Many parents have the habit of reading their children a bedtime story, a custom that not only helps them fall asleep faster, but also helps them rest better. In fact, children’s stories are also a very useful tool to expand children’s vocabulary, encourage their interest in reading and stimulate their understanding of the world around them. Not to mention that they are a perfect excuse to spend some time with the family.

However, for children to benefit from these advantages, it is important to choose well the stories to read before going to bed, according to their age and level of development. The ideal is to bet on short stories that invite children to relax, leaving out mystery or horror stories that can increase the risk of nightmares. To make this task easier for you, in Stage Infant we propose some children’s stories that you can read to children before bed.

Children’s stories to read to children in bed

1. A kiss before sleeping, by Teresa Tellechea

A kiss before sleeping story

Thanks to its beautiful illustrations and simple language, this story is perfect to read to the little ones at home before going to sleep. The story is about the goodnight kiss, the one that baby giraffes, elephants or humans receive from their parents when they go to bed. A perfect read to share with younger children who are building their bedtime routine.

2. Toni has insomnia, by Pilar Martín

Toni has insomnia story Pilar Martin

This is an easy-to-read story that is complemented by beautiful illustrations so that children can imagine the characters in each scene. The protagonist is an owl who suffers from insomnia and who, in order to overcome it, must face his own fears. An ideal story for little ones to learn that the one who is not afraid is not braver, but rather the one who learns to overcome it and put it into practice fighting against their own fears.

3. Goodnight Pepe and Mila, by Yayo Kawamura

Goodnight Pepe and Mila story, by Yayo Kawamura

It’s already night and Pepe and Mila are tired, but before going to bed they pick up their toys, go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. This children’s story is about routines before going to bed, a story to motivate children to create their own sleeping habits. The story written on cardboard, includes illustrations with flaps and tabs so that the little ones can also interact with the protagonists and feel part of the story.

4. My bed, by JS Pinillos

My bed story, by JS Pinillos

My little bed tells the true story of a girl and her bed, during the process of learning to sleep alone. A story with which more than one child will feel identified and that comes as a glove to make children who are afraid of sleeping alone understand the many advantages of having their own shelter every night. All told in very simple words and through illustrations that children will love.

5. Where Art Thou Darkness?, by J.S. Pinillos

Where are you darkness story, by JS Pinillos

Most of the children feared and rejected her, so one day the darkness decided to leave causing great chaos in the world. This story is about darkness and its benefits for life, a story full of positive emotions and simple explanations so that little ones who are afraid of the night know its importance for the cycle of the earth, animals and people and be able to overcome their fear of the dark.

Where are you darkness?: illustrated children’s book – sleeping children (Tales Kills Fears No. 1)

6. Everyone Yawns, by Anita Bijsterbosch

Story Where You Are, Darkness, by JS Pinillos

This is a perfect story for children who resist going to sleep. Each page presents a different animal that is sleepy and yawns, through a mechanism flap, until finally all the animals fall asleep. A story told through illustrations with which the little ones at home can interact to feel part of each scenario.

7. The Adventure of Sleeping Alone, by Clara Mas

The Adventure of Sleeping Alone, by Clara Mas

Matilda will sleep alone for the first time in the new bed in her room. She is very excited, but she is also a little scared, however, she does not have to worry because her parents will be there to help her face this new stage in her life. A story about the adventure that involves sleeping alone, an excellent alternative to read to children who are going through this important process for the whole family.

8. The Little Bunny Who Wants to Fall Asleep by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin

The Little Bunny Who Wants to Fall Asleep story by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin

This best-selling children’s story tells the story of a little bunny who couldn’t fall asleep. However, what really makes it valuable are the relaxation techniques that its author, the Swedish Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, inserted throughout the story to make every child who listens to it fall asleep before reaching the last page. Without a doubt, it is a revolutionary tale that should not be missing from children’s bookshelves.

9. I will kill monsters for you, by Santi Balmes

I will kill monsters for you, by Santi Balmes

The story tells the story of Martina, a girl who is afraid to go to bed because she believes that under her room there is a world inhabited by monsters. A story with which more than one child will surely identify and which, without a doubt, will help them clarify their questions about the existence of monsters and overcome their fears at bedtime.

10. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon story by Margaret Wise Brown

With this classic of bedtime stories, children can create their own ritual before going to bed. The story unfolds around a baby rabbit who, every night before going to sleep, says good night to every object in his room until he finally turns off the light and falls asleep. The story is narrated in a familiar language and is supported by illustrations so that children can let their imagination run wild without much effort.