10 children's stories that prepare children to leave the diaper

Leaving the diaper is one of the great milestones of child development. That moment arrives when children reach sufficient brain maturity to control their sphincters and have a basic level of self-knowledge that allows them to be aware of the signs that tell them they need to go to the bathroom.

However , Children do not usually take this step overnight, but they need time so that the removal of the diaper occurs naturally and becomes a source of pride. One way to prepare them for that moment is through children’s stories.

Children’s stories to help your child leave the diaper without trauma

1. What’s in your diaper?, by Sandra Grimm

A competition between animals has begun on the farm to find out what each one has inside his diaper. Only Quique the rabbit does not participate because he has been going to the bathroom for a long time and does not use a diaper. This funny story talks openly about this topic and is accompanied by colorful drawings and nice flaps with surprises to motivate the children. children to lose their fear of taking off their diapers and dare to go to the bathroom alone.

2. Potty Training Your Dragon by Steve Herman

This story told in rhyme recounts the efforts of a boy to teach his dragon n to go alone to the bathroom. The road is not easy, but with discipline and time they make great strides. Without a doubt, it is a very original story that is complemented by beautiful drawings that will attract the attention of the little ones from the first moment and help them to identify even more with the characters. The story will serve as a guide for their own diaper removal.

3. I go to the bathroom alone, by various authors

With fun sounds and a song, this interactive story from Editorial Planeta is an excellent resource for to teach the little princesses at home to go to the bathroom by themselves. Its protagonist, Lucía, a nice girl who already goes to the bathroom alone, will teach the little ones some tricks to say goodbye to the diaper and start using the bathroom once and for all. The story unfolds. complemented with fun illustrations so that girls feel more identified with the character. However, the book is also available in a children’s version “I go alone to the bathroom”, in which Pablo is the protagonist.

4. Rita’s urinal, by Amaia Cía Abascal

Weaning is usually a time-consuming process with setbacks. That is precisely the lesson that the story of Rita leaves us, a girl whose parents give her a potty and she decides to leave the diaper. This is a simple but realistic story that narrates the ups and downs that the protagonist suffers throughout the process and that helps to level children’s expectations about removing the diaper, so that they do not feel frustrated or sad about the accidents that often happen.

5. We all poop, by Taro Gomi

This is a beautiful illustrated book that clears up the doubts of the most children about this physiological process that all living beings share. The main objective of this story is to normalize the act of going to the bathroom so that children develop a healthy relationship with this experience and are not ashamed of it. From the signature of the Japanese author Taro Gomi, the story is complemented with very illustrative drawings so that the little ones understand it better.

6. The Bathroom King, by Susaeta and Mark Chambers

Captain Juan wants to be older and is determined to go to the bathroom on your own. Learning is not difficult, but the path is full of obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal. A fun and educational story for children to learn to go to the bathroom on their own and be able to overcome the relapses that they will suffer throughout this process. All accompanied by elaborate illustrations that help the little ones to identify with the character and follow in his footsteps.

7. My Sounding Potty Book by Sarah Davis

For most children, leaving the diaper represents a great challenge. This very original book with fun images, flaps and sounds teaches little ones how to do it in a simple and interactive way. To make everything flow easily, it includes questions and answers to solve the doubts of the little ones and facilitate the learning process. All with a dose of humor that will make children have fun during this challenging process.

8. Marina doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore, by Linne Bie

Marina is determined not to wear diapers anymore and her mother He gives her a potty so she can relieve herself. However, one day Marina notices that she has the coolie to wet, what will have happened? This is a coming of age story that addresses relapse as a natural part of the journey and teaches kids how to deal with it so that frustration or embarrassment don’t get the better of them.

9. Pepo and his potty, by Sibylle Delacroix

If you are looking for a simple story that motivates your children to take the first step to leave the diaper l, this story from the pen of Sibylle Delacroix is ​​perfect.The story narrates the experience of Pepo, a boy who has just learned to poop in the potty and explains his experience. The story is complemented with very illustrative drawings that will help the little ones to get a clearer idea of ​​how to achieve this milestone for themselves.

10. Everything I know about poo, by Jaume Copons and Mercé Galí

Going to the bathroom is a completely natural act that we all share, from the smallest of the house to the grandfather. This book tells children that great truth and allows them to accept their bowel movements as part of a physiological process that helps them expel waste they do not need from the body. The story, told simply, solves many of the doubts that children have on this subject and encourages them to change the diaper for the potty.