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“R” represents Possibilities. The R shows Enthusiastic, patience, and even-tempered. R is stable, hard-working, warm-hearted, and compassionate.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With R

Raaj Kingdom
Raam Lord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit
Rachad Righteous
Rachard Righteous
Rachel Sheep
Rachelle TBD
Rachid Guided Well
Rad Advisor
Radan Advises
Radbourne Lives by the red stream
Radburn Lives by the red stream
Radburn River, Lives by the Red Stream
Radburt Red haired counselor
Radburt Red Haired Counsellor
Radbyrne Lives by the red stream
Radcliff From the red cliff
Radcliff From Red Coloured Cliff
Radclyf From the red cliff
Radford From the red ford
Radley From the red meadow
Radley From the Red Meadow / Forest
Radmund Red haired defender
Radmund Red Haired Defender, Counsellor
Radnor From the red shore
Rado Happy Glory
Radolf Red wolf
Radolph Red wolf
Raejin Thunder God
Raekwon TBD
Rafael God has healed
Rafael God has Healed, Healer
Rafaelle God has healed
Rafe Wolf counseller
Rafe Wolf Counsellor, Shield Wolf
Raff Red wolf
Raff Red Wolf, Wolf Counsel
Rafiq Compassionate Friend, True Friend
Rage TBD
Ragnar Strong counselor
Ragnar Strong Counsellor
Rags TBD
Raheem Merciful, God is Compassionate
Rahm Lofty, High
Rahmel Son of God
Rahn King’s Adviser
Rahsaan Versatile
Rahul Capable, Efficient
Raidan Thunder God
Raiden God of Thunder
Raidyn God of Thunder, Variant of Raiden
Raif Gentle, Merciful, Kind
Raihan Sweet Basil; Heavens’ Flower
Raimy Celebration
Rain Night
Rainbow An Array of Bright Colours
Raison TBD
Raj Kingdom, King, Secret, To Rule
Raja King, Sand, Silvery, Emotion
Rajeev Blue Lotus
Raleich Deer meadow
Raleich Deer’s Meadow
Raleigh Deer meadow
Raleigh From a Deer Meadow
Raley Deer Meadow
Ralf Red Wolf, Wolf Counsel, Wise Wolf
Ralf Red wolf
Ralik One who has been Purified
Rally Deer Meadow
Ralph Wolf Counsellor, Wise Protector
Ralston Ralph’s Town; From Ralph’s …
Ram Male sheep
Ram Lord Rama, One who Pleases
Ramaan TBD
Rambo An Exceptionally Tough
Ramel Son
Rami Loving, Protector Advice
Ramiro Judicious
Ramiro Famous Counsel, Judicious, Advice
Ramm Male Sheep, Ram
Ramm Male sheep
Ramon Protected Counsel, Wisely, Advice
Ramon Wisely
Ramona Wise Guardian, Illusions
Rams The Raven Island; Ram’s Island
Ramsay Wild Garlic; From Ram’s Island
Ramsden From the Ram’s Valley
Ramsey From Ram’s Island; Wild Garlic …
Ramy Loving, Attractive
Ramzey Ram’s Island
Ramzi Symbol; Ram’s Island
Ran Desert, Strong Defender
Rance A Kind of Belgian Marble
Randal Shield Wolf, Variant of Randolph
Randale Wolf’s Shield; Variants of …
Randall Shield Wolf
Randdy Brave, Virility, Strong Defender
Rande TBD
Randel Wolf’s Shield; Variants of …
Randell Shield Wolf, Variants of Randolph
Randkin Little Shield
Randle Wolf’s Shield
Rando Strong Defender
Randolf Wise Power, Shield Wolf
Randolph House Wolf, Strong Defender
Randon Wolf’s Shield; Variants of …
Randson TBD
Randson Son of Rand
Rane Strong Counsellor
Rane Strong counselor
Ranell Strong Counsellor
Ranell Strong counselor
Ranfield From the Raven’s Field
Rang Raven
Rangey From Raven’s Island
Rangford From the Raven’s Ford
Rangle Cowboy
Rangley From the Raven’s Meadow
Rangy From Raven’s Island
Raniel Mighty, Powerful, King
Ranjan Entertaining, Pleasing
Rankin Little Shield, Son of Francis
Rankin Little shield
Ranny TBD
Ransford Peace Maker, From the Raven Ford
Ransom Son of the Shield
Ranson The Son of the Shield
Ranti An Amorous Man
Ranty An Amorous Man
