Mayoral gives away a maternity bag to babies born during the state of alarm

We are going through some difficult times… it is hard to get used to the changes that must be made in society to adapt and protect ourselves from the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. For this reason, the children’s fashion company Mayoral wants to do its bit and give away a maternity bag for mothers who have given birth during the state of alarm.

The situation is not easy for parents who are going to have or have had a baby during the alarm state, since that health safety is the highest priority and there are doubts as to whether the hospital will give all the guarantees. But it does, there are thousands of health professionals who go to their jobs every day to ensure that you, and in this case also your baby, have the best medical care… Even in times as complicated as these.

Welcome home with Mayoral

Mayoral is aware of how life is changing and how difficult these days are, which is why he wants to do his bit to bring a smile to all recent parents and make it easier to cope with the situation.

The fashion brand from Malaga wants to give a gift to babies born during the crisis period: a maternity bag . With the slogan #WelcomeHomeWithMayoral, the company welcomes the new member of the family by giving him a special gift, a Mayoral childcare accessory from its Newborn collection.

It is a great detail So that parents who have had their babies in these uncertain times can receive a practical gift, it is a nice maternity bag.

Mayoral Newborn maternity bag

What do you have to do?

Get it It’s very easy, you just have to enter their welcomehomewithmayoral website. com and put your personal information, the date your baby was born, if it is a boy or a girl or if you have had a multiple birth. The campaign will be active until stocks run out (4,000 units). You can request your bag until May 31, 2020, as long as your baby was born between March 14 and April 26, 2020.

When normality is restored labor due to the state of alarm will begin to send the bags to those people who have requested it. So if you have had a baby on the dates mentioned and you want to have this nice gift, don’t waste a minute and register your personal data as soon as possible to receive your gift! Have your baby’s birth certificate at hand because you have to prove that he was born on the dates mentioned.

It’s a nice detail and from here we want to thank Mayoral because sure to make 4,000 families who order your maternity bag smile. These are the details that show how people have a good heart, so thank you very much! We hope that there are many other companies that can and want to join this kind of beautiful initiatives.