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“K” represents Aspiration. The K shows Sensitive, Vigorous, and Creative. K sees itself as an authority figure.

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44 Unique Afghan Boy Names Starting With K

Kaawa A character in Shahnamah, a great hero.
Kafil / Kafeel Personal surety or bail, Guarantor.
Kaihan / Keyhan Solar System.
Kaiwan / Kaivan Saturn.
Kalan Huge, enormous, greator, bigger.
Kamal Perfection, Completion, Integrity.
Kambiz Fortunate.
Kamel Perfect, Complete,Thorough,Full.
Kamran Successful, Fortunate.
Kamshad Happy Wish, Desire.
Kamyar / Kamiar Successful.
Karam Generosity, greatness, generosity.
Kardar Charge’-d’affaires, Prime Minister.
Karim Generous, great, noble, bountiful.
Karmal Orchard, Garden.
Kashef / Kashif Discoverer
Kasir / Kaseer Numerous, great, much.
Kateb Writer, Scribe, Amanuensis.
Kavah / Kawah A character in Shahnamah, a great hero.
Kawkab / Kavkab Star, olanet.
Kazem /Kazim One who represses his anger.
Kefayat Sufficiency, efficiency.
Khabir / Khabeer Well-informed, omniscient, learned.
Khadem Servant.
Khaiam Tent-maker.
Khaiat Tailor.
Khair Welfare, benefit, good, charity, blessing.
KhairUdin Welfare of religion.
Khaled Immortal, Eternal.
Khaleq Creator.
Khales Pure, true, clear.
Khalil Friend.
KhalilUllah Friend of God.
Khan Leader, Ruler.
Khateb Suitor.
Khater Mind, heart, memory, idea.
Kheial Phantom, hallucination, thought, intention.
Khesrow / Khesraw A character in Shahnamah.
KhodaBakhsh Gift of God.
KhoshBakht Lucky, happy, presperous.
Khuram Fresh, green, pleasant, cheerful.
Kianosh A character in Shahnamah.
Kochi To migrate, To decamp.
Kosha Diligent.