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“M” represents Spirituality. The M shows patience, is industrious, courageous, and domesticated. intelligent, creative, and intuitive powers, fun-loving and sensitive.

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70 Unique Afghan Boy Names Starting With M

Maalek / Maalik Owner, Landlord, Proprietor.
Mahboob Belived, Loved, Favourite, Popular, Darling.
Mahdi / Mehdi Rightly guided.
Maher Affection, Sun.
Mahfooz / Mahfuz Protected, Secure, Reserved.
Mahmood / Mahmoud Praised, Commendable, Praiseworthy, Laudable.
Mahyar A character in Shahnamah.
Maiwand Battle of Maiwand, The principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War.
Majid / Majeed Glorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable.
Makhdom Served, waited on.
Malek Reigning, Ruling.
Malem Teacher.
Mamnon / Mamnoon Obliged, Grateful
Manan Munificent or beneficent, epithet of God.
Manoochehr A character in Shahnamah.
Manshoor Charter, firman, patent, prism.
Mansoor / Mansour Assisted, Aided by God, Victorious, Triumphant.
Manzoor Intention, expectation, provided for, considered.
Maqbool / Maqbul Accepted, Granted, Pretty.
Maroof / Maruf Favour, Kindness, Famous, Noted.
Masror Glad, Happy, Pleased.
Massom Innocent, immaculate, chaste, impeccable.
Massood / Massoud Happy, Prosperous.
Mati Obedient.
Matin / Mateen Strong, Powerful, Solid, Durable.
MatiUllah Obedient to God.
Mazdak Zoroastrian Prophet.
Maziar Maziar, a devout Zoroastrian, revolted against the Arab Muslim occupation of Iranian lands.
Mehrab A character in Shahnamah.
Mehran A character in Shahnamah.
Meraj Ascension (to heaven).
Merza / Mirza Son of a prince.
Meskin /Meskeen Poor, beggar.
Milad / Meelad Birth.
Mir / Meer King, Governor, Leader, extenuating of Amir.
MirBacha An Afghan hero of second afghan-anglo war.
MirJahan King of world.
Mirwais Noble Ruler.
Misaq Pact, covenant.
Mohammad/Muhahmmad Praised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy.
Moheb / Muheb Loving, Affectionate, Friend.
Mohebullah Loving of God.
Mohsen / Muhsen Benefactor, Beneficent.
Moin / Moein Assistant, adjutant.
Mojib / Mojeeb Replier, Answerer, one who grant’s.
Mojtaba / Mujaba Chosen, Selected, Elected.
Momen Believer, Pious man.
Mones Companion, friend.
Monir / Munir / Moneer Splendid, Shining, Something that reflects light.
Moosa / Musa A Prophet, The biblical Moses.
Morad / Murad Will, Intention, Desire, Intended.
Mortaza / Murtaza Chosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable.
Mubarak / Mobarak Blessed, Auspicious.
Mubasher Harbinger of good news, foreunner.
MuhaiUdin Reviver of the religion.
Mukhtar / Mokhtar Free in one’s action, empowered
Mullah A person versed in theoiogy and sacred law.
Mumtaz Distinguished, excellent.
Muqim / Moqim Resident, residing.
Murshed / Murshid Spiritual guide or preceptor, sheikh.
Musadeq One who confirms or certifies.
Musawer Portraitist, painter.
Musharaf Imminent, overlooking.
Mushfeq Kind, tender.
Mushtaq Eager, anxious.
Muslim Follower of islam.
Mustafa / Mostafa Chosen, Selected, Epithet of Mohammad.
Mutawakel Trusting.
Muzafar Victorious
MuzafarUdin Victorious of the religion.