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“N” represents imagination. The N shows creativity and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With N

Naci TBD
Nadine Filled with Hope
Nadir Beloved, Uncommon, Pinnacle
Naem God Gift
Nahele Forest
Nahma The Sturgeon
Najee Safe, Intimate Companion
Nakesha The Lord of Heaven
Nakia One who is Faithful, Chaste
Nakoa Brave
Nancy God’s Flavour; Filled with Grace
Nanook Polar Bear
Nans TBD
Nantai Chief
Naohiko TBD
Napier In Charge of Royal Linens
Napier New city
Napoleon Italy, Son of Mist, Lion
Narek TBD
Nash Dweller by the Ash Tree
Nasi Obvious, Evident
Nasir Defender, Supporter, Success
Nasko TBD
Nasser Victorious, Victory
Nate Giver, Gift of God
Nathan Protector, Master, Lord, Chief
Nathan Gift from God
Nathanael Gift of God, God has Given
Nathanial Gift of God, God has Given
Nathaniel Gift of God, Given by God
Nathaniel Gift of God
Nathen God has Given, Gift of God
Nathon Gift from God, God has Given, Gift
Nathyn Gift
Nati TBD
Nato One who is Gentle
Natty Born on Christmas
Natural An Outdoorsy Man
Nature An Outdoorsy Man
Navada Snow
Navv TBD
Neal Champion, Blue
Neal Champion
Neaz TBD
Ned prosperous guardian
Neel Blue, Lord Shiva, Sky, Cloud
Nehemiah Yahweh Comforts
Neil Champion
Neil Coming from Clouds, Champion
Neill Champion, Form of Neil
Neiman Newcomer
Neka Wild Goose
Nel Holy, Pure
Nelly War Horn, Son of Neil
Nels Victory of the people
Nels Chief, Son of Neil, Champion
Nelsen Passionate, Cloud, Champion
Nelson Son of Neil
Nelson Son of a Champion
Neno TBD
Neo Gift, New, New Life / Moon
Neon Strong, New, One who is Strong
Nermin Delicate
Nero Strong, Vigorous, Powerful
Nery Light
Nestor Wisdom, Voyager, Traveller Wisdom
Nevile From the New Town
Neville New village
Neville From the New Village, New Town
Nevin Nephew, Little Bone
Newell From the new hall
Newland Lives on the new land
Newman Newcomer
Newt New Town, Settlement
Newton From the new farm
Newton From the New Estate / Farm
Neyman A Bookworm
Niabi Fawn
Nial Champion
Niall Champion
Niall Coming from Clouds, Champion
Niaz Desire, Urge to Express Love
Nich TBD
Nichad One who is Swollen
Nicholas Victory of the people
Nicholas People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Nicholaus Victory of the People
Nicholus Victor of the People
Nick Victory of the people
Nicklaus Victory of the People
Nickolas Victory of the People
Nickolay TBD
Nickson Victory of the people
Nicky Victory of the people
Nicky People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Nico Victory of the People
Nicol Victory of the people
Nicol Victorious; People’s Victory; …
Nicolas Conqueror of the People
Nicole Victory of the People
Nicson Son of Nick
Nida Elf, Prayer, To Call, Voice of God
Nigan Ahead
Nigel Dark cloud
Nigel Dark Cloud, Champion, Dark Night
Night Armoured Warrior
Nigil Cloud, Champion, Passionate, Crow
Nihal Gratified, Delighted, Happy
Nik N Khota, Lord
Nikhil Whole, Complete, Entire
Nikiforos The One who Brings Victory
Nikki Victory of the people
Nikko Victory of the people
Niklaus People’s Victory; Victorious …
Niko Victory of the People
Nikolai Victory of the People
Nikolas Victorious, Variant of Nicholas
Nikolaus Victory of the People
Nikos Victory of the people
Nikson Son of Nick
Niles Champion
Niles Coming from Clouds, Champion
Nimo Nobody
Nitin Master of the Right Path, New
Nitis Friend
Nito Blessed
Niv Foundation
Nix Undaunted
Nixen Son of Nick
Nixon Son of Nick
Nixon Abbreviation of Nicholas
Niyi TBD
Niyol Wind (Navajo)
Noa Movement, Peace, Restful
Noah Rest, Comfort, Wanderer, Peaceful
Noah Rest or comfort
Noam Good-looking, Sweet Friend
Noble High-born
Nodin Wind, Windy Day
Noe Rest or comfort
Noel Christmas, Born on Christmas Day
Noel Christmas
Noel born Christmas day
Nolan Noble
Nolan Noble, Descendant of Nuallan
Nomar TBD
Noraleigh TBD
Norbert Brilliant hero
Norberto Brilliant hero
Norcross From the north cross roads
Norma TBD
Norman From the north
Norman Surname, Northerner
Normand From the north
Normand Surname, North Protection
Norris Northerner, Nurse, Caretaker
Nortin From the northtown
Nortin From the North Farm
Norton From the north yown
Norton From the Northern Town
Norval From the Northern Town
Norvin Friend from the north
Norvyn Friend from the north
Norward Northern guardian
Norward protector of the north
Norwel From the north spring
Norwell From the north spring
Norwin Friend of the north
Norwood From the north forest
Norwyn Friend from the north
Nosh A Fatherly Man
Noshe A Fatherly Man
Noshi A Fatherly Man
Notis TBD
Noton The Wind
Nowy One who Knows All
Nozomi Wish, Hope
Nubar TBD
Nuka My Younger Brother / Sister
Nukpana Evil
Nuno Grand Father, Ninth-born
Nunzio Messenger
Nushan TBD
Nye Dark night
Nye Island Dweller, Island, Honour
Nygel Dark night
Nykko Victory of the people
Nyle Champion, Desire, Island, Cloud
Nyle Champion
Nyles Champion
Nyles Champion, Form of Neil