Raoul As Wise as a Wolf
Raph God has Healed
Raphael God has Healed, Healed by God
Rashaad Righteous, Wise, Rightly Guided
Rashaan Thinker, Counsellor, Unclear
Rashad Integrity of Conduct, Righteous
Rashad Good judgment
Rashard Powerful Ruler
Rashawn TBD
Rasheed Victory of Earth, Brave, Thinker
Rasheem Light
Rashod Good Judgement
Rashon God is Gracious
Rath The Nation’s Young Man
Raul Wolf Counsellor, Wolf
Raul Wolf counseller
Raven Raven, A Bird, Large Black Bird
Raven Raven
Ravi Lord Surya (Sun), Great
Ravil TBD
Rawley Deer Meadow
Ray Regal
Ray kingly, royal
Ray Regal, Counsellor
Rayan Doorman of Heaven, Soft Touch
Rayburn Deer River
Rayce Counsellor, Variant of Raymond
Rayce Counselor
Raydan Thunder God
Rayden Thunder God
Rayder Counsellor, Variant of Raymond
Rayder Counselor
Raydon Counsellor, Variant of Raymond
Raye TBD
Rayedon Thunder God
Rayford From Near a Reedy Ford
Rayford Counselor
Rayhurn From the Deer’s Stream
Raylen Counsellor, Variant of Raymond
Raylen Counselor
Raymon Protecting Hands
Raymond Protected Counsel, Guards Wisely
Raymond Wise protector
Raymundo Protected Counsel, Guards Wisely
Rayn TBD
Raynard Strong Counsellor, Fox
Rayne Strong Counsellor
Rayne Strong counselor
Rayne lord, wise
Raynell Counsellor, Variant of Raymond
Raynell Counselor
Rayner Powerful Army, Strong Counsellor
Rayner Powerful army
Rayno Happy
Raynor Powerful Army, Strong Counsellor
Raynor Powerful army
Raynord Powerful Army, Strong Counsellor
Raynord Powerful army
Rayo TBD
Rayshan Combination of Ray and Sean
Rayshard Righteous
Rayshawn Blend of Ray and Shawn
Rayshod Wise Counsellor
Raz Secret
Raza Hope, Land, Handsome
Razmik Fighter, Sunlight
Razvan Paradise, Heaven
Razz TBD
Read Form of Reed, A Reed, Red-haired
Read Red haired
Reade Redheaded, With Red Hair, Surname
Reade Redheaded
Reading Son of Reed
Readman Red Haired Counsellor
Readman Red haired counselor
Reagan Royal, Little King
Real Reality
Reave Steward, Bailiff
Reave Steward
Reaves Son of Reeve
Reb Rebellious
Rebel The Rebellious One
Rechard TBD
Redd Redheaded, Surname, Red Headed
Redd Redheaded
Redding TBD
Redding Son of Reed
Reddy Power, Dominate, Leader
Redford Red Coloured Ford
Redford From the red ford
Redley From the red meadow
Redman Red Haired Counsellor
Redman Red haired counselor
Redmond Protected Counsel
Redmond Red haired defender
Redmund Red Haired Defender, Counsellor
Redmund Red haired defender
Redwald Strong Counsel
Reece Enthusiastic, Ardent, Fiery
Reece Enthusiastic
Reed Red-headed, Red Haired
Reed Redheaded
Reef TBD
Reeford The Mediaeval Castle
Reeford The medieval castle
Reegan One who Rules
Rees Ardent, Fiery, Heat of Passion
Reese Ardour, Ardent, Fiery, Zealous
Reeve Nickname for a Bailiff, Steward
Reeve Steward
Reeves Son of Reeve, Surname
Reeves Son of Reeve
Refugio Shelter
Regal Born into Royalty
Regan The Descendant of a King
Reggie Powerful ruler
Reggie Wise / Powerful Ruler
Reggis Ruler with Counsel
Regi Mighty Counsellor Ruler
Reginal Ruler with Counsel
Reginald Powerful ruler
Reginald Powerful Ruler, Counsel Power
Regis King, Royal, Kingly, Ruler
Reid Red hair or a ruddy complexion
Reid A Ruddy Complexion, Red Haired
Reign Dominance or Widespread Influence
Reilly From a Meadow of Rye, Courageous
Reinaldo Wise Ruler, Rule
Reinis TBD
Reiss On Fire for Christ
Reith One who is Shy
Remi From the raven farm
Remi From the Champagne Town of Rheims
Remington From the raven farm
Remington From the Raven Farm / Town
Remo From the raven farm
Remon TBD
Remus Speedy, Quick, Swiftness, Oar
Remy From the raven farm
