Things your kids will learn from you (whether you like it or not)

Children don’t miss a thing, not a single thing. His eyes watch you all the time even if you don’t even realize it. Children must learn as much as they can about the world around them and they do it very well. For us, as adults, we think that their lives are long and that they have a lot to learn, that it is wonderful to discover things… but we also find all this terrifying, especially since we are their maximum example.

Parents can see from the front row how our children learn and grow, how capable to find his place in the world, but know that some of the most important things he learns in his life will come from you… and you, don’t even realize you’re teaching it.

Children are sponges, yes, but they are also mirrors. They are our mirrors and they imitate our actions and our words without censorship, because they have learned to observe and listen to us all the time. This also helps us parents to realize many mistakes that we make daily.

The number of times you have to redirect your child is the best way of how you should look at yourself and realize that something is wrong with you and with the education you are providing. They teach you the good things you have, but also the not so good things. What your children teach you daily is very powerful. But what does he learn from you without you realizing it? Don’t miss out on some of those things.

Responding to People and the World

It’s easy to be kind and generous to people who influence our lives, but for the most part of the world is outside our inner circle. Children will see how you relate to the waiter, to the person who gives us way on the road, the person who does not, the people with influence and those who do not… All this will help children realize the power of their own humanity, because they are a part of something bigger, they are a part of a community, of society.

Children learn the attitude to address the world they see in you , you can learn that everyone matters, or not. This will be filtered through the way you respond to the world, whether it is with kindness, generosity, empathy and compassion or if it is with arrogance, pride and indifference. Over time, the world will tend to see the consequences of your actions, in your children.

Your children learn from you

To accept imperfection -or not-

Our flaws sustain our character, our vulnerabilities and some very beautiful stories. The imperfections are ourselves and they are responsible for making our lives beautiful. Also, imperfections are unavoidable, so we better accept them. When our children see us loving ourselves and accepting our imperfections, they too will accept themselves as they are without the imperfections undermining their self-esteem.

How to be in relationships with others

Children learn a lot about interpersonal relationships by examining our own. If you are a warm, stingy, generous, loving, critical, unpleasant, abusive, distant person… -whatever-, you will be modeling your child to be the same as you. In addition , they will be laying the foundations for their own future relationships.

In addition, your children will learn from you:

  • Optimism or pessimism: seeing the glass as half full or half empty
  • Values ​​and emotions
  • To understand that their voice is also important
  • To play
  • To understand limits and respect them – or not-
  • To be himself
  • To understand the world and himself

Your child will be formed through you. It is a great responsibility… the best of all.