Signs that your teenager may have problems online

It is very important that all parents know what the dangers that exist on the Internet may be, but it is even more important to know if our children have problems online, that is, that they are suffering emotional problems due to things that are happening to them through of the network. It is increasingly common to hear words like ‘cyberbullying’ or to hear news about pedophiles who contact their victims with false profiles on the Internet.

For all this it is very important that parents know the signs that children can give, because on many occasions they can tell you a lot without using words .

It’s on the computer every day

When kids go online every day it can be suspicious. What many parents don’t realize is that children and teens can easily become victims of online predators. Many of them also do not realize that this process does not always happen overnight. Some child predators pose as teenagers or children who are the same age as their targets.

So, these predators work to gain the trust of children and teenagers, something It can take a few days, weeks, or even months. You can tell if this is happening when your child spends a lot of time chatting and you don’t know who the other person is. If you think your child is in danger on the Internet, you should take action immediately.

He wants to have too much privacy or his conversations to be secret

If your child is always on the computer he gets angry because he doesn’t want you to see what he’s talking about, maybe it’s because he just wants to have privacy -especially if he’s a teenager- but it can also be a sign that something isn’t right. If he tries to hide what he is doing on the Internet, then you can start to suspect. If your child automatically disconnects the computer and puts something else on the screen so that you do not see what he was doing, it is because he is clearly trying to avoid that you know what you are doing. You may be having direct conversations with a stranger and may be a predator under a false identity.

Protect your child from online problems

Your child is sad

If your child suddenly your mood changes and you start to feel sad, it is possible that you are receiving some kind of online harassment. What many parents don’t realize is that other teens are using the Internet for bullying. If your teen has a falling out with one of her friends, he may find himself bullied online later. In this case, your child may seem sad, depressed, withdrawn or even irritable.

All the signs that I have mentioned in this post are very important to take into account because they could be indicating that your child is suffering from the dangers that exist on the Internet. For all this it is very important that you are aware of how your child browses the Internet and if there may be suspicious signs. Likewise, you need to have parental control and investigate what is happening. If you think your child is having problems on the Internet, you will have to promote good communication, talk to him and remedy it as soon as possible.

What kind of control do you do on your children when they are accessing the Internet? Do you know what they do or who they talk to whenever they are online? Also remember that it is important that you set time limits regarding the use of new technologies and that it is essential that your child never focus her life on the virtual environment. She has to interact in a traditional way with her peers and make good use of the Internet.