Remy From the Raven Farm, Champagne
Ren Raven
Ren Raven, Benevolent
Renae Rebirth, Born Again
Renald Well-advised Ruler
Renaldi Well-advised Ruler
Renaldo Wise Ruler, Ruler with Counsel
Renan Luxuriant, Flourishing
Renard Mighty and Brave
Renay Rebirth, Born Again
Rendall Wolf’s Shield; Variants of …
Rendell Wolf’s Shield; Variants of …
Rene Reborn
Rene Reborn, Form of Reginald
Renee To be Reborn, Born Again
Renfield From the Raven’s Field
Renfred Peaceful raven
Renfred Peaceful Raven, Powerful Peace
Renfrid Peaceful raven
Renier Well-advised Ruler
Reno Gambler
Renos TBD
Renshaw From the raven forest
Renton From the raven town
Renton settlement of the roe deer
Reo River
Reshad Form of Rashad, Wise Counsellor
Reshon TBD
Resit TBD
Ret Sand
Rett Speaker, Advice
Reuben A Son, Behold, Sea of Bitterness
Reve Steward
Reve Steward, Dream
Revel TBD
Revin TBD
Rex King of the Universe
Rexford King’s Ford; Chieftain; Ruler
Rexley From the King’s Meadow
Rexlord From the King’s Ford
Rexton King’s Town; Chieftain
Rey Coming from a Rye Farm, King
Reyes King, Swift Moving Stream
Reyhurn From the Deer’s Stream
Reymon Well-advised Protector
Reyn Gift of God, Fame, Little King
Reynald King’s Adviser; Counsellor-ruler; …
Reynaldo Wise Ruler, Counsellor-ruler
Reynard Strong Counsellor, Fox, Mighty
Reyner Counsel, Army, Advice, Warrior
Reynold King’s Adviser; Form of Reginald; …
Rhashan TBD
Rhet Speaker, Advice
Rhett Advisor, Speaker, Enthusiastic
Rhino Ruler with Counsel
Rhoderick Famously Powerful
Rhodes Garden of Roses, A Rose
Rhodes Garden of roses
Rhonda TBD
Rhovy TBD
Rhys Enthusiasm, Rash, Ardent, Fiery
Rian Little Ruler / King, Kingly
Ricardo Rich and powerful ruler
Ricardo Daring Power, Brave, Strong
Ricci Crinkly, Curly
Rich Rich and Powerful Ruler
Richard Rich and powerful ruler
Richard Brave One, Strong Ruler
Richards Strong Ruler, Brave One
Richey Old Leader
Richie Rich and Powerful Ruler
Richman Powerful
Richmond Powerful Protector, Rich, Ruler
Richter Judge
Rick Rich and Powerful Ruler
Rickard Rich and powerful ruler
Ricker Strong Army
Rickey Rich, Powerful Ruler
Rickey Rich and powerful ruler
Ricki Powerful Ruler, Dominant Ruler
Rickie Rich and Powerful Ruler, Ruler
Rickie Rich and powerful ruler
Rickman Powerful
Rickward Strong guardian
Ricky Powerful ruler
Ricky Ruler, Peaceful Ruler
Ricman Powerful
Rico Strong Ruler, Glory
Rider Knight
Rider One who Rides Horses for a Living
Ridere Knight
Ridge From the ridge
Ridge Or Backbone of a Mountain
Ridgely Lives at the Meadow’s Ridge
Ridley Reed Filled Forest / Meadow
Ridley From the red meadow
Riel Devoted to God
Rielly Rye Field
Rif Intelligent, Wise, Knowledgeable
Rigby Lives in the Ruler’s Valley; Ridge …
Rigg Lives Near the Ridge
Riggs Son of Rigg
Rigoberto Bright Fame, Splendid Wealth
Riian Little Ruler / King
Rik New Way, Strong and Brave
Rike A High-spirited Man
Riker Daring Power
Rikk Peaceful Ruler
Rikkard Rich and powerful ruler
Rikky All-ruler, Peaceful Ruler
Riku Powerful Ruler, Shore, Innocent
Rikward Strong guardian
Rilan Rye Land
Riley Dweller by the rye field
Riley Brave, Courageous, Valiant
Ring A Ring
Ring Ring
Rio Rival, Laborious, Eager, River
Ripley Meadow Near the River
Rishard Powerful Ruler
Rishay Feather, Line
Rishi Saint, Sage, Ray of Light
Risley From the brushwood meadow
Riston From the Brushwood Farm
Riston From the brushwood town
Rit Tradition, Style, Knight
Ritchie Powerful Ruler, Old Leader
Ritt Knight
Rive River
River Flowing water
River Stream, Flowing Water, From the
Rixon Powerful
