For you my son, because on dark days you are my light

When we are tired we forget to feel lucky for the most precious thing we have in life: our children. They are, without a doubt, the most important thing. But we don’t always show it to them as we should. What’s more, sometimes we show them the opposite when we get angry, because we yell at them or don’t give them all the attention they really deserve.

It always happens in the dead of night

Actually, the same thing happens to all of us. When our children are sleeping, in the quiet of the night is when we begin to appreciate how lucky we are to have them. At that moment, we are more aware of how lucky we have been in life to become parents of such wonderful little beings.

Before going to sleep you go into the bedroom of your children one more time to see them sleep. You touch their hair, kiss them and tell them you love them after tucking them in. If you have yelled at them that day, you ask for their forgiveness even though you know they don’t listen to you because they are asleep. But your heart needs to apologize one more time… Your kids don’t deserve your frustration.

That feeling hits you in the chest so hard it takes your breath away. Sometimes when this happens to you, you will cry. You will cry knowing that your son depends on you and that you are everything to him. You have to live up to it but you’re afraid you won’t.

You’re lucky

Yes, you’re lucky because your life could have gone in a hundred different directions, but you’re there, standing at your children’s bedside, looking at their beautiful face, knowing that you are the most important person in their lives today.

Today you are their mother (or their father if you are the one reading this ). And your little one is your perfect being, you feel great sensations between love and gratitude every time you look at him.

But sometimes, you forget

There are times you forget. Those mornings when you are tired and your children want to play, when you want to go to bed and your children wake up several times in the night. There are times when you smile but your mind is thinking about other things. Although suddenly, when you least expect it, your children approach you and hug you, and then you remember again the immense love you feel for them.

There are times that you forget it when you see the whole house messy, but you remember it again when your little one picks it up and happily awaits your approval, because your opinion is what matters most in the world. Your children look at you with their bright eyes because their happiness often depends on your smile. You know you have that responsibility and every day, you feel grateful because thinking about it gives you the strength to fight against any adversity.

I am lucky to have children

There are times when you forget it when your brain is busy with the stress of bills to pay, errands to run, and phone calls to make. But then you think: “Okay, everything is fine… now is the time to enjoy my children without giving a damn about anything else.”

You are a lucky person

You are a lucky person and when your children tell you their things, you know that they trust you above all things and that is the most beautiful thing you can have. Although at night you want the routines to be quick so that they go to sleep and you can rest… Because when they tell you that they love you before going to sleep, being that their last sentence every night, your heart melts, And with good reason!

No matter how many times you wake up at night or how tired you are, you will take a deep breath, sigh and know that even if it is a long night and a hard day after… You are a lucky person because only you make him feel safe.

Feeling lucky is not difficult to remember. You can feel happiness when you think about the day you got pregnant, the day your babies were born, the day you got married… But above all, you know how lucky you are, to be a mother or a father.