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“T” represents Growth. The T shows Authority, Responsibility, Creativity, Action, Emotion, and Restlessness. It has determination and is a builder.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With T

Tab Drummer
Tabitha Like a Gazelle, Daughter
Tad Courageous
Tadanori TBD
Tadd Courageous and Praise, Father
Tadd Courageous
Tade Praise, Gift of God, Given
Tadleigh poet from a meadow
Tadon TBD
Tafari TBD
Taft Marsh, River
Taghi A Chief
Tahj Crown
Tahoe Lake
Tailor Also Used as a Surname
Taima Thunder
Taishan Honest, High-spirited, Firebrand
Tait Happy, Measure of Land
Tait Cheerful
Taj Crown, Jewel
Takashi Loyal to Family
Takoda Friend to Everyone
Tal Rain; Dew Drop; Heaven’s Dew
Tal Dew or rain
Talan Claw, Nail, Endurance
Talbert Bright Valley
Talbot Boot Maker, Tall, Surname
Talbot Boot maker
Talbott Boot Maker, Tall, Surname
Talbott Boot maker
Talen Claw, Nail
Talford Tall, Surname
Talford Tall
Talha Big Tree, Wish, A Type of Tree
Talli Hero
Tallon Claw, Tall, Surname
Tallon Claw
Talmage Ringing of Bells
Talon Claw
Talon Fast, Claw, Sharp
Talvin Imbued in Colour
Tamarr Date Palm
Tameron Crooked Nose
Tammy Twin
Tamtun From the Quiet River Farm
Tan Body, Lion, Leather-tanner, New
Tandy Manly, Virility, Brave
Tangakwunu Rainbow
Tangi TBD
Tank A Man who is Big and Strong
Tanner Leather tanner
Tanner Leather-worker, Of Animal Skin
Tannere Leather maker
Tanton From the quiet river farm
Taquan TBD
Taran Raft, Heaven, The Saviour of All
Taregan Crane
Tarik One who Crosses the River of Life
Tariq Morning Star, Name of a Star
Tarleton From the thunder settlement
Taron Earthman
Taron Earthmen
Tarrence Smooth
Tarrence Smooth, Roman Clan Name
Tarrin Earthman
Tarrin Earthmen
Tarun Sun, Young, Youth, Tender, Love
Tarus Light
Taryn King of Rocky Hill
Taryn Tad and Ron
Tarzan White Skinned Person
Tash King of Heart
Tashon God is Merciful / Gracious
Tasman Shallow Ornamental Cup
Taso Resurrection
Tasso Badger
Tate Cheerful
Tate To be Cheerful, Great
Tatsu Philosophy
Taurean Bull-like
Taurus Bull-like
Tav Son of the Hermit
Tavares Descendant of the Retired Man
Tavaris Misfortune, Son of the Hermit
Tavarius Misfortune
Tavarus Son of the Hermit
Tavin Hillside, Variant of Thomas, Twin
Tavion Hillside, Eight
Tavish Ocean, Gold, Heaven, Brilliant
Tavon Hillside, Nature
Tavorian Misfortune
Tawan Island
Taye TBD
Taylan Tailor
Taylan High, Tailor
Tayler Tailor
Tayler Tailor, Cutter of Cloth
Taylon Tailor
Taylor To cut
Taylor To Cut, Tailor
Tayshaun A Combination of Taylor and Shawn
Tayson Son of the tailor
Tayson Son of the Tailor, Tailor, Surname
Tayt Cheerful
Tayte Cheerful, Happy
Tayte Cheerful
Taytin A Bringer of Happiness
Taz Jewel, Crown
Teal A Water Bird, Greenish Blue Colour
Tearle Stem
Teasdale a river in England
Teck TBD
Tecumseh From One Place to Another
Ted Gift of God
Ted Gift of God, Wealthy Spearman
Tedd Gift of God
Tedd Gift of God, Wealthy Defender
Teddie Gift of God
