Being a mother is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you in life, and regardless of how you live it today, the safest thing is that if you could go back you would want to make the same decisions that have led you to the life you have today with your children by your side. It’s a reality: being a mother you don’t change it for anything because your children are your life, but sometimes you can miss having that freedom to be able to make plans without having to plan everything so far in advance.

You’d love to do things but you can’t always

Maybe sometime You liked the idea of ​​staying at a party, but you know that your children will wake up early the next day or that your baby will probably need you in the middle of the night. This will make you leave the party, because you have to attend to your duty as a mother, even though you would have loved to stay longer…

You may also have once thought that you would love staying all day at home in your pajamas, without going out watching Netflix and eating popcorn. But that’s not possible, your children are demanding you. What about sleeping all night in one go? It’s what you miss most of all!

If you ever manage to go out to the movies or have a drink with friends, you suddenly find yourself showing your children’s photos and talking about them. You can’t help it… They are the most precious thing in your life and you love talking about them. Even if you ever separate from them for a few hours, you just want to see them again, hug them and tell them how much you love them and how much you’ve missed them while you haven’t been by their side.

Being a mother has two faces

The reality is that being a mother has two faces. Every day you just want to have some time for yourself, to rest, to sit down without hearing screams and without having to do a thousand things at the same time. But when you have it, you just want to be by her side and enjoy her wonderful presence in your life. Your kids mean everything to you!

Sometimes you’re so tired that you just want to sleep without waking up all night, but if they get sick, you’re such a light sleeper that any noise wakes you up for if they are your children who need you since your duty is to take care of them and attend to them, both during the day and at night. Being a mother is not something that happens 8 hours a day, it is something that happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and forever.

We have said that being a mother has two faces, there can be no shadow without light and vice versa. It is necessary to accept this to really enjoy motherhood, to discover ourselves as the great women and mothers we have become , to value that wonderful light that we have inside us and that guides our children every day of their lives!

mother longs for freedom

It’s okay to miss freedom

If you’ve ever missed the freedom, that’s fine and you don’t have to feel bad, under any circumstances! You are human, you get tired and it is normal that at some point you need to be calm and simply rest. It is normal for you to miss a long bath, a walk without thinking about the time you have to go home, being able to take care of your body without rushing or not thinking about schedules for a whole day.

It is good to feel two things at the same time: wanting to be with your children at all times and wanting to be on a beach sunbathing alone without shouting or walking in the middle of nature and enjoying the tranquility. It’s normal to want to hug them constantly and at the same time feel good when they’re peacefully sleeping in their bed.

You shouldn’t feel bad about missing your life before becoming a mother and that freedom and independence that you used to enjoy and that has now become a utopia. But by accepting and acknowledging what motherhood is, then you will be able to realize how wonderful you are and that your children will always come first in your life.

Motherhood is not a path of roses, nor is it a fairy tale. There will be good moments and others not so good, there will be happiness and also tears. There will be times when joy will run through your body and other times when despair and frustration will cause anxiety to well up within you. But all this is normal, it is learning and it is necessary to know it in order to control the most difficult moments and enjoy those that fill your heart.