Riz Acceptance, Good will
Rizal TBD
Roach TBD
Roam Searches, One who Wanders
Roan From the Rowan Tree
Rob Bright with fame
Rob Bright with Fame, Form of Robert
Roban Bright Famous One, Famously Famous
Robb Bright with Fame, Famed
Robb Bright with fame
Robbe Bright Fame
Robben Famously Famous, Bright Famous
Robbie Of Shining Fame, Bright with Fame
Robbie Bright with fame
Robbin Form of Robin, A Small
Robbin Bright with fame
Robby Bright with fame
Robby Famed
Robel Born During the Rainy Season
Roben TBD
Robert Bright with Fame, Famed, Bright
Robert Bright with fame
Robertino Bright Fame
Roberto Bright with fame
Roberto Brilliant / Bright with Fame
Roberts Bright with Fame
Robertson Bright with fame
Robie Famously / Bright Famous
Robin Bright fame
Robin A Singing Bird, Bright Fame
Robinsan Bright / Brilliant Fame
Robinson Son of Robert
Roby Gold
Roc From the Rock, Rock-like, To Roar
Rocco Rest, Battle Cry
Rock Rock, Form of Rockne
Rock Rock
Rocket TBD
Rockford Dweller by the rocky ford
Rockford Hard Rock
Rockie Rich and Powerful Ruler
Rockland Dweller by the rocky land
Rockland Dweller by the Rocky Land, Rock
Rockne TBD
Rocko To Roar, From the Rock, Rock-like
Rockwell Dweller by the rocky spring
Rockwell rocky spring
Rocky Dweller by the rock
Rod Famous ruler
Rodd Famous Ruler, Form of Rodney
Rodd Famous ruler
Roddric Famous ruler
Roddric Famous Ruler, Variant of Roderick
Roddrick Famous ruler
Roddy Famous ruler
Rodell Famous Ruler
Roderic Famous ruler
Roderick Famous ruler
Roderick Renowned Chief
Roderik Famous ruler
Rodes Garden of roses
Rodger Famous Spearman, Famous Warrior
Rodin TBD
Rodman Lives by the Road, Famous
Rodman Lives by the road
Rodney Island Clearing
Rodolfo Famous wolf
Rodolfo Legendary / Famous Wolf
Rodrick Famous Ruler
Rodrigo Famous ruler
Rodrigo Renowned Chief, Famous Ruler
Rodwell Lives by the spring near the road
Rody Famously Powerful
Roe Deer
Roe roe deer
Roe Red Haired, Roe Deer
Roel Rock, Famous Landowner
Roey TBD
Rogelio Famous warrior
Rogelio Request or Petition
Roger Famous Warrior, Renowned Spearman
Roger Famous warrior
Rogers Famous Spear, Renowned Spear-man
Rogin Redhead
Rohan Ascending, Increasing
Rohn Progressive, Healing, Ascending
Rohon Horse Country
Roki Rock-like, From the Rock
Roko Battle Cry, To Roar, Rest, Repose
Rolan Famous Landowner
Roland Famous Land Owner
Roland Famous in the land
Rolandas TBD
Rolando Famous land
Rolando Famous Land, Renowned in the Land
Rolf Wolf councel
Rolfe Wolf Counsel, Red Wolf
Rolfe Wolf councel
Roll Famous Wolf, Famous Landowner
Rollan Renowned in the Land
Rollan Famous in the land
Rolland Famous in the land
Rolland Renowned in the Land
Rollie Renowned in the Land
Rollie Famous in the land
Rollin Wolf, Famous Wolf, Renowned Land
Rollo Form of Roland
Rollo Famous in the land
Rolo Wise and Strong, Famous Wolf
Rom Curving River, Soul
Roman Citizen of Roman, Man from Rome
Romane Warrior
Romani Man from Rome
Romann Man from Rome
Romas TBD
Romell TBD
Romello Citizen of Rome
Romeo Pilgrim to Rome, Citizen of Rome
Romeo Pilgram to Rome
Romer Pilgrim to Rome
Romey Loving
Romio Pilgrim to Rome, Citizen of Rome
Rommel Good Looking, Smart
Rommy Man from Rome
Romney Winding River, From Romney
Romney Winding river
Ron Rules with good judgment
Ron Joy, Rules with Good Judgement
Ronal Rules with Good Judgement
Ronal Rules with good judgment
Ronald Rules with Good Judgement
Ronald Rules with good judgment
Ronaldo Rules with Counsel
Ronan Little Seal, A Pledge
Rondo TBD
Ronel God’s Joy; A Short Poem; Song of …
Ronell Rules with Good Judgement
