There is certain basic knowledge that we must take into account when carrying out bodybuilding exercises. We tell you what they are.

In order to achieve the best results performing  bodybuilding exercises , it is important to pay attention to a series of factors. Knowing them will help you design your own routine, according to your physical condition and the goals you want to achieve.

When designing the training, do not hesitate to contact specialized people, who will be able to give you their point of view, advise you and avoid injuries.


muscle work

Muscle fibers work actively or inactively, as if they were a switch, turning it on or off. This means that they do not have an intermediate point.

Because of this, the force that a muscle can develop depends on the number of fibers that are activated when it is contracted.

It always happens in the same way, so to reach a greater number of fibers, it is necessary to increase the effort required.

muscle fiber

For the muscle fiber to grow, it must be subjected to a stronger stress than usual and than it can withstand. In this way, it suffers small breaks in its microfibrils, which, through the phenomenon of supercompensation, recover and end up increasing in size.

In order for this process to unfold, the series of exercises must be long enough for the activated fibers to become fatigued.



You may have heard that short sets (those that include a maximum of 4 repetitions) are good for increasing muscle size, and that long ones (that include 8 to 15 repetitions) are good for defining the muscles. However, if the set is too short, you’ll be working on strength but not on increasing size (hypertrophy). On the other hand, if the series is very long, the number of fibers involved will be less.

The bodybuilding exercise routine should include those that increase strength and develop fiber growth. Therefore, you can incorporate exercises from both types of series; the ratio should be 3 sessions of hypertrophy for one of strength.


Muscle glycogen has limited energy stores. Thus, when these reserves are depleted, bodybuilding exercises cease to be effective.

A correct training should be made up of a limited number of series that goes from 18 to 24. This will depend on the size of the muscles that are going to be exercised and the state of form. An example of this is that when you work your legs you notice that they get tired much sooner than when you train your upper body.


Rest between sets completely defines a good workout. Taking a long rest builds more intensity into the set that follows. This is very good for muscle growth, but we must be careful, since too long a rest can cool us down.

If your goal is to lose weight without decreasing the size of your muscles, it is best to opt for short breaks. This maintains your heart rate in a similar way to a cardio run.

Be that as it may, each muscle group is different, so they may need different times. To know what they are, you can take breathing as a reference, when it has normalized, it will be time to continue.


The variety in bodybuilding exercises is essential to be able to work the different muscle groups in all their angles. You may have some that you always do, which can be the central axis of each training, but it will be positive if you introduce changes every day. Thus, you will avoid boredom and expand the muscle’s travel.

Finally, do not forget to choose a weight that will allow you to finish all the series, and look at real objectives.