Respect your children's learning pace

Many parents forget the importance of respecting their children’s learning rhythms every day. We live in a world full of rushes where we always run everywhere. Speed ​​and immediacy seem to be normal in our society, and in this sense, it also seems that children have to be faster throughout. But it doesn’t have to be that way, far from it.

Different rhythms

Each person has a different rhythm, and children the same! There are children who start talking earlier than others, small children who leave the diaper very soon, other children who walk before or start reading later… and nothing is strange, you just have to respect the rhythm of each one. Learning can be faster or slower, but what matters is that children progress in their development.

Some children are more active than others. Children who play more alone and others who only want to play accompanied. For some children, studying is easy, for others, a nightmare because they prefer to spend their time doing activities that are more interesting for them. Everyone experiences things in their own way and you have to respect it, and above all, help in the event of difficulties of some kind.

Without comparing better

It is inevitable that parents when they talk about their children do not compare them. They talk about their children and think if the children of others have reached development milestones earlier than theirs, if they get better or worse grades or if their behavior is correct or not. When this happens, most parents feel that they have to do more for their children, that they are not doing enough or worse, that they are somehow failing their little ones.

In this In this sense, parents believe that the right thing to do is fill their children with activities such as homework, reinforcement classes, playgroups… There are so many important aspects in the lives of children that there comes a time when they don’t know where to go. it is better to walk so that everything goes well.

Put the brakes

But it is not necessary that much, the best reinforcement and the best stimulation that children can have, always is with his parents. Parents need to remember that learning and development is a process, not a goal. Have you ever heard that you never stop learning? Exactly! Life is a continuous learning, but when your children are young… you are their best guide!

There is a lot to learn in addition to understanding mathematics or language (which is also very important). But in order to make progress in developmental milestones or in academic learning, children must first be HAPPY. They must have their emotions well taken care of so that they are able to move forward with self-confidence. Learning to control frustration, understand yourself and others, become stronger emotionally is to become more intelligent in every way.

respect children learning rhythm

No competitions

We live in a society where it seems that life is all about competition. But it is a matter of parents starting to educate our children without constantly thinking about competition. Instead, it is better to accompany each other, help each other, trust each other… be grateful with life and with what is being achieved. These seem incredible thoughts but they could certainly be excellent attitudes to be able to live in a society where people really support each other, regardless of age or culture.

Instead to run, to have that feeling of impulse… let’s trust ourselves! Do not compare your children with the children of others. Don’t feel like you’re running late or that you have a problem, because if you haven’t been diagnosed with anything and everything else is going well, you just have your own rhythm! Your son has strengths and must learn that he himself is valuable just as he is. No more, no less.

Understand your child’s world

Begin to understand your child’s world, and remember that during his development he will have his own rhythms, his own times and its processes. Empathically accept and understand your child, and all will be well. People need to be nurtured emotionally, to be loved regardless of the conditions. We need love to evolve and your child can never lack from that.

Look your child in the eye to understand him, be consistent in your upbringing, be his best example, show your emotions… And above all, make your child see every day that you believe in him. That he is unique and special. Trust yourself and your child, don’t be in a hurry for him to grow, respect his rhythm. Time and your support will be the two most important bases for your child to evolve correctly.