stories for kids

Midday was approaching and Anansi the spider, who was very lazy, had a huge appetite. It was then that he devised a plan to secure his lunch without much effort:

“I know what to do! I’m going to go to my aunt’s farm and pretend I want to help her with her chores, she’ll appreciate my good intentions and invite me to lunch,” he said to himself.

Anansi arrived just in time, his aunt was planting corn and needed a little help.

Just as she had thought, her aunt was also cooking beans and they were boiling in the pot giving off a mesmerizing smell. If you were to smell the most wonderful smell in the world, it would surely be a lot like the smell of those beans.

As Anansi planted a few grains of corn, he found himself closer and closer to home. He was so drawn to the smell of beans that he ended up planting corn almost in front of the kitchen window.

“No one will notice if I go into the kitchen to taste the beans,” Anansi thought as he slipped out the kitchen window.

As soon as he was raising the ladle full of beans to his lips, his aunt and the hen entered the house. Anansi didn’t know what to do with the beans, so he quickly poured them into his hat and put the hat on his head. The beans began to burn his head and made him jump in pain.

The aunt and the hen entered the kitchen.

“Anansi, what are you doing?” asked the aunt while looking at him strangely.

“I’m so happy to be here that I’m dancing the dance of joy,” Anansi replied.

Suddenly, a mixture of sweat, tears and bean broth began to run down Anansi’s face.

“But Anansi, you’re sweating like a pig,” said the hen in amazement.

I’m sweating because I’ve been working and dancing the joy dance,” Anansi replied.

But Anansi’s head was still burning, so he finally had to take off his hat. When his aunt and the hen saw the steaming beans stuck to Anansi’s head, they roared with laughter.

Very embarrassed, Anansi hid in a bush, there he is still. If you happen to find him, you will see that he has a bald spot right where the beans burned his head.