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“W” represents Self-Expression. The W shows persistence and is full of purpose, charming, and sociable. Naturally attractive, affable, and with imagination.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With W

Wacian Alert
Wade River ford
Wade To Go, Ford, Moving
Wadell Dweller by the Ford
Wadley ford meadow
Wain Craftsman
Waira Born of the Wind
Wait Guard
Wait To Wait, Stay, Guard
Waite Guard
Wake Alert
Walcott cottage by the wall
Walden Wooded valley
Waldo Ruler, Powerful, Abbreviation of
Wale One who Returns to God
Wali Protector, Governor, Lord
Walker To roll
Walker A Person who Prepares Cloth
Wallace From Wales
Wallace Welshman, Stranger, Foreign
Wallis From Wales
Wally Ruler of the Army, Welshman
Walon Roadside Land
Walsh From Wales
Walshy Welshman
Walt Army Ruler
Walter Army ruler
Walter People of Power, Powerful Warrior
Walton Walled, Stream Town
Wanderson TBD
Wanrrick Fortress
Wapasha Crimson Leaf
Wapi Lucky
Ward watchman, guardian
Ward Watchman
Ward Bard, Surname, Guardian, Watchman
Warde Watchman
Wardell Watchman
Wardell Watchman’s Hill; Wear Valley
Ware Cautious
Warley From the weir meadow
Warmond true guardian
Warne Quaking Fen
Warner Armed defender
Warner Army Guard, Protecting Army
Warren A game preserve
Warren From La Verenne, Watchman
Warrick From the town by the weir
Warton From the town by the weir
Wartun From the town by the weir
Warwick Dairy Farm
Wash Wassa’s Settlement
Washington Settlement Associated with Wassa
Washington From the town by the water
Wasiu TBD
Wat Hurdle
Watson Son of Walter
Watson Great Warrior, Son of Walter
Waverly From the Brushwood Field
Wayan First Son, The Wise One
Wayde Road
Wayde TBD
Waydell From the road by the meadow
Waylan From the land by the road
Wayland From the land by the road
Wayland War-land, Brave Fight
Waylin From the land by the road
Waylon From the land by the road
Waylon War Land, Variant of Wayland
Wayman Road Man, Traveller
Waymon War Protection, Man of War
Wayna Immature
Wayne Wagon
Wayne One who Makes / Drives Waggons
Wayra Gust of Wind
Webley town weaver lives
Webster Weaver
Wednesday Born on a Wednesday
Weiming TBD
Welby From the spring by the farm
Welch From Wales
Weldon From the spring hill
Weldon A Hill with a Spring / Stream
Welles Lives by the spring
Wells Lives by the spring
Wellson TBD
Welsh from Wales
Welton From the spring farm
Wendale Traveler
Wendall Traveler or wanderer
Wendel A Wend, Wanderer, Traveller
Wendell Traveler or wanderer
Wendell Vandals, A Wend, Wanderer
Werner Army Protector, Army Defender
Wes West meadow
Wesley A clearing in the west
Wesley From the West Woods
Wess Westwood, West Clearing / Meadow
Wessley West meadow
West West
Westcot From the west cottage
Westcott From the west cottage
Westen West town
Westin West town
Westin Wester Town-name of a Place
Westley From the west meadow
Westley From the West Meadow / Woods
Weston Town facing west
Weston From a Settlement in the West
Westun From the west
Weyland From the land by the road
Wheatley wheat field
Wheeler Wheel maker
Whip To Strike / Flay
Whit white-haired man
Whitby From the white farm
White White-skinned, Pale, Clear, Blond
Whitney From the White Island
Whittaker From the white field
Wiatt Guide
Wichell From the bend in the road
Wiebe Warrior, Fighter
Wikvaya One who Brings
Wilber Resolute
Wilber Willful, Bright, Wild Boar
Wilbert Will-bright, Wilful, Resolute
Wilbert Resolute
Wilberto Wilful, Will-bright
Wilbur Walled stronghold
Wilbur Will, Desire, Fortress
Wilburn Wilful, Bright, Well Spring
Wilburn Resolute
Wilburt Resolute
Wilde Untamed
Wildon From the wooded hill
Wiley Crafty, From the Wily River
Wiley Well watered meadow
Wilford Desires Peace, Form of Wilfred
Wilford Willow tree ford
Wilfred A Wish for Peace, Resolute
Wilfred Resolute protector
Wilfredo A Wish for Peace / Safety
Wilfredo Resolute protector
Wiliam Protection, Helmet, Desire, Will
Wilkie Will-helmet
Wilkins William’s kin
Will Strong Mind, Protection
Will Resolute protector
Willaim Desire, Helmet, Protection, Will
Willam Will, Desire and Helmet
Willard Will, Desire and Hardy, Brave
Willard Resolute protector
William determined guardian
William Resolute protector
Williams Will Helmet, Resolute Protector
Willian Will, Desire and Helmet
Willie Resolute protector
Willie Resolute, Will, Will-helmet
Willis Son of William
Willis Strong Mind, Protection
Willy Son of William
Wilmer Great Desire, Will Famous
Wilmer Resolute or famous
Wilson Son of William, Will-helmet
Wilson Son of William
Wilton From the Farm by the Spring
Win Friendly
Wincel From the bend in the road
Windell A Very Windy Valley, Traveller
Windell Traveler or wanderer
Winfield Stone Marker of Friendship
Winford Ford by the Field
Winfred Lover / Friend of Peace
Wink To Blink One Eye
Winn Friendly
Wins TBD
Winsor From the bend in the river
Winston From the friendly town
Winston Pleasant Stone, Town of Victory
Winter Born in the winter
Wintley Pasture
Winton From the friendly town
Winton Pasture Town; From Wine’s Farm; …
Winward From the friends forest
Winwood From the friends forest
Witt Wise
Witta Wise
Wolcott Cottage in the woods
Wolf Wolf
Wolfe Wolf
Wolff Brave, Wolf, Going
Wolfgang Running / Travelling Wolf
Wolfie Wolf, Going, Brave
Wonder TBD
Wood old forest
Wood From the Name Woody, Old Forest
Woodfield forest meadow
Woodie Forester, Row of Houses by a Wood
Woodrow Row of Houses by the Wood
Woodrow Passage in the wood
Woodruff Forester
Woodward Forester
Woody Row of Houses by a Wood
Woolcott Cottage in the woods
Woolsey Victorious wolf
Worcester From the alder forest army camp
Worden Defender or guard
Wordsworth Wolf guardian farm
Worth From the farm
Wrangle Cowboy
Wrangler Cowboy
Wray Dweller by the nook
Wulf Wolf
Wyatt To lead
Wyatt Courageous in Battle
WycIyf From the white cliff
Wyclef From the White Cliff
Wycliff From the white cliff
Wyeth Wood, Wide, Forest
Wylie Charming
Wylie Enchanting, Well-watered Meadow
Wyman Warrior
Wyman Battle Protector, Fighter, Warrior
Wymer Famous in battle
Wyndell Friend
Wyne Friend
Wynn Friend
Wyom Sky, From Wyoming