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If you are interested in foreign names to give your future child, this list of American baby boy names will surely interest you. If you are attracted to ​​providing your child with a character from a language other than Spanish, this list of American names can help you search and choose.

They are original and relatively modern names. It must be taken into account that they are names with a few years of history, so they are infrequent in Spain. If North America stands out for something, it is because of the great diversity of cultures and nationalities that they inhabit, and many of these American baby boy names come from English, Spanish, German and Italian. In addition, the Latin names for boys have also exerted a very significant influence.

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If you are still looking for a name for your child and are attracted to American characters, you will find a complete list in the following section. As you will see, they are names you have never heard, so you can choose one unique to your child and not common in our country.



American names for boys

If you want to get away from the common names for boys and choose an original one that is different from what you are used to hearing, we recommend that you take a look at this list of American names for boys because you will find the perfect one for your baby.

American English is increasingly present in our daily lives. More and more people know this language and are attracted by the curious names of this language. Below you will find a list with almost 1000 American names for boys arranged alphabetically. You will indeed find the perfect one for your baby!