What should the family environment be like for a hyperactive child?

Living with a hyperactive child is not an easy task, especially when parents do not know how to handle the peculiarities that this disorder brings about. In addition, the situation is further complicated if another member of the family has ADHD, which is not unusual since this disorder has a high hereditary component.

However, the key to success lies in knowing how to organize the family environment, in in order to help the child. In fact, maintaining a suitable family environment is essential so that the child can overcome the limitations that hyperactivity usually causes.

What happens is that the family climate not only affects the relationships between the limbs, but also mediates the manifestations of childhood hyperactive disorder. Children with ADHD need to live in an assertive environment, where there are adequate habits and clear limits that allow them to learn to regulate their behavior.

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What the family environment should be like for a hyperactive child

Adapt the interior of the house to his needs

When it comes to a small child, who has not yet learned to distinguish the danger, it is advisable to restructure the interior of the home to avoid damage. In fact, statistics indicate that hyperactive children are more likely to have accidents at home.

As children grow, their needs will change. Then it is necessary that you give him a quiet place in the house so that he can do his homework, so that stimuli such as television do not distract him. It is also recommended to avoid excessive light and loud noises as these stimuli normally exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

Know your abilities and celebrate your achievements

Many parents focus only on the mistakes the child makes, overlooking their achievements and abilities. However, the first big step in creating a suitable family environment that stimulates the child with hyperactivity is to know his abilities, to know what motivates him and to recognize his results.

Only in this way can you motivate your child to reach new goals or propose original and interesting ways of carrying out different tasks that are boring or monotonous. It is also important that you take into account their points of view and that you do not try to impose your way of doing things. Also, be sure to celebrate their achievements, no special gift is necessary, sometimes a hug or a few words of encouragement is enough.

Hyperactive child family environment

Establish clear schedules and limits

For hyperactive children, it is essential to have well-established habits, limits and schedules. In this way it is easier for them to organize themselves because they know what they should do to each m omentum. Obviously, the only way to achieve this is to establish precise schedules for each activity, that is, set aside an hour to play, study, eat or bathe.

It is also important that there are rules of coexistence well clear. All children should know what is allowed and what behaviors are not allowed. It is not about imposing military discipline, but order is essential for children to feel safe.

Stimulates communication

Encouraging open communication in the family not only helps to improve the relationship with the hyperactive child but it will also help to boost his self-confidence and develop his self-esteem. It has been seen that when children with ADHD grow up in a family environment where assertive communication prevails, they are able to face the problems of everyday life with greater confidence.

The key lies in achieving that the child feels heard and understood. For this reason, it is important that you pay attention to him when he speaks, especially when it is about an important topic for him. It is also essential that you ask for his opinion and, before speaking, make sure that he is paying attention to you.