Teddie Gift of God, Diminutive of Edward
Teddy Gift of God, Form of Theodore
Teddy Gift of God
Tedi Gift of God
Tedman Protector of the land
Tedmond Protector of the land
Tedmund National Protector
Tedric Gift of God
Tedrick Gift of God
Teejay A Strong Ray of Sun
Tegan Doe
Teige Philosopher, A Poet
Tekin TBD
Telis TBD
Telly Wise, Best, Pet Form of Theodore
Telvin Gift of God, Fluffy
Temi TBD
Teneil Champion, Crow, Cloud, Passionate
Tennessee Big Bend
Tenny TBD
Terance Tender, Gracious, Rub, Turn
Terek At the Oak
Terell Thunder ruler
Terence Smooth
Terence Soft, Smooth
Terrall Thunder ruler
Terrall Thunder Ruler, Powerful
Terran Smooth
Terran Of the Earth, Earth Man
Terrance Smooth, Roman Clan Name, Soft
Terrance Smooth
Terrel Thunder ruler
Terrel Thunder Ruler, Powerful
Terrell Thunder rulerl
Terrell Stubborn Animal / Person
Terrelle Thunder Ruler, Powerful
Terrelle Thunder ruler
Terren Man of the Earth
Terrence Smooth, Tender, Form of Terence
Terrence Smooth
Terrick Variant of Terrell Plus Derrick
Terrill Thunder ruler
Terrin Harvester
Terrin Harvester, Smooth, Earth-man
Terris Son of Terrell
Terris Son of Terrell, Tender, Gracious
Terron Sovereign
Terron Sovereign, Terran, Earth-man
Terry Powerful Ruler of the People
Terry Smooth
Terryal Reaper
Terrys Son of Terrell
Teshon Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Tess Harvester
Tet Born on New Year’s
Tetley Tate’s meadow
Tevan Deity, Prefix Te Plus Kevin
Teven TBD
Tevin Hillside
Tex From Texas
Texas From the State of Texas
Teyen From the Enclosure
Thabo Happiness, Joy
Thacher Roofer
Thacher Roof Thatcher
Thacker Roofer
Thackere Roofer
Thad Heart, Praised, Courageous
Thadd Praise, Given, Gift of God
Thaddeus Praise or Heart
Thain Knight’s Attendant; Follower
Thanassis TBD
Thane Knight’s Attendant; Attendant …
Thano Immortal
Thatcher Roof Thatcher
Thatcher Roofer
Thaw Thaw
Thawain Thaw
Thaxter Roofer
Thaxter Roof Thatcher
Thayne Knight’s Attendant; Follower; Land …
Thearl Stem
Themba To have Faith, Hope, From Zulu
Themis TBD
Theo Gift of God, Bold People
Theodis Gift of God, Gorgeous Gift
Theodor Gift from God, God Given
Theodore God’s Present / Gift; Divine Gift; …
Theomund National Protector
Theron A Hunter, Huntsman
Theyn Knight’s Attendant; Follower
Thom Twin
Thom A Twin, Oldest One, Large
Thomas Twin
Thomas Twin, Master of Air Bending
Thor God of Thunder
Thorley From Thor’s Meadow; Thorn Wood; …
Thormond Thor’s protection
Thorn Town of Thorns, Thornton Variant
Thorn Town of thorns
Thorne From the thorny tree
Thorne From the Thorny Thicket
Thornley From the Thorny Meadow
Thornly From the thorny meadow
Thornton Town of Thorns
Thorntun From the Thorn Tree Farm
Thorp From the Village or Hamlet
Thorp From the village
Thorpe Settlement, Hamlet, Small Village
Thunder Stormy tempered
Thurlow From Thor’s Hill
Thurman Servant of Thor
Thurmond Protection of Thor
Thurstan Thor’s Stone
Thurston The Stone of Thor
Thurstun Thor’s Stone
Thyme The Spice
Tiaan Respect
