Young, fun and with a special art to reach thousands of readers, booktubers are the new “literary critics” who are achieving what traditional tactics to promote reading have not achieved: motivate children to read.

That term refers to content creators who recommend books to children and young people through YouTube. Its objective? Make your way on social networks while spreading your passion for reading and recommending your favorite books. Although it may seem like a modern phenomenon to many parents, the truth is that most children love them, so they can become an excellent resource to spark their interest in reading.

7 booktubers kids won’t want to miss

1. We are booktubers

“We are booktubers” was born as an initiative of a Madrid school to encourage reading among the little ones. Unlike other channels in which there is only one protagonist, children of practically any age participate in this channel, recommending their favorite books and the titles they have read. His motivation? Spread their interest in reading while they enjoy telling some of the stories they have enjoyed.

From reviews of classic children’s books such as ” Platero y yo ” or ” The Three Musketeers ” by Alexandre Dumas to more contemporary stories such as the Harry Potter saga or fun comics, there are literary ideas for all tastes. Without a doubt, a different channel, but with very close videos with which the little ones will feel identified from the first moment.

2. Andrew Rowling

It was 2014 when this young Aragonese writer began her adventures in the world of booktubers, although it was not until much later that she became one of the most followed in the world of literature on YouTube. At present, she no longer updates her channel, but in her published videos, children and young people will be able to find many reading suggestions of any style.

She’s certainly a huge fan of the Harry Potter adventure books , but she’s also reviewed many other horror-mystery, fantasy, and adventure titles. Another of the great attractions of her channel is that it offers many useful tips on how to take care of books, read faster, develop the habit of reading, and even some recommendations for little ones who dream of becoming writers one day.

3. The World Collector

Starring Sebastián García Mouret from Oviedo, on this channel the little ones at home will find much more than simple literary reviews. In “El collector de Mundos”, Sebastián also talks about Greek and Latin literature, mentions the contributions to literature of great writers throughout history and brings to light classic works that every child should read such as “ El Quijote de la Stain ”.

Of course, it also reveals the books that usually accompany him around the world, those that have changed their lives and the stories that he does not recommend reading. One of his greatest claims is his valuable advice to enter the world of reading and writing, perfect for the little ones at home to acquire the habit of reading more easily. Since he began his journey in 2012, his channel has not lacked touches of humor and the latest editorial news to keep his readers up to date.

4. Word cloud

With more than 80,000 followers, this channel starring the young Madrilenian Sara Cantador offers many literary recommendations for both young people and the little ones at home. There are suggestions for any style, from mystery and adventure literature to horror stories, detective stories, or novels.

However, beyond book reviews, “Word Cloud” also offers tips for developing reading habits and learning to take better notes, as well as some ideas about school supplies that can make life easier for little ones. And in addition, sweepstakes and contests are organized for the followers! A detail that the most enthusiastic children and young people will love.

5. The cat readings

Little cat-loving readers will be able to combine their two passions on this YouTube channel. Whether you like stories set in space, mystery books or based on true events, there are tons of reviews in this space. All told in a very simple and close language that will captivate the little ones practically from the first video.

Unlike other similar channels, in “Cat’s readings” there is also room for themed games and contests, as well as for different literary challenges, an easy and fun way to arouse interest in reading in the little ones at home. And so that the followers are always well informed, Karol, the channel’s protagonist from Zaragoza, usually presents the latest editorial news that comes into her hands.

6. Little Red Read

If you are looking for a space to motivate children to read, this channel starring the Aragonese Patricia García will be perfect. Through her videos, this booktuber not only offers her followers reviews of the books she reads practically every week, but also provides tips to read faster and establish the reading habit from an early age.

From classic and contemporary literature to literary games and challenges, this channel has a bit of everything. In fact, Patricia also recommends some audiobook readings on the site, a literary format that has become fashionable in recent times and that comes in handy for kids who find it hard to stay focused on reading.

7. Bug books

Although it is not an exclusive channel for children, “Bicheando Libros” also offers many recommendations for the little ones at home. From classic children’s stories to historical books or to educate in values, Malaga-born Paola Boutellier reviews practically any literary style.

However, one of its biggest claims is its interesting tips to read faster, make reading a habit or how to choose the best titles. This added to fun literary challenges that are quite a challenge for its followers, whether they are dedicated readers or are taking their first steps in the world of reading.