It’s no secret that Disney, in addition to producing movies that win a place in the hearts of children and adults, has also presented us with dozens of songs that became immediate hits and, later, classics of popular culture.

With the recent premiere of ‘Encanto’ , his Colombian-inspired film that tells the story of the magical Madrigal family , once again Disney has provided us with a list of songs that currently fill many homes where there are young children.

‘ Bruno is not spoken of ‘ is a favorite, so much so that its English version has become Disney’s biggest hit since 1995 , beating even ‘ Let it go ‘ from ‘Frozen’.

According to this week ‘s Billboard Hot 100 list -which takes into account the number of sales and reproductions on radio and streaming services in the United States-, ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ reached number four, something which hasn’t happened with any Disney song since the 1990s .

This means that the catchy song ‘Encanto’ has surpassed the very ‘ Let it go ‘ (‘ Suéltalo ‘ in Spain and ‘ Libre soy ‘ in Latin America) from ‘Frozen’ , which ranked fifth on the Hot 100 in 2014 and for which even the writers apologized to the parents , because the kids kept listening to the song nonstop for months.

As we know ‘ We don’t talk about Bruno ‘, titled in Spanish ‘No se Habla de Bruno’, is the song that the members of the Madrigal family sing about Mirabel’s mysterious uncle who could see the future and one day disappeared without leave a trace

‘We don’t talk about Bruno’

‘ We don’t talk about Bruno ‘ and seven other songs on ‘Encanto’ (in both English and Spanish) were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor, songwriter, producer and director, who also wrote a couple of songs on ‘ Vaiana’ (‘Moana’ in Latin America).

The other Disney songs that have reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 are ” Can you feel the love tonight “, from “The Lion King” in 1994, and ” Colors of the Wind “, from “Pocahontas” in 1995, both in fourth position. To date, only one Disney song has made it to the number one spot: the wonderful classic ‘ A whole new world ‘ from ‘Aladdin’ in 1993.