During confinement many emotions arise in both children and adults. It is normal, they are many hours locked up without being able to go out for air together, without going to see loved ones, many weeks without seeing friends. But you may notice that one of your children, learning that schools may be closed until September, cheers up and feels calm. This seems to give him peace of mind.

Calm in the face of confinement

When a child feels a little calm after showing a little nervousness every time he went to school, suspicions are assured. That is why, if you notice certain things and behaviors in your child, you need to talk to him, from the safety of the home, so that he knows that now nothing and no one can harm or bother him.

If they say that this is really the case, you can talk privately with the tutor by email or phone, and look for measures to use when going back to school. No one deserves to suffer bullying, much less a child, because they are not children’s things! Bullying has a lot to do with the adult world.

Away from bullying: in the safety of home

Children who are bullied in schools are comfortable without leaving home. They feel safe and protected, they know that nothing can happen to them at home. They stop looking at social networks, on WhatsApp they have blocked their aggressor and his “henchmen”. They try to live the quarantine enjoying what they never can because of stress and fear: calm.

detect bullying

Others, on the other hand, can keep in touch with their aggressors due to social networks and it is necessary to be attentive to the signs of stress that they can show to put a stop to cyberbullying as soon as possible.

If you think your children have suffered or are suffering bullying/cyberbullying, you do not need to you stand idly by now. You can act both you and him. There are online platforms and also telephone numbers to be able to call and explain what is happening. These types of organizations have professionals who can guide you on how to act with your child or the school and they can also give you guidance on what to do to be better emotionally. At the ANAR Foundation you can find everything we are talking about.

Many children who have lived through this situation constantly may develop post-traumatic stress and may be living with it at home. inappropriate behaviors generated by anxiety, night terrors, depression, mood swings, etc. In any case, parents should be attentive to any signs that the minor may present.

The two parts

There are times when it does not come as a surprise to parents who have already tried to take measures without success and have even given psychological support to their child to overcome the situation. But it can also happen that they do not know anything about what is happening. In any case, you will now be close enough to your child to detect what may be going on in his mind.

But the same thing happens on the other side. If during quarantine you discover that your child is the aggressor, he is the one who causes bullying and fear in other children, you cannot sit idly by. You should also contact foundations or organizations for guidance on how to act, because what is clear is that this situation must end.