The 10 best baby hammocks of 2022

Hammocks are an ideal complement for families with children as in addition to entertaining the little one, they stimulate their motor development and activate their senses. They are also a safe accessory where they can rest easy and calm down when they are restless thanks to their different accessories. In Stage Infant we offer you some very complete and comfortable hammock models so that both you and your baby take advantage of these advantages.

Hammocks to swing your baby

1. BabyBjörn Balance Soft Bouncer

Thanks to its fabric seat and smart stitching, this ergonomic bouncer offers the baby the right support so that rest your back, neck and head. It has three different positions so that it can play or sleep depending on the moment and thanks to its light and flexible structure it sways on its own with the baby’s movements to train its motor skills.

Other One of its advantages is that it is made of soft fabrics that not only make it more pleasant to the touch but also allow it to be machine washed. It can also be easily folded for storage or moving from one place to another. It is designed for children up to 2 years old, so it can support about 13 kilos of weight.

2. Kinderkraft hammock

This is a hammock-swing with which you can entertain your baby without having to be close to it as it has a rocking function that you can program thanks to its Smart Clock. It comes with two plush toys with rattles, designed to stimulate child development, as well as relaxing melodies that calm the child before going to sleep.

However, one of its greatest advantages is its security system: it includes a 5-point harness, protectors, mosquito net and a rocking lock system so that the baby is always protected. And so that you can adapt it to different situations, it allows you to adjust the backrest to the sun lounger position and fold the structure to store and transport the hammock with ease. It is designed for children over 80 centimeters tall.

3. Béaba hammock

If you are looking for a hammock that suits both your baby and you, this Béaba model is one excellent option. It is an adjustable model in 3 positions that has a safety harness to prevent the baby from slipping and a side padding of microspheres to guarantee his comfort. It also includes a movable headrest and has a rocker function with a locking system to entertain or calm the little one.

However, one of its greatest attractions is that it has an adjustable height in 4 positions so you don’t have to lean too much, as well as two grip rings so you can easily move it around. Supports up to 9 kilos of weight.

4. BabyBjörn Bliss Bouncer

Lightweight and with a classic and elegant design, the Bliss hammock is perfect both for use at home and to take it on a trip since it folds with ease to take up less space. It has a flexible structure that allows the baby to sway naturally to train his balance and develop his motor skills.

This ergonomic hammock has a fabric seat that molds to the child’s body and distributes the weight evenly, while offering support to the back, neck and head and preventing muscle injuries. It is available in three types of materials: cotton, mesh fabric and jersey, and supports up to 13 kilos of weight. Its use is recommended from birth to approximately 2 years.

5. Chicco Ballon Hammock

Comfort and fun come together in this hammock to ensure that your baby feels comfortable at all times. It is equipped with an electronic games arch that includes colored lights, melodies and sounds of nature to entertain the little one, while it has a relaxing vibration system to calm or put the baby to sleep.

In addition, it offers the possibility of recording a 30-second message to reassure the little one when you are not around. All this without giving up the comfort of a 4-position reclining chair that allows you to use it in a fixed or tilting position and the advantages of its two removable padded reducers for the first months. It can support a weight of up to 18 kilos, which makes it a perfect option to continue using it as the baby grows.

6. Chicco Hoopla Hammock

Your seat The spacious and padded hammock makes this hammock both the ideal companion for games and a haven of rest for the smallest of the house. This is because, in addition to its reclining backrest in four positions so that you can use it fixed or as a rocker, the hammock has a stimulating bar with toys to encourage the baby’s visual and motor development.

In addition, its structure is compact, light and easy to fold, so you can store it in any corner of the house or take it on trips with ease thanks to its two handles . And so that you can use it for many years, it is approved for up to 18 kilos of weight.

7. Hauck Rocky Hammock

If you are looking for a simple and practical hammock, this Rocky model will make you fall in love at first sight due to its charming Disney design. It has a reclining backrest that can be adjusted with one hand, which allows you to use the hammock not only for the baby to rest but also to feed it and play with it. In addition, it offers the option of extending or folding the feet so that it remains fixed or works as a rocker with the natural movements of the child.

It also has an integrated a 3-point harness to offer greater safety while the baby is in the hammock and has comfortable handles so you can transport it from one space to another. Featuring a lying position, this hammock is suitable for babies from birth to around the first year of life.

8. Hauck Bungee Deluxe Hammock

This Hauck hammock is perfect for both baby breaks and playtime. that works as a hammock and b alancín, at the same time as it is equipped with a bow with stuffed toys to stimulate the little one and develop her motor skills. It has a reclining backrest in 3 positions so that the baby is always comfortable and it has a 3-point belt to guarantee his safety at all times.

Thanks to its light structure and its side handles, it is very easy to transport, while it is very easy to clean since it has a removable cover. It is designed for children from birth to around 6 months of age.

9. Ingenuity Flora Hammock

If you are looking for a practical and easy-to-use hammock, this model Ingenuity classic is ideal for your baby at home. It’s designed in quality plush fabrics and includes supportive cushions and a removable headrest to keep little one comfortable. In addition, it has a non-slip footrest and a 3-point harness to guarantee their safety, even when you’re not around.

And so that the little one is always entertained, it has an integrated a bar with stuffed toys that will stimulate their motor development and includes a vibration mode and 8 melodies that you can activate or deactivate automatically. Supports up to 9 kilos of weight, so it is recommended from birth to around 6 months.

10. Ingenuity Candler Hammock

With this hammock-swing the baby will not only be able to rest with the sounds of nature in the background but also have a fun time with the stuffed toys on the bar and its 5 swing speeds. The seat also has calming vibrations that come like a glove for when the little one is restless and that you can set to turn off through the timer.

Unlike others models, has a battery that lasts 3 times longer thanks to its hybrid drive technology. It is worth noting that it has a 5-point harness and non-slip feet to ensure the baby’s safety at all times, while it has a very flexible structure that allows the swing to be folded for easy storage and transport.