Babies learn the mother tongue in two ways: by listening to their parents speak and with extra stimulation. These stimuli will be what the little ones will use so that, almost like magic, they begin to express their first words. But, if you talk to him in a certain way, will your baby be more intelligent?

Baby talk

According to a study published in the journal Developmental Science , a baby could learn faster and be smarter with a method of language stimulation that can be done at home.

Adults, whenever they see a baby, they do not realize that they lower their tone and that their voice is a little higher. They speak to them in a way that is too childish and this has always been thought to hinder language learning in children.

While it is true that it is an affectionate way of talking to little ones, we cannot lose sight of the fact that speaking in an affectionate way does not have to interfere with stimulating babies correctly, quite the contrary.

Have you ever found yourself dragging out your words when talking to a baby of a few months? Of putting affectionate but ridiculous words to your sentences? To lower the tone but make it higher pitched? Surely your answer is yes to all these questions, and we understand you… has happened to all of us at some point!

Talk to him with love

Actually, according to science, talking to your baby in this affectionate way does not have to hinder his learning of language, and in fact, it could even make him smarter! This makes sense, because when you talk to him in this loving way, the baby feels more connected to you, so he will listen to you more and better than if you speak correctly and without loving tone.

Research published in the journal mentioned above looked at the language behavior of 26 babies for 8 hours and 4 consecutive days. The results revealed that the babies who knew the most words were those whose parents had spoken to them in an affectionate and childlike tone.

This type of language is known as “the language of the parents” because it is an instinctive way of speaking to babies… And now we know that you can speak to your child in this way since it will not harm him at all.

The love that your words convey and the affection when pronouncing them will make your little one feel much calmer and more confident. This will allow him to be open to learning almost without realizing it and to listen to all the words you say… Even if it is with a tone that is too childish. This does not matter, what really matters is the love that you transmit with your words.

When you speak to a baby with love and also use simple phrases, a higher pitch, pause, repeat words… the baby will pay a lot of attention to you! And thanks to this, she will learn the language! She will internalize the words you say to her so that in the not too distant future, she will be able to repeat them as she begins to speak.

Parents’ communication with their babies

The way in which parents communicate with their babies is essential for the development of the little ones. But not only in the communication itself, but also in how that communication is.

Cold communication without love will not allow a child to develop properly. What they always need is a communication full of affection where love is even more protagonist than the words themselves.

Have conversations with your baby even if he doesn’t talk back to you or even if his answers are babble. Her brain is working at a thousand per hour to learn each of the words that come out of your mouth… and if you say them with all your love, even better!