The best baby car seats of 2022

Car seats are an essential accessory when traveling with a baby. Not only do they guarantee that the little one is more comfortable but also safer: their proper use reduces the risk of the child has a fatal accident.

However, not all car seats are valid, it is important that they are designed for the age of the child, made of good quality materials, that they have good anchoring and retention systems and that they have been tested to verify their effectiveness. Here are some safe models that you can use with your little one.

8 car seats so that your baby is comfortable and safe

1. Cybex Aton 5

Considered by the OCU as one of the best group 0/0+ seats for children up to one year old and medium, this is one of the safest options you can find on the market. It has a headrest with reducers and adjustable in 8 positions, as well as an integrated Y-shaped harness that adjusts automatically to protect the child’s head at all times.

Its structure has a system of linear protection in side impacts that absorbs most of the energy in the event of an accident and keeps the baby isolated so that it does not affect him. In addition, it has a removable riser system that allows a flatter angle of the head, neck and chest to reduce the risk of respiratory difficulties in newborns. All without sacrificing design and comfort.

2. Maxi-Cosi Titan

Approved according to the normati va R44/04, this group 1/2/3 car seat is ideal for children from 9 months to 12 years old and supports between 9 and 36 kilos. Thanks to its safety harness flexible five-point harness the little one will travel safely during the first years of life and when he grows up you can protect him with his 3-point seat belt that offers a better fit from the age of four.

Both the harness such as the headrest, they adjust simultaneously to different heights so that the child is always comfortable and, in addition, the seat reclines in five positions so that it can go the same upright as semi-lying down. The seat also has the ISOFIX system so you can install it quickly and easily through the anchor points of your vehicle, while it has a top fixing strap for a much more secure installation.

3. Foppapedretti Isodinamik

Practical and safe, this group 1/2/3 seat designed for children from 9 months to 12 years of age with a weight between 9 and 36 kilos is an excellent option. Provided with an anatomical seat with a lateral protection system, this chair is not only comfortable but also safe because it also includes a five-point harness for the little ones and a seat belt for children older.

Approved according to the R44/04 regulation, the seat reclines in different positions so that the little one is always comfortable and includes an adjustable headrest that also gives it a safety plus because it reduces the risk of injury cervical. Its mounting system is very simple as it is attached to the vehicle’s ISOFIX and Top Tether anchorages. It has a removable cover that you can wash if it gets dirty.

4. Isofix Star Ibaby Travel

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable seat for your baby to travel comfortably, this Star Ibaby model is designed for groups 0/ 1/2/3 and up to 36 kilos is an ideal alternative. The five-position reclining seat has the latest generation adjustable ISOFIX system that guarantees better protection and quick and easy installation. In addition, it has a 360º rotation system so that you can place the seat in the same direction as forwards or backwards, reducing up to 5 times the risk of the little one suffering serious injuries on road trips. road.

It has an integrated viscoelastic reducer system that adjusts to the baby’s body to improve support and ergonomics, while giving it extra safety. Of course , also includes a five-point safety harness with padding and a headrest, both height-adjustable.

5. Britax Römer Discovery SL

Designed for groups 2/3 from 4 to 1 2 years and between 15 and 36 kilos, this chair is one of the options recommended by the OCU. This thanks, among other features, to its booster seat with high backrest and padded sides that protect the child from side impacts while travelling. The backrest is also tiltable so that you can automatically adapt it to the angle of the seat for a better fit and extra security.

It also has an ergonomic headrest that can be adjusted with one hand so that the little one rests in the correct position. It can be installed with the three-point seat belt of the vehicle quickly and easily because it has flexible ISOFIX Soft Latch connectors that are fixed independently. It is upholstered with a removable quilted cover that you can machine wash when it gets dirty.

6. Cybex Silver Pallas 2 Fix

Versatile and durable, this car seat is designed for the It is suitable for children from 9 months to 12 years old who weigh between 9 and 36 kilos, as it has a height-adjustable backrest with 11 positions and one-hand reclining. Unlike other modern models, its forward-facing installation system is suitable for cars with ISOFIX as well as without this type of anchorage, so it allows you to use it in several vehicles.

It has an adjustable safety cushion, with a reclining headrest in three positions and an integrated protection against side impacts that in the event of an accident distributes the force of the impact throughout the structure to protect the child and reduce the risk of injury. Includes a removable cover that you can machine wash.

7. Maxi Cosi CabrioFix

Traveling with children has never been so easy as with this seat, suitable for children from birth and up to approximately 12 months or 13 kilos. Light and easy to install thanks to its ISOFIX anchoring system, this seat can be mounted with the seat belt of the vehicle or adapt to a compatible stroller with a single click.

Manufactured according to the R44/04 regulation, the seat has a side safety system that protects the baby and reduces the risk of injury from possible impacts. In addition, it has an integrated harness to provide extra security to the little one. It has an intelligent and ergonomic design with headrest and reducer for the newborn, as well as extra padding on the seat, chest and closure to ensure that the little one always feels comfortable.

8. Piku NI20.6299

Made in Spain, this car seat It is designed for groups 1/2/3, from 9 months to 12 years old. Approved according to regulation R44/04, the great advantage of this chair is its comfort, which is due to its adjustable backrest and headrest in height that give the child adequate support for the head, neck and back.

E This model includes a belt adjustment mechanism that allows you to vary its height or tighten it with a simple button to adjust it to your child’s waist and guarantee greater safety. The fabric with which the cover has been made is very soft so that the little one feels comfortable at all times and it is also removable, so that you can wash it when it gets dirty.