Whether as a support for the belly during pregnancy or as support for the baby during breastfeeding, the nursing pillow is an excellent ally for mothers and children. Its use helps keep the baby in the proper position while feeding, while preventing overload on the mother’s arms and spine. In addition, it is very useful in cases of caesarean sections as it helps protect the wound from excess pressure on the abdomen and accidental blows.

To get the most out of it, the ideal is to opt for a soft but firm nursing pillow that does not deform easily over time. Likewise, it is advisable to bet on a cushion or pillow with a removable and washable cover, preferably made with natural materials such as cotton to reduce the risk of allergies in the baby. Its shape and size will depend on the needs and preferences of each mother. To make your job easier, in Stage Infant we have made a compilation of some of the best nursing cushions so that you can choose the one you prefer.

Beautiful, comfortable and practical nursing pillows

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow

If you prefer the traditional and resistant accessories of a lifetime, you will love this Boppy model. Tested and recommended by the Chicco Observatory and recognized as one of the best products for babies in the United States, it is a very comfortable and soft horseshoe-shaped cushion, perfect for use both during pregnancy and during lactation. Thanks to its filling with a mixture of exclusive materials, this nursing pillow does not deform, so it will stay soft and firm as the first day so you can use it for a long time. Another advantage? Its cover is made of cotton to reduce the risk of allergies in the baby and is removable, so you can wash it when it gets dirty. And besides, it has an adorable jungle animal design.

2. Over the Rainbow Multipurpose Cushion

Winner of the bronze medal at the 2017 “Made For Mums” awards, this nursing pillow is a safe bet for your baby. The cute animal design of it will surely enchant you at first sight, but what will really convince you will be its multiple advantages. The cushion is very soft and firm to the touch as it is filled with foam and has a removable cover so you can wash it when it gets dirty. It also includes a mini-pillow that gives it additional height so that the baby can rest his head while the cover incorporates a harness with internal velcro to adapt it to the baby or fold it when not needed. Thus, you can not only use this cushion to breastfeed your child but also as a hammock or support for when he begins to sit.

3. Koala Babycare Cushion

This multifunctional nursing pillow is perfect to use from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Its elongated design with closing cords at the ends allows it to be used both extended as lumbar or abdominal support for the mother and in a U-shape as a crib reducer or support for the baby while breastfeeding. As it is filled with silicone polyester, it is not only very comfortable and soft, but it also does not emit noises that could disturb the baby. And it is very safe: it has safety laces to prevent it from opening with the weight of the baby and it has a removable cover made of hypoallergenic cotton with a large hidden zipper that is not felt to the touch.

4. Scamp Universal Cushion

With this universal cushion, spinal pain during pregnancy and lactation will be much more bearable. You can use it as a support for the belly when lying down or behind the back when sitting, as a protective support for the crib or as a support for the baby while breastfeeding. Unlike other cushions, this model is filled with silicone balls that are not only softer but also do not rub against each other and therefore do not make noise when moving. And it’s also safe: both the padding and the outer cotton poplin cover have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 antibacterial approval. Another advantage is that it easily recovers the volume lost due to use after machine washing, so you can use it for a long time.

5. Niimo cushion and pillow

If you are looking for a versatile nursing pillow that you can use from pregnancy, this may be a good choice. Thanks to its multiposition design, you can use it open to support your feet or abdomen during pregnancy or in a horseshoe shape as a support for your baby. To prevent it from opening when you close it, it has a hook at both ends that keeps the cushion securely closed. In addition, it is very comfortable since it is filled with 100% silicone polyester fiber, a firm and soft material that is very pleasant to the touch. And so you can wash it when it gets dirty, it has a removable, high-quality cotton outer cover. It is available in different designs.

6. Bamibi pillow and cushion

Its fun and practical design makes this Bamibi nursing pillow a perfect alternative if you are expecting a baby. As it is a multi-position cushion, you can use it both open during pregnancy to support the abdomen and relieve lower back pain and in a U-shape to breastfeed the baby or lay him down for a nap. For extra comfort, it includes a slightly smaller cushion that you can place in the center of the horseshoe to form a kind of cozy nest. Of course, it includes some closing snaps that prevent it from opening when it is in this position, guaranteeing the child’s safety at all times. And in addition, it is made of cotton, so it is very soft and firm, while preventing uncomfortable creaks when moving.

7. Theraline pregnancy and nursing pillow

If you are looking for a practical and comfortable cushion, this Theraline pillow model will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and lactation. As it is filled with polystyrene microbeads covered by cotton with a damask design, it is not only very quiet when moving, but also very soft and fluffy, so it is perfect for enjoying a comfortable rest. It has an inner and an outer cover made of hypoallergenic cotton that are removable and machine washable up to 60ºC. And furthermore, it is very versatile since, thanks to its curved design, you can use it both as a support pillow during pregnancy and as a nursing pillow for your baby.

8. Jané multifunctional maternity cushion

With this multifunctional cushion from Jané you will have a much more comfortable pregnancy and maternity since it serves both as a protective pillow and as a nursing cushion and hammock. You can wear it open for belly support when lying down and behind your waist when you’re on the couch or closed for easy nursing. The cushion includes a cover with an elastic harness so that you can place the little one and use it as a resting hammock during the first months. Being made of cotton and filled with micro polystyrene pearls, it is not only very soft and soft to the touch but also hypoallergenic.

9. Nou Futur Cushion

Ideal both as a pillow during pregnancy and as a nursing cushion or hammock for the baby, this Nou Futur model is a safe bet for keeping back pain at bay. As it is filled with hollow silicone fibre, it is a firm but fluffy cushion perfect for the most restless babies because it is hardly noticeable with movement. Its outer cover, made of piqué fabric, is very soft to the touch and removable so you can machine wash it whenever you need it. And in addition, it is very resistant and durable since it does not lose its shape over time so that you can continue using it as the first day. It is available in different designs so you can choose the one you prefer.

10. Clevamama maternity pillow

Specially designed as support for the body during pregnancy, this maternity pillow will help you relieve annoying back pain at night. Its ergonomic design marks the natural curves of the body and offers support in key areas such as the head, neck, belly, back, pelvis, legs and knees so that you can enjoy a good rest. Its use also helps to combat fatigue and reflux, while promoting relaxation. And, once you have your baby at home, you can use it as a nursing pillow so that both you and the little one feel more comfortable. It is worth noting that it includes a breathable cover made of cotton.