Are you going to have a baby and want to name it with the letter W? Girl names with the letter W are rare in Spain, most are of Anglo-Saxon origin. If you are looking for a name that is different, unusual and that begins with the letter W, the options that we offer you below can be of great inspiration. In this baby names article, you will find girl name with W, such as Winnie, Whitney or Wilma, along with their meaning and origin.

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Germanic. It means “She who rules with an iron hand.” She does not like complications: she is not ambitious nor does she aspire to stand out in any aspect; she just wants to lead a quiet life surrounded by her loved ones. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


Wally is a relatively modern name, derived directly from the Anglo-Saxon Vallace, “foreigner”. With this name the native people of Wales were called. According to another interpretation, Wally is the hypocoristic of Walter or Gutierre, which means “the commanding army”, the seat of power.


Wanda is one of the names in vogue in the last two decades, its success is due to the beauty of the name and its serene sound. We find it documented from the 8th century, in the form of Wandalus, “vandal”.



The name Wendy has a very nice meaning, since it means “the one with the eyelash benches”.


Name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means “white island”. Tenacious and a fighter, she always gets where she wants because of her intelligence, perseverance, enthusiasm and natural talent, making her personal life subject to professional success.


Wilma is the contraction of Guillermina; she comes from the Germanic vilja, “will, decision”, and helm, “helmet”, “protection”. She is the one to whom her will serves as protection, the one who defends herself through her inner strength and her personal qualities.


Winefrida is the graphic variant of the hispanized Vinefrida, with a somewhat confusing etymological origin. Apparently it means “white wave”, like Genoveva. She is the sparkling, morbid, attractive and pure woman.


Name of Germanic origin that means “friend of peace”. Crazy, funny, excited and very lively, Winnie loves to do original and different things. She is the ideal companion to embark on new adventures or exotic journeys.


Name of Indian origin, Sioux. She means “firstborn”. Beneath a fragile and innocent appearance, Winona is an intelligent and manipulative woman. She is cunning and likes to use unusual means to lure others into her fold.


Name of Germanic origin. Firm and energetic, Witiza is not fond of frivolity and jokes. For her, her work comes first and, if he has a position, he is inflexible with her subordinates.