Encouraging basic hygiene routines in children since they are young is key for them to acquire autonomy in the toilet. That’s what some parents thought when they decided to create a miniature bath for their baby in a corner of their bathroom at home .

His mother, @layerkakes on Tik Tok, posted a video that went viral about how they set up this special corner and how much her little one enjoys it.

How did they mount it? They put in a rug, a miniature WC-shaped urinal that will help you with potty training, as well as a sink at your level so you can wash your hands and brush your teeth. The advantages of breastfeeding for the mother and her baby, according to the WHO. They also installed a mirror, some shelves for their toiletries, such as a hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a towel at their height to dry their hands. He does not lack anything!

The idea is so original and it turned out so beautiful that the video went viral in no time. Most users praised the parents’ creativity with comments like: Really good idea! Children learn best by imitating adults″; “this is absolutely gorgeous!” , they wrote.

However, there were also negative comments such as “as a child one adapts to what is in the house, that is how real life is, because adapting everything for the child if when he leaves home it will not be like that”. 11 Weird Habits Of Breastfed Babies.

Children need furniture adapted to their size so that they can learn and acquire habits more autonomously. As we see it in the bathrooms of nursery schools, if you have the possibility to do it, it is a great idea.

If you want to set up a mini bathroom at home

If you have space in your bathroom and want to set up a miniature bathroom for your little one in a corner, we tell you what you need to make it a reality.

The rug is optional, but if you choose it, make sure that it can be easily washed in the washing machine. Implantation bleeding in pregnancy: What is it and how to identify it? A shower mat is a good option, as well as cheap, like this one from Ikea that costs 7 euros .

One of the key pieces of the mini bathroom is a realistically designed mini WC urinal , just like the one for adults but with a cup that is their size, without the need to use an adapter or a stool to use the one for adults. It has a discharge handle that simulates the noise of the real ones and incorporates a space for cleaning wipes.

The mini sink is also a key piece. Here you have one that is fixed to the bidet or the bathtub, which includes an unbreakable mirror and has a drain plug. The 7 Best Manual Breast Pumps for Breastfeeding. It is an easy and economical solution if you do not want to install a sink.