Tricks to save on school supplies

The economic cost that represents the month of September is hard for most families with children. And it is that going back to school represents a significant outlay since you have to buy school books text, clothes and school supplies. In fact, it is estimated that in Spain parents spend an average of 800 euros on going back to school, so it is perfectly understandable that they want to save and stretch every cent of that money.

How to save on textbooks?

Textbooks represent the biggest expense back to school. If you want to find cheaper prices, you will have to reserve the books from the month of July and, above all, compare prices since there may be considerable differences between one store and another.

An even cheaper alternative is to recover the textbooks used by older siblings or the children of neighbors and friends. The main problem is that the books change often, so they can’t always be reused, but maybe you’ll be lucky and you can recover at least a couple of them.

You can also buy second hand books In fact, it is estimated that in this way you can save about 100 euros for each child. You just have to spend a little time searching. There are also websites that allow you to barter textbooks, such as Truequebook.

Finally, remember that there is State aid to allow economically disadvantaged families to buy textbooks and school supplies .

How to save on school supplies?

Before you start shopping, you should review and write down what the child really needs since you may be able to draw on some materials from the previous year. A good option is to bet on white gears, which can represent significant savings.

However, always keep quality in mind and do not opt ​​for the first offer you find in the store. Consider that cheap can be expensive and you do not solve anything by buying a product that will break after a few months.

You can also take advantage of the great offers that are made this season to buy the material for the whole year, especially if you already know, more or less, how often your child should change the notebooks, pencils or erasers.

In any case, it is convenient that you go shopping without the children since they tend to be guided more by the aesthetic aspect than by the prices, and you could end up paying double for a notebook or a backpack .

Matte school material

How to save on clothes and shoes?

Unless the child has a school uniform, you will need to buy sweatshirts, t-shirts, coats, raincoats, jeans, skirts, scarves, sweaters… The list is immense, especially if you take into account that you must have several changes since the little ones often get dirty or return from school with torn clothes.

Therefore, a good strategy is to take advantage of the offers made by many brands when the return to school approaches, so that you can buy packs of t-shirts, socks or jersey You know with very interesting discounts. Another alternative is to buy in stores like Percentil, where you can find almost new clothes from good brands, with prices that can represent a saving of at least 30%.

Also, since children grow so fast, it is advisable to buy the clothes slightly large and hem them, so you can wear them throughout the school year. And remember to mark the clothes with their name, it is not the first time that a little one has lost a coat or a raincoat and then you have to buy another one.