When you’re a parent just thinking about sexual abuse turns your stomach. They are heinous acts that occur in society and should never happen. That is why it is so important to know techniques to teach children to prevent sexual abuse, and “Kiko’s rule” is one of them. We want to explain what it is about so that you can take it into account starting today.

a children’s story

“Kiko’s rule” is a children’s story that will help children understand how to act to prevent child sexual abuse and know their rights in the face of these attacks. It is a social problem and it is everyone’s duty to protect our little ones and that is why, through stories , we find great tools.

In Kiko’s rule we find 5 different but fundamental topics that children should know. Only in this way will they learn that no one can invade their physical space and that whenever something bothers them about someone, they should move away. If something makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell mom and dad as soon as possible, or a trusted adult. Do not miss what are the themes that the story deals with.

your body is only yours

It shows the importance of children knowing that their body is theirs alone and that no one can touch it if they do not agree. Physical contact with other people should only be allowed by those the child consents to and feels comfortable doing. You should never touch the inside of your underwear and no one can ask you to show it. He has to say no. And the same happens in reverse, the child cannot touch the private parts of others or ask them to show them. What to teach your child if it is a boy or a girl?

Good and bad way of playing

Children must be aware that the body has areas that no one can touch except for themselves. They are the intimate or private areas that are never shown to others. The genitals should always be hidden, no one can touch them or ask if they can be touched or seen by other people.

Only mom or dad can wash those areas in the bathroom until they learn to do it for themselves. But it should be washed just as the rest of the body is washed, without paying more attention or touching longer than necessary.

Good secrets and bad secrets

Just as children should know that their private parts are not to be touched, they should also know the differences between good and bad secrets. In “Kiko’s rule” you learn to differentiate that bad secrets are those that someone tells you to shut up and not tell your parents (or anyone) like touching your genitals or any other area even if you feel bad for it. Inappropriate behaviors that make a child uncomfortable would also be bad secrets.

That is, a bad secret would be anything that cannot be told to parents that is related to physical contact or inappropriate behavior between adults and children, or between equals. You should never hide things from mom or dad. You have to tell it quickly so that they can help immediately.

Prevention and protection

The prevention and protection of minors is the absolute responsibility of the adult. For this reason, communication, emotional management and empathy must always be worked on. There should be no taboo subjects at home. It is not bad to talk to boys and girls about sexuality since they are small, always with a language that they understand and adapted to their understanding. In this way it will be easier to detect if he is subjected to some type of sexual abuse.

When a child is a victim of sexual violence, he has a more withdrawn behavior, he is afraid of what others may think, he does not want to feel guilty about what happened and that is why he can deny it.

It is important that your child feels full confidence in you so that he understands that it is not his fault and that he must tell what has happened to receive help. Likewise, you must teach him preventive tools so that he can defend himself against possible sexual aggression: do not stay in that place with that person who makes him uncomfortable, quickly seek help from an adult and, of course, tell you what happened immediately .

You must tell him that he has a safety net made up of people around him who give him confidence and that he can go to them whenever he feels some kind of danger. They can be parents, uncles, grandparents…

The story of “Kiko’s rule” or ” Kiko and the hand ” (it’s the same story), should not only be taught to children when sexual abuse is suspected, far from it. It should be used as prevention to avoid any type of sexual violence both now and in the future.