We tend to adore our family and would be willing to make almost any sacrifice for them. However, many times the rush of everyday life plunges us into a feverish whirlwind that leaves little room for displays of affection and affection. Thus we end up assuming that our family knows how much we love them and that it is not necessary to say it with words. However, it is not enough to feel love, you have to know how to express it. And we can do it by resorting to a beautiful love poem.

10 short and beautiful love poems for the whole family

1. Kisses, by Carmen Gil

There are candy kisses,
sweet as a smile.
There are kisses in a hurry,
that you have to catch them on the fly.

Butterfly kisses
brushing your cheeks
can tickle you!
and they are pink.

The snuggly kiss,
as warm and cuddly
as a blanket in winter,
is a cotton kiss!

And how about the winged kiss
that catches you by surprise,
and, in addition, the one who kisses you
can be anywhere?

There is also the screw,
kiss that magically
woke up Sleeping Beauty
and shook the castle.

Or kisses with caresses,
which come in a gust of wind
and smell of spring
like good news.

Fantastic kiss-wink.
It’s sparkly and twinkling
like a shining star
with a thousand watts of love.

2. Caresses, by Gabriela Mistral

Mother, mother, you kiss me,
but I kiss you more,
and the swarm of my kisses
doesn’t even let you look.

If the bee enters the lily,
its wings are not felt.
When you hide your little boy
you can’t even hear him breathe.

I look at you, I look at you
without getting tired of looking,
and what a cute child I see
your eyes appear.

The pond copies everything
you are looking at;
but you in the girls have
your son and nothing else.

The little eyes you gave
me I have to spend
on following you through the valleys,
through the sky and through the sea.

3. With you, by Luis Cernuda

My land?
My land is you.

My people?
My people are you.

Banishment and death
for me are where
you are not.

And my life?
Tell me, my life,
what is it, if it’s not you?

4. Grandpa’s Hands, by Gervasio Melgar

How beautiful are your hands, grandpa!
How beautiful are your wrinkled hands!
They are hands that tell me a story
of sweat and pain and sweetness.

They have worked hard and suffered.
They know of joy and anguish.
They knew how to give bread, plant the tree,
cultivate the rosebush, give tenderness.

Some distant day -sweet day-
I will have a grandfather, hands with wrinkles.
And people will say: What beautiful hands!
How they know of glories and struggles!

And a little grandson of mine, pure, cheerful,
with a soul powdered with the whiteness of the moon,
grandfather, will tell me – my hands
will also be once, like yours.

5. Love, by Salvador Novo

Love is this shy silence
close to you, without you knowing it,
and remembering your voice when you leave
and feeling the warmth of your greeting.

To love is to wait
for you as if you were part of the sunset,
neither before nor after, so that we are alone
between the games and the stories
on dry land.

To love is to perceive, when you are absent,
your perfume in the air that I breathe,
and to contemplate the star in which you move away
when I close the door of the night.

6. Eternal love, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

The sun may be clouded forever;
The sea can dry up in an instant;
The axis of the Earth may break
Like a weak crystal.

Everything will happen! Death will be able
to Cover me with its funereal crepe; But the flame of your love
can never go out in me .

7. Sweetness, by Gabriela Mistral

little mother, sweet little mother,
let me tell you
extreme sweetness.

My body
that you gathered in a bouquet is yours;
let it stir
on your lap.

You play at being a leaf
and I at being dew:
and in your crazy arms
hold me suspended.

My little mother,
my whole world ,
let me tell you
the utmost affection.

8. To my father, by Pablo Neruda

I thank God for being my father.
For your reproaches and advice.
For the good that you taught me
and of my being you always took care of.

For being a kind father,
full of peace and wisdom.
Because you love the truth.
Justice and righteousness overmuch.

For being my beloved father
and teaching me charity.
Noble sentiments cover you.
You do not know evil.

Noble and sparing knight,
you taught me to fight.
Always aspiring to the highest
and not giving up my dreams.

Abhors all evil.
For your heavenly values.
For guiding me by the hand
on paths full of flowers.

For your words of encouragement
in my saddest moments.
For your eloquent silences
that calm me sweetly.

For your wise and deep look.
By your expression so serene.
For your patience and perseverance.
Swirl of good things.

For being a stubborn man
clinging to your conviction.
For keeping your ideals high
without losing your calm or reason.

For instructing me in life
and teaching me not to lie.
For caring about my problems
and reward not asking.

For teaching me noble values:
love, righteousness and compassion,
justice, selflessness, work,
charity, truth and forgiveness.

For all your troubles.
For your fatherly love.
Men like you are few.
You are an ideal father.

9. Hand over hand, by Estefy

What is the family?, you asked
one afternoon right here
and looking at you closely,
very sure I answered:
“one hand over another,
another hand and another”.

The hand that caresses you,
is mom’s hand,
that accommodates your curls
that the wind will dishevele,
the one that you hold so tightly
in every step you take.

This firm and tender
hand is daddy’s hand,
which does not stop the penalties
that you forcefully throw at him;
the one that watches over your dreams
and rejects every shadow.

10. Let’s make a deal, by Mario Benedetti

you know you
can count
on me,
not up to two
or up to ten
but count
on me.

If you ever
that I look into your eyes
and you recognize a streak of love
in mine ,
do not alert your rifles
or think what a delusion
despite the streak
or perhaps because it exists,
you can count on

If other times
you find me
sullen for no reason,
don’t think how lazy you
can still count on

But let’s make a deal
I would like to have

It is so nice
to know that you exist
, one feels alive
and when I say this
I mean to count,
even if it is up to two ,
even if it is up to five
, not so that you
rush to my aid ,
but to know
for sure
that you know you can
count on me.