Apart from ultrasound, there are two methods used to find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl: the Mayan baby gender chart and the Chinese calendar.

Needless to say, the most accurate way to find out the sex of the baby during pregnancy is ultrasound.

However, there are other methods without a scientific basis that have been used for centuries with greater or lesser success.

There are two that are the most used: the table to know the sex of the Mayan baby and the Chinese calendar . We will talk about both in this article.


The Mayans made their own statistics about the day of birth and the sex of the baby based on the lunar phases. We repeat that it is not a scientific method and therefore its effectiveness is not guaranteed. That said, the interpretation of the Mayan table is made based on two variables.

  1. On the one hand, the lunar phases must be taken into account both at the time of conception and birth. In this way, it is believed that during the new moon or the first quarter it is more likely to have a boy. Instead, girls relate to the full moon or the last quarter.
  2. The age of the mother and the month in which she became pregnant are also taken into account to interpret the table to know the sex of the baby that the Mayans used centuries ago. In principle, it is assumed that if the two numbers are even or odd, she will be a girl. If one number is even and the other odd or vice versa, you are expecting a boy.

In the image below you can see the Mayan table, with the mother’s age at conception in the left column and the month in which she became pregnant in the top row. If the box is pink, she will be a girl. If it’s blue, boy. For example, if the mother became pregnant at the age of 32 and it was in April, it is more likely that she will have a boy.


Another table to know the sex of the baby with an ancient tradition is the Chinese calendar. It also has no scientific basis, but many parents say that the predictions are true. They say that its efficiency is 90%, so to test its reliability you can check it out for yourself.

Like the Mayan table, this method is based on the age of the mother (it can only be used in women between the ages of 18 and 45) and the month of conception. As you can see in the table that we show you below these lines, the top row indicates the months and the left column shows the age of the mother, between 18 and 45 years of age. The pink squares correspond to the feminine sixth and the blue ones, to the masculine.

To correctly interpret this table, the mother’s age at conception must be her lunar age, so add 1 to her when she became pregnant , unless she was born in January or February. In that case nothing is added.

In this way, a 30-year-old woman who was born between March 1 and December 31, who became pregnant in January, would have to look at the sex of her future baby in the box that crosses between the number 31 and the first column. I mean, it’s probably a boy.

To develop the above table of the Chinese calendar, scientists have based on an ancient document found near a royal tomb in Beijing and whose original document is in a museum in the city.

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