Everyone knows the important role grandparents play in children’s lives. Grandmothers, both paternal and maternal, are two important figures in the emotional development of the child. But in addition to this, it seems that the maternal grandmother is also very important in the genetic makeup of the child.

Children inherit a lot of genetics from their maternal grandmother and therefore may have character or physical traits that resemble her. The way of being, tastes and temperament can also be within this genetic load.

The life of the child with his grandmother

The life of a child will always be enriched if it is linked to that of their grandparents. They are figures that will transmit great values ​​and that will help them face life in different ways, with another perspective than those that can be given by parents.

It doesn’t matter if grandparents are maternal or paternal, they will enrich their grandchild’s life by filling it with hugs, kisses, laughter, wisdom, life lessons, humor and lots of love. They know how to bring joy to any moment with just their presence and being by their side is to feel that you are at home.

Emotional experiences occur whenever the minor has close contact with his grandparents, but according to the Chilean artist and psychologist Alejandro Jodorowsky, there is a lot of genetic load in a child that comes from his maternal grandmother.

maternal grandmother genetic load

The genetic load of the maternal grandmother

Although sometimes this genetic load cannot be seen directly from a physical point of view, the inheritance of the genes is clear. According to Jodorowsky, when a woman is pregnant (the grandmother), the fetus already has oocytes formed and two million ovules come out of these oocytes during the life of the baby (of the daughter). From one of these eggs, it is from which another baby will be born and will carry the genetic information of the maternal grandmother (the grandson).

As the “expert” says, the Babies, in addition to sometimes receiving the DNA of their maternal grandmothers in physical traits, can also inherit possible diseases, gestures, temperament and character traits that define them in some way.

The Chilean psychologist also comments that the emotional experiences of a mother during pregnancy will play an important role in her future child. But why does this professional think that all this happens with the mother and not with the father?

genetic importance grandmother

Why does it happen with the grandmother and not with the grandfather

It happens because the ovules are the ones that provide a lot of genetic load and mitochondrial information, something that the spermatozoa do not do. Therefore, there is certain information that is only inherited from women, increasing the genetic load of both grandmothers and mothers.

In addition, the maternal grandmother has a very close bond close with the grandchildren, since their lives are influenced by his, but not only genetically, but also because of the pure and sincere love he has for them.

Now, it is time for you to reflect If your children have a certain resemblance to your mother, do you see something similar between them? I sure do!