Tiba Grey
Tibba Grey
Tiffany Appearance / Manifestation of God
Tiger Name of an Animal
Tigger Powerful
Tiko A Supreme Being
Tilden From the fertile valley
Tilford From the Fertile Ford
Tillman Virile
Tillman Mighty in Battle, Virile
Tilman Virile
Tilton From the prosperous estate
Tim One who honors God
Tim One who Honours God, To Fear God
Timmi Wood, Honouring God
Timmie To Honour God
Timmothy Honouring God, Form of Timothy
Timmy One who Honours God
Timmy One who honors God
Timon One who Honours God, Honourable
Timon Honorable
Timos TBD
Timothy One who honors God
Timothy Honouring God, Name of a Saint
Tink One who is Coy
Tinki One who is Coy
Tinky One who is Coy
Tiny TBD
Tion Firm, One who is Steadfast
Tip Twin
Tirek TBD
Tirell Thunder ruler
Tiriaq Wearing Ermine
Tiron Land of Eoghan
Tishon TBD
Titan Name of the Moon of Saturn
Tito Honoured, Of the Giants
Titus Honoured, Giant
Titus To honor
Tiva Dance
Tizoc Leg of Chalk, Unclear
Tizocicatzin Unclear
Tobey The Lord is Good
Tobiah The Lord is good
Tobiah The Lord is Good, Goodness of God
Tobias The Lord is good
Tobias Lord / God is Good
Tobie The Lord is Good
Tobin The Lord is Good
Toby God is good
Toby The Lord is good
Toby Lord is Good, Goodness of the Lord
Tobyn The Lord is Good
Tocho Mountain Lion
Tod Fox
Tod Fox, Form of Todd
Todd Fox
Toddy Fox
Toft From the Small Farm
Tohopka Wild Beast
Tokuji TBD
Toland Owns taxed land
Toland From the Taxed Land
Tolland Owns taxed land
Tolman Collects taxes
Tom Twin
Tom Twin, Form of Thomas, Honest
Toma Twin, Palm Tree
Tomas Rock, Twin, A Form of Thomas
Tomer Tree, Palm Tree, Signifies Tall
Tomkin Little Tom
Tomkin Little Tom, Twin
Tomlin Little twin
Tomlin Little Twin, Twin
Tommie Twin
Tommy Twin
Tomy The People
Ton Inestimable, Priceless
Tone Priceless, Inestimable
Toney Praiseworthy
Tonko TBD
Tony Worthy of praise
Tony Worthy of Praise, Twin
Toots TBD
Torey tower
Torey Watch Tower
Torian Chief
Toriano Victor
Torley From Thor’s Meadow
Torn From the thorny tree
Torn From the Thorny Tree, Tender
Torr Watch tower
Torr Watch Tower, Tower, Little Hills
Torrence TBD
Torrey Watch tower
Torrey Watch Tower, Lives by the Tower
Torry Watch Tower, Little Hills
Tory Watchtower
Tory Victorious, Watchtower, Winner
Tosin TBD
Toto TBD
Townsend From the End of the Town
Towny The Edge of Town
Toyin TBD
Trace Fighter, Brave, Born to Greatness
Trace Fighter
Tracey France, Brave, From Thracia
Tracy Fighter, Brave, From Thracia
Tracy Fighter
Trae Three, Third in Order
Traevon Settlement by the Water
Trai third in order
Trampas Love
Trav Toll Collector
Traveon Fair town
Travion Fair town
Travionn Strongest of the God
Travis To cross the river
Travis A Collector of Toll
Travon Fair Town
Trayvon A Combination of Tray and Von
Tre Three
Treg TBD
Tremaine Stone Settlement
Tremayne From the Big Town
Trendon Trent Town
Trent From the River, Traveller
Trent Gushing Waters
Trenten Refers to the English River Trent
Trentin Refers to the English river Trent
