Help your teenager to organize their bedroom

Having a tidy bedroom helps keep your mind tidy. All parents are well acquainted with the fact that cleaning and maintenance of the rooms is not the priority of a teenager. At this age, teenagers are more interested in talking to their friends, listening to music, or keeping an eye on social media.

Therefore, cleaning the bedrooms can be quite a nightmare for parents who find themselves with messy rooms, things on the floor, chairs full of clothes, bad smells, etc. You’re probably getting a clear mental picture of the chaos and disorder that often reigns in a teen’s bedroom.

At this point, it becomes clear that something needs to be done and help your teenager with their responsibilities and learn to keep more space and more order in their lives, starting with the bedroom. If you can’t, your teen will become a messy adult. This is easier said than done, but you need to give it a try by following this list of tips to help your teen organize their bedroom.

Remove what no longer works

Clutter is the number one enemy of a neat and well-organized bedroom, so start by helping your child get rid of anything that can cause clutter but isn’t necessary. Ask your child for help so that you don’t throw something away that you later regret. Look in drawers, closets… take out the clothes that have outgrown or are no longer necessary. Do the same with games and any gadget that your teenager shows no interest in.

Teen Bedroom

No need to throw everything away, if the toys and clothes are in good condition, you can sell or donate it to people who can take advantage of it.

Create a cleaning plan

Your child should be able to have about 15 minutes a day to keep his room in order and complete quick cleaning tasks. At first it will be difficult to do it and it will be necessary for you to help him by creating a cleaning and order program with notes where he puts the tasks that he must complete each day.

There are tasks that can be done once a week like vacuuming, others like sweeping and mopping the floor or dusting will have to be several times a week, and others will have to be every day like making the bed or fixing the clothes. To make things easier, you can print the schedule and paste it in a visible place to serve as a reminder.


It is important that there is organization, not only apparent but also real throughout the bedroom. This means that the closet must be tidy, the drawers and the shelves too. Look for ordering strategies that are comfortable for your child -such as organizing clothes by color and drawers by importance of use in their elements, for example-. Also, there will need to be a wastebasket in a corner of the room.

Over time, your teen will realize how tidy their bedroom will It will help you find things more quickly and also, to have a much clearer and more organized mind, something that will greatly facilitate your emotional health, especially in this critical stage of growth and development.

Remember that it is very important not to offer material things or money as a reward. This will only achieve the opposite effect since you will only perform the tasks to obtain a material good. Tidying your bedroom and keeping it clean and tidy is your obligation and you must do it as part of your responsibility.