Ronell Rules with good judgment
Ronen Little Seal, Song of Joy, Song
Ronie Rules with Good Judgement
Ronin Joyful Song
Ronish Perfectionist, Bright
Ronn Rules with Good Judgement
Ronn Rules with good judgment
Ronnel TBD
Ronnell Rules with good judgment
Ronnell TBD
Ronney One who Brings Victory
Ronnie Helpful
Ronnie Rules with good judgment
Ronny Rules with Good Judgement
Ronny Rules with good judgment
Ronson A Wise, Powerful Ruler
Rony Rules with Good Judgement
Rook Raven
Roosevelt A Field Filled with Roses
Roper Maker of Rope
Rory Red Ruler / King, Ruaidhri, Red
Rosario Woman with Rosary, Rock, Stone
Rosco Heathland of the Roe Deer
Rosco Deer forest
Roscoe Deer Wood, From the Deer Forest
Roscoe Deer forest
Rose Flower
Rosendo Famed Path, The Excellent Master
Roshaun Shining Light
Roshawn Shining Light
Roshon TBD
Ross Red Haired, Headland, Red
Ross Red haired
Rossi Peninsula, Cape, Headland
Rossie Promontory, Headland, Cape
Rotimi Fame
Rouben Winner, Lucky
Rover Wanderer
Rovere Wanderer
Row Red haired
Row Red Haired, Roe Deer
Rowan Ruadhan’s Descendant; From the …
Rowan From the rowan tree
Rowdy Spirited, Royal Civil, Dangerous
Rowdy Boisterous
Rowell From the Deer Spring
Rowland Renowned in the Land, Famous Wolf
Rowland Famous in the land
Rowley From the Rough Meadow, Famous Land
Roxbury From the Raven’s Fortress; From …
Roy King
Roy King, Red, Regal, Red Haired
Royal Royal, Regal, Rye Hill, Red, King
Royale Royal
Royce Kingly, Royal, Son of Roy, Famous
Royce Kingly
Royden Rye Hill; From the King’s Hill; …
Royden From the rye hill
Roye Red-haired, Ruddy, King
Royse Royal
Rozer A Red-haired Man
Ruan Raising, Soft
Rube Red Gemstone
Ruben Lucky, Behold a Son, Winner
Ruben behold a son
Ruben Behold or a son
Rubin Behold, A Son, Bright
Rudd Ruddy Coloured
Rudd Ruddy colored
Ruddy Coloured
Ruddy Ruddy colored
Rude Famous Wolf
Rudolf Famous Wolf, Wolf Fame
Rudolfo Famous Wolf, Wolf Fame
Rudolph Famous / Legendary Wolf
Rudy Famous wolf
Rudy Famous Wolf, Russet, Ginger
Rudyard From the red enclosure
Rudyard From the Rough Enclosure
Rue Regret, Famous
Rueben Behold a Son
Ruffin Redhead
Rufford From the red ford
Ruffy TBD
Ruford From the red ford
Rufus Red, Red Haired, King
Rugby From the Raven’s Estate
Rui Regal, Famous Ruler
Ruis TBD
Rulon Famous Landowner
Rumford From the wide ford
Rummy Peaceful
Rumor Falsity
Rune Secret
Rune Happy, Secret Lore, A
Rupert Bright Fame, Form of Robert
Rusel Little Red-haired
Rush Red haired
Rushford Lives near the rush ford
Russ Red haired
Russ Red Haired, Wood
Russel Rufus, Red-haired, Red Skinned
Russell Red haired
Russell Fox, Form of Rufus Red-haired
Russo Redhead
Rustam Large, Very Tall, Decoration
Rustin Red-headed, Fox Coloured
Rusty Red haired
Rusty Nickname for a Red-haired Person
Ruth Companion, Friend
Rutherford From the cattle ford
Rutledge From the red pool
Rutledge From the Red Pool, Red Ledge
Rutley From the red meadow
Rutley From the Root Meadow
Ryan Little king
Ryan Little King / Ruler, Kingly
Rycroft From the rye field
Rydell Horseman, Rider
Ryder Knight
Ryder Knight, Horseman, One who Rides
Rydge From the ridge
Rye Island meadow
Rye Island Meadow, Gentleman
Ryker Becoming Rich
Rylan Island meadow
Rylan From the Lands of Rye
Ryland Island meadow
Ryland Island Meadow, From the Rye Land
Ryle rye hill
Rylee Rye Clearing, From Riley, Valiant
Ryleigh Island meadow
Ryley Island meadow
Ryley Island Meadow, Courageous
Ryman Rye merchant
Ryne Royal Youth, Little King
Ryoga TBD
Ryton From the rye farm
Ryton From the Rye Farm, Rygetun