Trenton Trent’s Town; Town by the Rapid …
Tres TBD
Treton One who Walks
Trevan Fair Town
Treven Trey and Vaughn
Treven Fair Town
Trever Large Homestead, Great Settlement
Trevian Fair town
Trevin Invented Name
Trevion Fair town
Trevion Combination of Trevor and Ian
Trevon Living Near a Large Body of Water
Trevon Fair town
Trevonn Fair Town
Trevor Prudent, Large Homestead
Trevor Prudent
Trevyn Fair Town
Trey Three
Treyton Town Near Trees
Treyvon Settlement by the Water
Trick Nobleman
Trini The Trinity, Holy Trinity
Trinidad Trinity, Holy Trinity
Trinity One God, Holy
Trip Traveler
Trip Traveller
Triple TBD
Tripp Traveller
Tripp Traveler
Trish Nobel, Three God
Tristan Bold
Tristan Tumult, Sad, Outcry
Tristen Bold
Tristen Tumult, Outcry
Tristian Bold, Tumult, Outcry
Tristian Bold
Tristin Tumult, Outcry
Tristin Bold
Triston Tumult, Bold, Brave Knight
Troi Soldier
Troi TBD
Tron Growing; Thor’s Arrow
Trone Weighing Machine
Trory The Red One
Troy Foot soldier
Troy Curly Haired, Foot-soldier
Troye TBD
Troye Foot soldier
Tru Faithful, Loyal, Devoted
Trumaine Faithful Man, Loyal One
Truman trustworthy
Truman Loyal One, Faithful Man, Honest
Truman Loyal
Trumen Loyal
Trump Triumph, Fantastic Hair
Tryp Traveler
Tryp Traveller
Trypp Traveller
Trypp Traveler
Trystan Calamitous
Tuan Chivalrous Lord, Gentlemanly
Tuck Fuller
Tucker Person who Softens Fabric
Tucker Garment maker
Tucson TBD
Tuffy TBD
Tui Parson Bird
Tuli Lively
Tulshi The Sacred Basil, A Medicine Plant
Tunu Derived from Native American-miwok
Tupac Warrior, Leader, Messenger
Tupper Ram Herder
Tuppere Ram Herder
Tural TBD
Turbo Resembling a Spinning Object
Ture Thunder God, Thunder
Turner Lathe Worker, Carpenter
Turner Lathe worker
Twain Cut in Two, Divided in Two
Twain Cut in two
Twan Beyond Price, Invaluable
Tweed TBD
Twein Cut in Two
Twig TBD
Ty Tile maker
Tyagi Sacrifice, One who has Renounced
Tyce Fiery
Tye From the Enclosure, Common Pasture
Tye From the enclosure
Tyee Chief
Tyeson Fiery
Tyesone Fiery, Son of Tye
Tyesone Fiery
Tyjuan TBD
Tylan The Great One
Tyler Maker of Bricks, Tiles, Tile Layer
Tyler Tile maker
Tylere Maker of Tiles
Tylere Tile maker
Tylor Tile Layer, Roof Tiler
Tylor Tile maker
Typhoon From the Lord
Tyquan Unclear
Tyrece Smooth
Tyree Island Dweller, Land, Earth
Tyree Island dweller
Tyreece Thunder Ruler
Tyreek Invented Name
Tyreese Invented Name, Smooth
Tyrek Combination of Ty and Rick
Tyrel Thunder Ruler
Tyrell Stubborn Person, Thunder Ruler
Tyrell Thunder ruler
Tyrelle Thunder Ruler
Tyrese Modern Coinage
Tyrez TBD
Tyrik Star
Tyriq Evening Caller, Star
Tyrique Saver of the People
Tyron Sovereign, Land of Owen
Tyrone Earth
Tyrone A county in northern Ireland
Tyronne From Owen’s Territory; One from …
Tyrus Thunder Ruler, Form of Thor
Tyrus Thunder ruler
Tyshaun Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Tyshawn God is Merciful
Tyshun Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Tyson Firebrand, Son of a German
Tyson Firebrand
Tzahi TBD