanford Stony meadow
Stanhop From the Stony Hollow
Stanhope From the Stony Hollow
Stanleigh From the Rocky Meadow
Stanley Lives by the Stony Meadow
Stanly Lives by the Stony Meadow
Stanmore stony lake
Stanton Stony Meadow
Stantun From the Stony Farm
Stanway Lives by the Stony Road
Stanweg Lives by the stony road
Stanwic From the Stony Village
Stanwick From the stony village
Stanwick Dweller at the Rocky Village
Stanwik From the stony village
Stanwyk From the stony village
Star Truthful, Inspiring
Starbuck Star deer
Starbuck Star Deer, Astronaut
Starlin Bird
Steadman Farmstead Occupant
Stearn Austere
Steathford From the landing ford
Stedeman Owner of the Farmstead
Stedman Owner of the farmstead
Steele Hard or durable
Steele Hard, Durable
Stef A Short Form of Stephen
Stefan Crowned or crown of laurels
Stefan Wreath, Similar to
Stefen Wreath, Crowned
Steffon Crowned, Crown, Wreath
Stefford Crown or wreath
Stefford Crown, Wreath
Stefin TBD
Stefon Crowned or crown of laurels
Stefon Crown, Wreath
Stelio Like a Star
Stephan Crowned One, Garland, Wreath
Stephen To wear a crown
Stephen Man with Crown, To Wear a Crown
Stephenson Wreath, Crowned
Stephin Crowned
Stephon Crown or wreath
Stephon Crown, Wreath
Stergios TBD
Sterlin Valuable, Silver Penny
Sterling Of high quality or pure
Sterling Of High Quality, Pure, Genuine
Sterne austere
Sterne Austere, Stern, Unbending
Stetson Cowboy
Stev Bright Son
Stevan Crown or wreath
Stevan Wreath, Crowned
Steve Crown or wreath
Steven Crown or wreath
Steven Wreath, Crowned
Stevenson Crown or wreath
Stevie Person with Crown, Wreath
Stevin Crowned
Stevon Crown or wreath
Stevon Crown, Wreath, Variant of Stephen
Stevyn Crown or wreath
Stevyn Variant of Stephen Crown, Wreath
Stew House Guard
Stewan TBD
Steward Steward
Steward Steward, Bailiff
Stewart Steward
Stewart Steward, Bailiff, Surname
Stewert Steward
Stewert Steward, Bailiff
Stiles Stairs
Stiles From the Stile
Stirling Of high quality or pure
Stirling Of High Quality, Pure, Genuine
Stiv TBD
Stoc From the Tree Stump
Stock From the tree stump
Stockley From the tree stump meadow
Stockwell From the tree stump spring
Stoddard horse keeper
Stone Stone
Stoney Stone
Stoney Stone, Based on the Word Stone
Storm Tempestuous
Storme Tempestuous
Storme Tempest
Stormy Impetuous Nature, Tempest, Storm
Strong Powerful
Stroud From the thicket
Stu Form of Stuart
Stuart Steward
Studs rounded nail heads
Styles Stairs
Styles Steep Ascent, Stairs
Sullivan Eyes Like a Hawk, Surname
Sully Dark eyes
Summer Season
Sumner Summoner
Sumner Church Officer
Sumo TBD
Sundown Born at Dusk
Suneil Deep Dark Blue
Sutciyf From the South Cliff
Sutcliff From the south cliff
Suthclif From the south cliff
Suthfeld From the South Field
Suttecliff From the south cliff
Sutter TBD
Sutton From the south farm
Sutton The Town to the South
Suzi TBD
Sven Lad, Youth, The Master
Swan TBD
Swannee swan
Sway Gold
Swinton From the Swine Farm
Swintun From the Swine Farm
Syd Variant of Sidney
Syd From St. Denys
Sydney Wide meadow
Sydney From a Large Island, Wide Meadow
Sylvan Woods, Of the Forest, Wood Dweller
Sylver Silver-haired, Silver
Sylvester Forest dweller
Sylvester Forest Dweller, Wooded, A Forest
Symon Hear or listen