Most children love play kitchens. It is a very fun entertainment through which they can imitate real life situations and put themselves in the shoes of adults. Without a doubt, it is an imitation game that they enjoy very much and with which they develop many of their skills, while at the same time forming a clearer image of the world around them. In addition, it is an excellent resource to stimulate their motor skills, develop their empathy and, above all, unleash their creativity.

Although in the past kitchens were a toy exclusively for girls, today boys are also interested in this type of game. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to educate them on gender equality from an early age and teach them how to cook and prepare some of their favorite dishes. In Stage Children we are aware of how much children enjoy toy kitchens, that is why we have compiled some of the best wooden kitchens so that they can play safely.

10 toy kitchens perfect for children

1. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Little home chefs will love preparing their favorite dishes in this retro kitchen from KidKraft. Made of wood with plastic accessories, it has a very cool and realistic design so that children do not miss any detail. Its doors open and close, it has painted plates, dials that turn to simulate a real oven and plenty of storage space for children to store food. Thanks to its enameled finish, it is very easy to clean since the sink can also be removed for a more thorough cleaning. It is worth noting that it is available in different colors.

2. Tiny Land Wooden Kitchen

If you are looking for a wooden kitchen to give to the little ones at home, this Tiny Land design is perfect. It includes a microwave, sink, refrigerator and oven, as well as an ice machine, stove and extractor hood so that children feel like real cooks. In addition, it has built-in lights and sounds that allow you to simulate a frying or boiled soup. Unlike other models, this design also includes some kitchen accessories such as aprons, chef’s hats, food to cut, a toy knife and a set of pans. And it is adjustable in height ! So you can adapt it to the size of children and increase their height as they grow.

3. Miele Kitchen by Theo Klein

Ideal for little foodies at home, this kitchen with Miele design is just what they need to start preparing their first dishes. Made of high-quality wood and plastic details, it includes an oven, microwave, removable sink and a battery-powered hob with sound and dual light functions for a realistic look. Of course, it also brings some kitchen utensils made of metal and wood that, in addition to being cool, will help children prepare their recipes. And, so that they can store the food, the kitchen has some storage shelves.

4. Iso Trade Vintage Scandinavian Kitchen

With this vintage Scandinavian-style kitchen, children will spend many hours cooking. Its white design is not only very cool but also authentic, which added to its various details and accessories makes it a very realistic toy kitchen. In fact, it has an oven, a fridge, a microwave and a large shelf whose doors can be opened and closed so that children feel like they are in a “real” kitchen. Of course, it also has a matching sink to wash the dishes and vegetables, as well as some accessories so they can get down to business as soon as possible. And, being made of lacquered wood, it is very easy to clean.

5. Leomark Vintage Kitchen

Are you looking for a toy kitchen that captivates the little ones at home? With this vintage kitchen from Leomark you will get it right the first time. Its retro design is not only beautiful but also very practical since it has doors that open and close, as well as an electric burner that emits light and sound. Made of sturdy wooden boards, it also includes a vegetable bowl, two large pots and an extractor hood that children can activate when they cook. It is worth noting that it also has a lot of storage space so that the little ones can store their kitchenware and toy foods that they have at home.

6. Woltu White Kitchen

Woltu’s play kitchen gives children the opportunity to imitate their parents while preparing their favorite dishes. Without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions is its white design with metallic details that give it a modern and casual touch . However, what children will like most are its many features: it has doors that can be opened and closed, as well as switches that turn to turn the stove on and off and a faucet that can also be turned .to wash the dishes. Of course, it includes plenty of storage space and appliances, as well as a spatula, slotted spoon and ladle that can be hung. It also brings a frying pan and a pot with a lid so that the children can cook. And it is very safe! Its wooden corners are rounded to avoid possible accidents.

7. Janod Play Kitchen

If you are looking for a basic toy kitchen for the little ones who are taking their first steps in the world of gastronomy, this Janod model will come in handy. As it is a more basic design, it is a perfect alternative for smaller spaces without having to give up the utilities of a traditional toy kitchen. It includes an oven, a cabinet with magnetic doors and two induction plates, as well as a stainless steel sink, a hook to hang utensils and a clock. And, to give it a more realistic touch, it comes with some added accessories: two metal spoons, a metal saucepan and two cardboard boxes to store food.

8. Basic kitchen from New Classic Toys

It is a small compact kitchen that takes up very little space without giving up what the children need to play. It includes an oven and stove, as well as a microwave and sink so kids can wash dishes and vegetables. In addition, it has a kind of dish drainer and storage space to store kitchenware or toy food. Available in a variety of cool designs, it comes with some accessories so kids can get to work as soon as possible. Another advantage? Being small, it not only adapts perfectly to the height of children but can be placed in any corner of the house.

9. KidKraft Countryside Kitchen

Practical and modern, this “Countryside” style kitchen is an excellent option for little chefs at home. It includes a realistic-looking oven, microwave and refrigerator that children can use to prepare their favorite dishes. In addition, it has an ice cube dispenser and a magnetic freezer where you can stick magnets or a shopping list. And, so that children can wash the dishes or wash the vegetables, it includes a removable sink. Another point in your favor? Its doors are transparent to be able to see the interior and they can open and close easily. It is worth noting that it is made of non-toxic lacquered wood.

10. Kinderplay Green Series Kitchen

This kitchen from the Green series is ideal for little lovers of good food. It is a kitchen with a minimalist air with a white design and silver details that captivates at first sight, although what children will really like are its various functionalities. The kitchen includes two burners that emit light and sound , imitating the cooking of food, as well as having Led lighting lamps that stand out in the dark. In addition, it comes with some very practical added accessories : a pot and pan with a lid, a ladle, a slotted spoon, a pair of shovels and two baskets that children can use to play.