Definitive measures: Children can now go outside

For all Spanish parents, these have been days of doubts and uncertainty because we knew that from Sunday the children could go out on the street, but we didn’t know the time or where… in short, we knew “something” but we didn’t conditions were known. The children also showed some disbelief about it. Now, we already have more information about how children can go outside.

We are going to explain some of these measures so that you know how you should proceed from Sunday so that, when you take your children out on the street, you do so taking into account the law and security measures.

Definitive measures

The definitive measures are indicated for children under 14 years of age as of Sunday, April 26, 2020. Children will be able to go outside for less than one hour a day and always avoiding peak hours. The chosen schedule is from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. They may take some type of children’s toy such as a ball or a scooter with them, but always complying with social distancing.

The distance may not be more than 1 kilometer from the habitual residence , so they should make use of the closest places. Children living in rural areas will be able to go to fields or forests. An adult can take care of a maximum of 3 children. The adult can be a sibling who is of legal age, but in all cases, it must be an adult who lives with the minor.

Families who live in neighboring communities , children will be able to use the common areas as long as their use is agreed in advance. Children must always be accompanied by an adult and may not play with other children or share their toys.

Minors will not need to wear masks or gloves if they are in open spaces, in On the other hand, when they are in a closed space, they must use this individual protection equipment. Before leaving the house they have to wash their hands and when they come back too, although what the experts recommend, in addition to washing their hands, is to take off their clothes and shower.

Definitive measures for children's deconfinement

What if there are symptoms?

If someone in the family has symptoms and they think they may have coronavirus, No member of the household will be able to leave. Even if they have not been tested, if they do not know if she may have the virus, they will not be able to go out. You will also not be able to go out if you have a fever. Children who are over 14 years of age, will be able to go out into the street to do the same activities that adults were authorized to do.

And if the children are afraid?

Many adults are afraid, and therefore, so can children. In this sense, how to explain to children that they will be able to go out but that it will not be at all like before the pandemic? Because yes, you can go out… but nothing to do with leading a “normal” life. What if the child is afraid? How to explain the conditions to children? They are limited outlets and children must understand them to know what to do.

It is important to allow the child to express her doubts and concerns and, above all, to answer her questions. The children have been confined for more than a month and the outings they do must be well prepared.

In addition to explaining what is happening, there is a story entitled “Coronavirus and children (Part 2: Going out) ” which can be good for younger children to understand what exits should be like. It is normal for them to miss their friends, but above all, in more active children, special care must be taken. This story can help you understand it.