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“F” represents Love. The F shows Domesticated and Home-Loving. F is Friendly, a Planner, Comforting and Loyal. It is very easy for the F to carry a strong sense of family responsibility.

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35 Unique Afghan Boy Names Starting With F

Faisal The judge.
Faiz Blessing , Bounty, Profusion, profit.
Faizudin Bounty of religion.
Faizullah Abundance from God.
Fakhrudin Pride of the religion.
Faqir / Faqeer Poor, Meek, Poor fellow.
Faraj Vulva, Relief.
Faraz Above,On the Top, Summit.
Fardin / Fardeen Extenuating of first month of Spring.
Farhad A character in Shahnameh.
Farhang Good-breeding, Culture.
Farhat Calm, satisfaction, happiness.
Fariborz A character in Shahnamah.
Farid Unique.
Farman Order, decre.
Farmanullah Order of God.
Farokh / Farukh Happy, Fortunate.
Farooq One who can differentiate.
Farshad Happy.
Farshid/Farsheed Sunshine, Splendour or the pomp of the sun.
Farzan Learned, Wise.
Farzin / Farzeen Learned, Queen of chess.
Fateh Conqueror.
Fathullah Victory granted by God.
Fattah The one who opens.
Fawad / Fuad Heart.
Fayaz Bountiful.
Fayeq / Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished.
Fazel Favour, grace, excellence, merit, learning.
FazelRabi Bounty of my Lord.
FazlulHaq Bounty of the Truth.
Fazlullah Bounty of God.
Feraidoon A character in Shahnamah .
Ferdaws / Ferdows Heaven, Paradise.
Firooz Victorious.